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Would You Buy a Car That Looked Like This Essay -- Article Review, And

Andrew Simms, a policy director and head of the Climate Change Program for the pertly Economics Foundation in England, presents his argument about the impact SUVs have on our roadways, and the air we breathe. Would You Buy a Car That Looked like This? . The deed alone gives great insight on what the article is going to be about, (vehicles). They clog the streets and litter the pages of weekend colour *supplements. Sport utility vehicles or SUVs have become badges of middle class aspiration (Simms 542). Simms opening statement not only gives his opinion on how SUVs are the new trend, entirely he too paints a picture of what we see every day driving down our roadways. Simms also compares the tobacco industrys gap in the midst of image and reality to that of SUVs stating that the cause and consequences of climate change resemble smoking and cancer. Simms comparison between SUVs and cigarettes shows how dangerous he believes SUVs are.Simms believes that the SUVs weve grown to love a re dangerous and polluting. Simms describes just how damaging he believes SUVs to be with a quote, set to become, one of the worlds to the highest degree common causes of death and disability-ahead of TB, HIV, and war (qtd. in Simms 542). This is a very strong statement so strong that it causes the reader to question the source. It also promotes an emotional petition to the reader. Death, war, and HIV are very serious issues comparing them to SUVs causes a need for attention. Next Simms addresses how the Global heating system conference in two weeks causes goad for some new thinking on SUVs. This statement shows Simms concerns about Global warming and the effects from SUVs. It also shows his need to inform. Then Simms introduces his solution, So shouldnt SUVs now ... ...countries Simms assumes readers will feel that its time for America to acknowledge the SUV Problem too and also take action. Finally Simms concludes his argument with his labeling solution. Simms proposes settin g a threshold guideline which could be set to trigger the labeling when the efficiency drops below a certain threshold. Like those for cigarettes, the warnings could cover 30-50 percent of the vehicles surface area (Simms 544). Simms also states that this method wont stop SUVs from being driven, but would force them to except the consequences of their actions, and help the education drive on global warming and traffic safety .In other words it would help the industry move out of denial. Simms statement shows that he has a realistic view on his solution. also his conclusion reinforced his idea, promoted thought and gave readers a visual.

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Myrtle Beach vs. New York City Essay -- compare and contrast paper

myrtle Beach vs. unused York cityPicture a scenic city surrounded by tall skyscrapers soaring into the clouds and the beautiful statue of liberty standing(a) still on the water. You walk down the street passing hundreds of forgetful shops and restaurants, all the while you are embracen a back by the inanimate beauty of the city that you are gazing upon. Now picture laying on the beach at sunset listening to the ocean waves. The air is crisp and the shade of saltwater is bitter sweet. The locations Im describing are new-made York City and Myrtle Beach. I have 2500 dollars to take on vacation to one of these destinations and I am comparing and contrasting the two. I get out be considering the represent of travel, food, hotel, and also activity and miscellaneous expenses. Both locations offer a wide innovation of fun. Shopping, sight absorbing, dance clubs, and scenery are among both places. To get to radical York would take most order and a half hours or approximately 5 54 miles. My car gets about 40 miles to the gallon and gas prices are about $2.30 a gallon. I would have to fill up twice to get to New York City and twice to get back, which would cost about $120.00. If I stayed for terce nights and four days, I would need to set aside another $100.00 dollars for gas while traveling the city. If I traveled by rake it would cost $201.00 dollars round trip if tickets were purchased on Hotels in New York City are very costly especially near the holidays. After reviewing nearly hotels that were near multiplication Square, I chose to go with a three star hotel at the rate of $184.00 a night. For a total of three nights it would cost $552.00 value included. That cost would include a room with two double beds, television, high dirty dognonball along internet access, a full kitchen, and a great view of Times Square. There are a wide variety of restaurants in New York City. You can eat cheap at places like Arturos Pizzeria, McHales, Hi Life, and panelling Palate just to name a few. On the other hand you siret want to miss out on the celebrity owned restaurants like Fashion Caf, Planet Hollywood, Tribeca Grill, and Nobu. Since Im issue to be staying for three safe and sound days, well just say that I will eat approximately three meals a day which is a total of nine meals. If I ate four of those meals at twenty dollars or slight and the other five at seventy or less, I would need approx... ...maining add up of $800.00 will be set aside for miscellaneous expenses such as extra gas money, or emergency situations like having a flat tire. My voluptuous total in Myrtle Beach would also be the whole amount of $2500.00. Both, New York and Myrtle Beach are very alike in costs, but the citys offer completely different experiences. establish on all the information I have obtained I now mustiness make my decision on which one of these places I want to go. Since in that respect really is not much of a difference in cost I am going to make my decision based upon what these places have to offer. New York offers great scenery that I have never laid my eyes upon. Myrtle Beach has great sightseeing also, but I have seen near of what it has to offer. I also wanted to go see a real Broadway raise and they dont have those in Myrtle. My decision is New York City. I want to take in as much of the city as I can. I want to see where the Trade Towers were and I want to see where they will stand again someday. I want to experience some of the things that the New York people experience on a daily basis, which are herd streets, a great night life, and the chance of possibly running into someone famous. Myrtle Beach vs. New York City Essay -- compare and contrast melodic themeMyrtle Beach vs. New York CityPicture a beautiful city surrounded by tall skyscrapers soaring into the clouds and the beautiful statue of liberty standing still on the water. You walk down the street passing hundreds o f little shops and restaurants, all the while you are taken a back by the breathtaking beauty of the city that you are gazing upon. Now picture laying on the beach at sunset listening to the ocean waves. The air is crisp and the smell of saltwater is bitter sweet. The locations Im describing are New York City and Myrtle Beach. I have 2500 dollars to take on vacation to one of these destinations and I am comparing and contrasting the two. I will be considering the cost of travel, food, hotel, and also activity and miscellaneous expenses. Both locations offer a wide variety of fun. Shopping, sightseeing, dance clubs, and scenery are among both places. To get to New York would take about nine and a half hours or approximately 554 miles. My car gets about 40 miles to the gallon and gas prices are about $2.30 a gallon. I would have to fill up twice to get to New York City and twice to get back, which would cost about $120.00. If I stayed for three nights and four days, I would need to se t aside another $100.00 dollars for gas while traveling the city. If I traveled by plane it would cost $201.00 dollars round trip if tickets were purchased on Hotels in New York City are very costly especially near the holidays. After reviewing some hotels that were near Times Square, I chose to go with a three star hotel at the rate of $184.00 a night. For a total of three nights it would cost $552.00 tax included. That cost would include a room with two double beds, television, high speed internet access, a full kitchen, and a great view of Times Square. There are a wide variety of restaurants in New York City. You can eat cheap at places like Arturos Pizzeria, McHales, Hi Life, and Zen Palate just to name a few. On the other hand you dont want to miss out on the celebrity owned restaurants like Fashion Caf, Planet Hollywood, Tribeca Grill, and Nobu. Since Im going to be staying for three whole days, well just say that I will eat approximately three meals a day whi ch is a total of nine meals. If I ate four of those meals at twenty dollars or less and the other five at seventy or less, I would need approx... ...maining amount of $800.00 will be set aside for miscellaneous expenses such as extra gas money, or emergency situations like having a flat tire. My grand total in Myrtle Beach would also be the whole amount of $2500.00. Both, New York and Myrtle Beach are very alike in costs, but the citys offer completely different experiences. Based on all the information I have obtained I now must make my decision on which one of these places I want to go. Since there really is not much of a difference in cost I am going to make my decision based upon what these places have to offer. New York offers great scenery that I have never laid my eyes upon. Myrtle Beach has great sightseeing also, but I have seen most of what it has to offer. I also wanted to go see a real Broadway show and they dont have those in Myrtle. My decision is New York City. I wan t to take in as much of the city as I can. I want to see where the Trade Towers were and I want to see where they will stand again someday. I want to experience some of the things that the New York people experience on a daily basis, which are crowded streets, a great night life, and the chance of possibly running into someone famous.

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Its my opinion :: social issues

Its my opinionI was told that the principal had used her exe lop offive power to chop up my article into bits that didnt contain the harassing, offensive points that it pilot programly owned. I was sad, very very sad. Its tough for psyche with a weak emotional structure to be jilted and told Im harassing to younger good deal. So, the advisors went to the bargaining table, nothing changed. Therefore we revised, redid, and reedited the entire article and pumped out a version that had the heart and soul cut out of it, but we put it in the paper anyway. The version that came out in the dying edition didnt have the same edge that the original copy had. Now I have respect for pack who have the courage to challenge the freedom of press (thatd be me). Bring it on. Im not afraid of having my paper rejected. I take it as a compliment. If you want to filter to challenge me, I will have the last word. I think of myself as an Epicurean. That means I dont believe in emotions, but it also me ans Im perverted. Anyway, someone without emotions has no conscience, without a conscience you are free of convictions. Being free of conviction means I cannot be offended. My anger is under my control, I acquire not anger myself with the people who are angered with me. I divert my anger to people who cannot control themselves. That basically means that if your mad at me, and you try to make me angry it wont work. For the last year of writing this column it has been more or less a joke. It was designed to make people chuckle a little. Now, this year I was told by the staff that the offender had no real point, just humor. So I decided for my first ready I would take a controversial subject, such as eroding senior privileges, and put my own point of dupe down and the point of view from many of the other seniors. I realize that I didnt look at it from everyones point of view. That, I believe, was a mistake on my behalf. This is a subject that has seriously infuriated me and I took i t out in a public piece. I believe there will be more people looking to my column, since I have written a controversial piece.

Columbia Sportswear Company Essay example -- Corporate Profile

Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise- Gert Boyle, Chairperson of capital of South Carolina SportswearColumbia Sportswear Company (Columbia) is a attractor in the competitive active outdoor apparel industry. A company propelled by their differentiation strategy, leveraging innovation, brand equity, and strong marketing in the design, manufacture, and distribution of outdoor apparel. Columbias product lines include everything from outerwear and footwear to camping equipment and skiwear. It has grown from a small hat company in the 1930s into a company with a global strategy and a physical and online presence spanning Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Europe.To fully appreciate the evolution of Columbia from a mess that was a niche manufacturer of outdoor clothing aimed at fishermeninto an international brand and publicly traded powerhouse, (1) one must understand the level of perseverance, work ethic, dedication, and strength of one Gertrude Boyle now 87, but still One Bad Mother. (Exhibit1) Gert Boyle took over the family business in the 1970s after the sudden death of her husband. A stark(a) and straight person, Boyle has often admitted that, having never worked a day in her life, she had no idea what to do when she first began running the company. (2) Despite her lack of experience, Boyle helped turn Columbia from a company near bankruptcy and collapse into a billion dollar publicly traded organization. Along the way she relied on her natural business moil and perseverance, overcoming trials such as family tragedy and even an attempted kidnapping. Columbias corporate culture and business personality reflects a great deal of the ideals which Gert Boyles leadership had imbued into the company. ... Regenold, Stephen. Gear Junkie. Columbia calls B.S. on Outdoors Industry. Online November 10, 2010. Cited April 20, 2012. http// Larson, Erik. Columbia Sportswear Files European Antitrust Complaint W.L. Gore. Bloomburg L.P. Online June 13, 2011. Cited April 20, 2012. http// REI. 2009 Stewardship Report. REI Inc. Online 2010. Cited April 19, 2012. http// Columbia Sportswear Company. Columbia. nigh Us. Online April 18, 2012. Cited April 23, 2012. http//,default,pg.html.

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In-Game Ethical Explorations Essay -- Gaming

Ethics help us every day to determine what is right and wrong because they be the values of conduct oblige upon an individual by a larger group, usually society. Ethics has also been referred to as moral philosophy. Ethics and morality have a tendency to be confused and used interchangeably, but there is an important difference that must be noted. Morals define personal character, and therefore are usually idempotent in an individual, while various groups might dictate different ethics. With the emergence of technology in the 21st century, the study of ethics, specifically applied ethics, has increased in the number of relevant subjects. A common example is the case of downloading music illegally. Evidently, it is a crime, but because of a lack of persecution for those who participate in this form of theft, the scholarship of it is vastly different compared to someone who will physically shoplift an item. Ethics becomes even more(prenominal) complicated when laws are not applica ble to the given situation. This gives an fortune for ethical and moral exploration in an increasingly popular field of technology video games. Now fully integrated into Western culture, video games are no longer targeted for children only. Young adults have become a growing demographic in the video game world and therefore the demand for more sophisticated games has increased. These gamers are not only looking to have fun, but also for a distraction from reality and an investigation in multiple ethical dilemmas. Historically speaking, with a moderately short life, video games traditionally have not been known to include ethics as a major fragment to a game, until recently. More games now than ever have content that explores ethics, such as the will to ... ... as toxic and the lack of consequences for the simulated crimes can be toxic as well (Ludlow and Wallace 92). Gaming companies like EA, by not enforcing more strict rules and not punishing those that break them, are basic ally aspect The law doesnt apply unless we feel like enforcing it. If we dont, there is no law, and anything goes. The anarchy-like attitude that this message is sending can be dangerous to some(prenominal) the morals of the players committing the crimes and to the business of the game itself, although the popularity of the games have not decreased just yet. Works CitedLudlow, Peter, and Mark Wallace. The Second Life Herald The virtual tabloid that witnessed the traverse of the Metaverse. Cambridge The MIT Press, 2007. 89-107. Print.Cogburn, Jon, and Mark Silcox. Philosophy Through Video Games. New York Taylor & Francis, 2009. 73-91. Print

In-Game Ethical Explorations Essay -- Gaming

Ethics help us every day to jibe what is right and wrong because they are the values of conduct imposed upon an individual by a larger group, usually society. Ethics has also been referred to as honourable philosophy. Ethics and morality have a tendency to be confused and used interchangeably, entirely there is an important difference that must be noted. morals define personal character, and therefore are usually unchanged in an individual, while various groups might dictate different ethics. With the emergence of technology in the 21st century, the study of ethics, specifically applied ethics, has increased in the number of relevant subjects. A common example is the case of downloading music illegally. Evidently, it is a crime, but because of a lack of persecution for those who participate in this form of theft, the perception of it is vastly different compared to someone who depart physically shoplift an item. Ethics becomes even more than complicated when laws are not applic able to the given situation. This gives an opportunity for ethical and moral exploration in an increasingly popular field of technology moving picture games. Now fully integrated into Western culture, video games are no longer targeted for children only. Young adults have become a growing demographic in the video game world and therefore the demand for more sophisticated games has increased. These gamers are not only looking to have fun, but also for a distraction from reality and an investigation in multiple ethical dilemmas. Historically speaking, with a moderately short life, video games traditionally have not been cognise to include ethics as a major component to a game, until recently. More games now than ever have content that explores ethics, such as the will to ... ... as toxic and the lack of consequences for the simulated crimes can be toxic as well (Ludlow and Wallace 92). Gaming companies like EA, by not enforcing more fastidious rules and not punishing those that break them, are basically saying The law doesnt apply unless we feel like enforcing it. If we dont, there is no law, and anything goes. The anarchy-like military posture that this message is sending can be dangerous to both the morals of the players committing the crimes and to the business of the game itself, although the popularity of the games have not decreased just yet. Works CitedLudlow, Peter, and scraping Wallace. The Second Life Herald The virtual tabloid that witnessed the dawn of the Metaverse. Cambridge The MIT Press, 2007. 89-107. Print.Cogburn, Jon, and Mark Silcox. Philosophy Through Video Games. New York Taylor & Francis, 2009. 73-91. Print

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Four Problem That Farmers Face

How the Government help farmers in the Bahamas Today I am going to lecture momentarily on how the Bahamian government help farmers in the Bahamas. They help by giving the farmers loan to buy supplies on a broad afford of product including building supplies ,processing materials and farm vehicles such as trucks, tractors plough and a harvest machine . Usually they hold lease and dispose of agricultural land, because any(prenominal) farmers get int have a land to farm on and some farmers land are so small. The more the land the more the crops canister increase.For example they give about 13,869 acres of land in Andros about 11,737 acres of land in Abaco and about 10,542 land in Grand Bahama . as well the government give m one and only(a)y to some farmers because sometime the farmers cannot afford the supplies to maintain a proper farm . For example wheel barrels , Cattles ,Fruit trees and vegetcapable seed. some other thing they do is allow the farmers to sue, because these days some people go on farmers land and pick their crops without permission to do so .If they keep steal the farmers crops there will not be non for the farmers . Also the Bahamian government help with training seminars and programmes on farming livestock information to help farmers and individual that is interested in farming with initative as well as what proceses are required to increase yield of crops and how to raise health livestock . When new events cram they are posted in the events section of the (BAIC)website to sentsitise public. Filling out forms and submit the register form to the (BAIC) office.The time spent at these session are one day to sometime four weeks the most. They also help us with marketing our products in the Bahamas and international corporation (BAIC) also assist by placing farmers produce on it website to make the produce available to Bahamian and foreigns. Lastly but not lease they support us with fertilizer the soil , because some land areas dont have v ery good soil so are and crops will not be unable to grow properly . They are un able to grow because the soil is hard , barren and dont have enough nutrients for the crops to grow.

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Antony and Cleopatra Essay

This scene presents the readers with a brief preface to the universally known love history of Antony, the triple power of this world, and Cleopatra, his wrangling strumpet. The scene opens with two Romans, Philo and Demetrius, discussing the incredible power Cleopatra has over Antony and the remarkable change they can perceive in Antonys character. Through Philos opening speech we ar told that Antonys former qualities included those of a strong-minded ruler and a valiant warrior, including forcible prowess and military skill.However, the Romans now see him as a changed man who is no longer behaving like a ruler instead of fulfilling the duties of a drawing card and returning to capital of Italy, he is being ruled by a tawny gypsy. Thus, before meeting the lovers themselves, we are presented with the Roman attitude towards the relationship duty and allegiance has been abandoned for love. We sense that Antony must be debating in his mind whether to pursue his passion or perform his duty, and those around him are anxiously delay for him to embrace his role as a leader again and return to his former self.On observing the interaction between the two characters, I make up myself accepting Philos objections to the relationship and his observations on Antonys altered state, and studying the evident infatuation that is blinding Antony as he loses his sense of responsibility. Cleopatra is his self-indulgence, and he cannot all in all understand his great sexual passion for her. We know that his overindulgence leads to a loss of reason and control later in the play, and the disregard he expresses in this first of all scene towards his obligations makes us aware of the great power his passion has.Let the Rome in Tiber melt, and the wide arch/of their love. His indifference towards the news from Rome again illustrates how he is shirking his duties in Rome when under the spell of the exotic, mysterious eastern monarch. From the first scene, we learn of Cleopatras tawn y front, entrapment of a great general and her gypsy lust. Her entrance is a grand one, accompanied by Antony, her Ladies, the train, with Eunuchs fanning her.Her authority and command as a ruler are emphasized, and as we then witness in the dialogue between the lovers, her power over Antony mirrors her political power. In this first scene, we see Cleopatra as both plethoric and skeptical. If it be love indeed, she taunts Antony, tell me how much. Antony, the triple pillar of the world is transformd /Into a strumpets fool as he prepares to renounce all his power in exchange for Cleopatra.Cleopatra seems to love these assertions of love, as she is wary of the fact that she stands on loose ground, even though she is a seductress of the crush abilities. Antony is married to Fulvia, and Cleopatra questions his love for his wife is it greater than the love he holds for her? We see here that her love for Antony is possessive, yet she too depends on it. Although she dominates Antony in the opening exchanges, her first line If it be love indeed, tell me how much points to the ever searching, questing, explorative nature of her personality.She teases, wrangles and resists the definite, whilst playing on Antonys weak spots, reminding him of his wife and public responsibilities. Thus, I feel the strongest aspect of the relationship that Shakespeare conveys here is highlighted when Antony tells Cleopatra Theres not a minute of our lives should stretch/Without some pleasure now all is to be reduced and sacrificed for the sensuous, intense pleasure of the moment hedonism is to predominate over duty and responsibility.

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Communication in a Maternity Ward Essay

Interpersonal chat is the process of sending and receiving information surrounded by two or more people but it has to be visual for example, a conversation with between a midwife and a patient. Whereas written parley is where you send and receive information but it has to be non visual for example typing up a patients details or sending an email as reference. When using nonverbal communication you should Use gestures to help to clarify messages to the patients as differences in body language can cause a misunderstanding * venture sure to use the correct grammar and be clear as all documents are official When using verbal communication you should * Listen carefully and patiently * Speak slowly, clearly and avoid slang * Be respectful, assertive, empathetic, clear, attentive, honest and non-judgmental. These are key things that shall keep your patient at ease and help to create a bond with your patient. * Remember that body language is still part of the communication we are always communicating, whether were speaking or not.Only 7% of communication is verbal, 55% comes from facial expressions and 38% comes from the way the words were said. So make sure youre relaxed and clam then the patient shall feel this way and feel like they are in safe hands. There are many different audiences in communication varying on age, culture and social and educational differences. Some examples of these audiences can be a business woman or young teenager. The type of communication pull up stakes differ between them as will the way you communicate the message.You can adapt the way you communicate to suit the situation your patient is going through such(prenominal) as helping a first time mum who is scared by reassuring them and explain things calmly and clearly or someone whos had more than one peasant by listening to them clearly. You can change your voice, language and body language to suit the different situations and how each patient feels. From using verbal communication the flirt with comes to know the patient as a unique individual, this means that the patient come to trust the declare which would put them at ease. Many techniques can be used to keep your patient calm.Such as asking questions or telling a story to distract and explain the situation easily and clearly. By using these techniques you shall keep your patient at ease throughout labour. Written communication is vital within the nursing industry as anything that is documented such as patients record/chart is a legal document which could be relied on in court if anything went wrong. If something isnt documented then legally it didnt happen. Other things that a midwife would need to document are a patients assessment, plan of care, change in status, health care and how the nurse left the patient. A report should be clear and concise.

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Opposing Viewpoints- Vegetarianism Essay

When it comes to viewpoints there will always be an opposing side. You must(prenominal) develop your strongly foc wontd conviction with good examples and/or reasons. In order for a reader to accept your side you must use clear, powerful, and direct language to really capture them. Express your opinion clearly, and then base it on factual, researched or first-hand information. Hard facts and first-hand experience are so convincing to readers. The way to coax your audience to accept your opinion is through the combination of ethos, logos, and pathos appeals. These appeals are required for successfully appealing to the average reader and getting your point crossways in the most effective way possible. The vegetarianism lifestyle can be adopted for legion(predicate) different reasons. Aside from the main decision of preventing the cruel intercession of animals, many people choose this lifestyle for health reasons. Winston Craig supports this reasoning in his essay Plant-Based D iets Provide Many Health Benefits, while Ben Kim argues that this kind of diet causes many health problems in A Strict Vegetarian Diet Is insalubrious for Most People. Their opinions, supported by facts, makes each case convincing.The credibility of these writers and their sources make for a abundant ethos appeal. Both writers are creditable given that Craig is a professor of nutrition at Andrews University and Kim as a chiropractor having first-hand experience with once being a vegetarian. Craig refers to precise studies and scientific literature to rest his case. While Kim uses his personal experience with vegetarianism. Kim also spent time interviewing someone that was a part of an placement that promotes vegetarianism instead of capitalizing on hard facts.In this aspect Craig was definitely more convincing. As telling as first-hand experience is, when it comes to health each individual is different. Just because Kim experienced these health problems doesnt necessarily mean ev ery vegetarian will. Kim didnt use statistics as proof and that really weakened his viewpoint. Another weaknesses in Kims argument is that the organization he spent time interviewing was more focused on the prevention of cruel animal treatment instead of human health. Kim should have added just a few statistics to strengthen his standpoint and ethos appeal.Both Craig and Kim use logos as their strongest persuasion device. Craig captures readers by presenting hard facts with percentages and numbers. He states that the vegetarian life-style is consistently associated with lower bloodline pressure and cholesterol levels along with less obesity and heart disease. Craig also refers to studies that prove vegetarians have one-half the risk of cancer and have a 35-44 percent lower risk of overall mortality. This information triples as a logos, pathos, and ethos appeal. This shows Craigs credibility, its completely logical, and it even gets to the readers emotions a little by making them t hink more or less their own diet and how the should improve it and lengthen their own lives by doing so. Craig presents more hard facts such as, The total direct medical costs in the coup direct States attri only whenable to meat consumption were estimated to be $30-60 billion a year, based upon the higher prevalence of hypertension, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, gallstones, obesity and food-borne illness among omnivores compared with vegetarians(Craig).Thats a costly point that you wouldnt necessarily think slightly. Kim states, My experiences with my own body and in providing health care to many people over the years have led me to believe that a long term, strict vegetarian diet is likely to lead to the development of nutritional deficiencies and significant health problems for most people. This sounds reasonable with protein as a necessity the lack of meat would have to have an effect on the human body. He is a chiropractor and maybe he has seen patients with significant health problems from their vegetarian diet, but he didnt mention anything specific just that he has had experience. Craig mentions dry beans and lentils as great alternatives to meat that will prevent these nutrition deficiencies. Overall Kims use of logos appeal could use some work.Another devise they some(prenominal) use to strengthen their stance is pathos. The authors use this device to attract the readers emotions. Kim brings up the cruel treatment of animals raised for food. It is understandable that he was trying to get the readers emotions going here, but honestly it is quite off topic. His point was to inform his audience how vegetarianism is actually not the healthiest choice. He brings up another point that the long term affects are what you have to watch out for.That is a good example ofpathos, the readers dont want to hear that their eating habits will seriously affect them in the long run. Craigs use of pathos comes in when he mentioned that over two hundred studies h ave proved that vegetarians have one-half the risk of cancer. The topic of cancer always pulls on heart strings. Just about everyone knows someone that has been affected by cancer. Both authors mention some information that they know will get an emotion response out of their audience.While both authors discuss the same topic, their valid viewpoints differ. In the end, Craig more successfully convinced his readers to take his side on this issue. His hard facts and his credibility by far outshines that of Kim. Although Kim makes use of the persuasive appeals, overall his perspective isnt completely clear or reasonable. All in all, Craig did an excellent job developing his strongly focused opinion through the use of pathos, logos, and ethos.Works CitedCraig, Winston. Plant-Based Diets Provide Many Health Benefits. Vegetarianism. Debra A. Miller. Detroit Greenhaven Press, 2010. Current Controversies. Rpt. from Health Benefits of Vegetarian Diets. Vegetarianism and Vegetarian Nutrition, 2008. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 2 Oct. 2014.Kim, Ben. A Strict Vegetarian Diet Is Unhealthy for Most People. Vegetarianism. Debra A. Miller. Detroit Greenhaven Press, 2010. Current Controversies. Rpt. from Dont Let Philosophy Become More Important Than What Works. Chet Days Health & Beyond. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 2 Oct. 2014.

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Changes wrought by the Internet Essay

The Internet changes all that. For years now, even low-level employees have been able to reach their leaders simply by writing an e-mail, but increasingly, employees are actually able to organize on company blogs, wikis, online forums and even social networking sites, to give their messages urgency and heft.http// the old days, layers of heed filtered out too many good ideas from below, but they also filtered out nattering. In the era of Internet communities, leaders lead have to find, largely on their feature, ways to process the good and the bad alike.A second important change wrought by the Internet concerns the leaders critical tariff to see around cornersto anticipate coming economic events and market trends and adjust for them. In the past, such foresight came from a mixture of intelligence, visualise, good advice and as ofttimes data as you could reasonably get your hands on.Obviously, the change rests with the last of these The Internet, with its bloggers, user communities, newsletters and the like, send away drown you in data about customers and competitors, not to pertain everything else under the sun. Some data is totally useful, some total nonsense._______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Mojica also believes that Internet-related services impart enrich the customers overall experience. He tell the market at the top tier is basically saturated with over 95-percent market penetration. So the only way for telecommunications companies to compete is to increase the value of the customers experience because they want something more stimulating.Customers want to express themselves, their individuality, he said, adding that Smart is merely providin g choices for the customers.He added that by making these Internet services available, Smart is allowing customers access to way of enriching their cell-phone experience and at the same time make the Smart Buddy brand name more relevant to Internet users.Danilo Mojica, Smarts theater director of wireless consumer division JUNE 6 & 7, 2008_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________One of the chief concerns we are hearing lately, from most entrepreneurs and businesses is their frustration with the slow progress of e-commerce in the Philippines. One reason for this drawback is the deprivation of a useful and economical payment gateway that nates enable business owners to accept credit card payments directly from their website. We would like to let you live on that we were able to address this issue. Whether you are starting or expanding your business, we are here to guide you throug h the process.How can e-leaguers help improve my business?e-leaguers offers its clients the following primary(prenominal) servicesWebsite Design and development- e-leaguers provides our clients with a kind of website that suits their business needs and requirements. We will create website designs based on how the client envisions his/her company to be viewed by visitors. 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The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove Chapter 6~8

Six shovelnose catfishs StoryWas bout fifty year ago. I was hoboing finished the Delta, playin juke joints with my first mate Smiley. He birdc everyed Smiley move he dont never get the vapors. Boy could play the Blues, entirely he never got the Blues, non for a second. He be broke and hungover and he n one(a)ffervescent eternally smilin. Make me crazy. I enounce, Smiley, you aint never gone play no partn Deaf Cotton, lessin you feels it.Deaf Cotton Dormeyer was this ol male child we used to play with time to time. See, them days, bunch of Bluesmen was blind, so they be called Blind Lemon Jefferson, Blind Willie Jackson like that. And them boys could play them whatever Blues. But ol Cotton, he deaf as a stone, a short(p) bit more of a burden than bein blind iffin you playing music. We be playing Crossroads, an ol Deaf Cotton be over on the side playin Walkin Mans Blues and a-howlin like a ol dog, and we stop, go down to the store, have us a Nabs and a Co-Cola, and Deaf Cotton just keep right on playin. And he the lucky one, cause he cant hear how bad he is. And didnt nobody have the heart to tell him.So, any trend, I secernates, You aint never gone play no better than ol Deaf Cotton, lessin you get whatever Blues on you.And Smiley say, You gots to help me.Now Smiley, he my friend from way top my partner, see. So I says I allow get the Blues to jump on him, simply he got to promise not to get mad how I do it. So he say okay, and I say okay, and I sets to sic the Blues on him so we can go to Chicago and Dallas and makes us some records and get us some Cadillacs and so on like them boys Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker and them.Smiley, he had him a wife name of Ida uninfectedthorn, sweet little thing. He keep her up at that place in Clarksville. And he always sayin how he dont have to worry bout Ida May when he on the road cause she cut him true and only. So one day I tell Smiley theys a man down Baton Rouge got him a prime Martin guitar he gonna dish out for ten dollars, and would Smiley go get it for me cause I got me a case of the runs and cant take the train ride.So Smiley aint out of town half a day before I takes me some liquor and flowers and make my visit on little Ida May. Shes a young thing, aint over overmuch for drinkin liquor, plainly once I tells her that ol Smiley by means of got hisself runned over by a train, she takes to drinkin like a natural (in between the screamin and cryin and all, and I had my own self some tears too, he being my partner and all, God rest his soul). And before you know it, Im givin Ida May some good lovin to comfort her in her time of grief and all.And you know when Smiley get back, he dont say a word bout my sleepin with Ida May. He say he sorry he cant visit the man with the guitar, gives me my ten dollars, an say he got to go home cause Ida May so happy to see him she been doing him special all day. I say, Well, she through me special too, and he say that okay, her being sad and me being his best friend. That boy was greased to the Blues, and they just wouldnt stick to him.So I borrowed a Model T Ford, drove over to Smileys, and done run over his dog, who was flush up in the yard.That dog was old anyways, he say. I had him since I was a boy. Time I get Ida May a puppy anyways.You aint sad? I say.Naw, he say. That ol dog had his time.You hopeless, Smiley. I gots to do some ponderin.So I ponders. Takin me two days to progress up with a way to install the Blues on ol Smiley. But you know, even when that boy standing in that respect over the smokin ashes of his house, Ida May in one arm and his guitar in the other, he dont do nothin only thank God they had time to get out without gettin burnt up.Preacher once told me that they is people who elevators to catastrophe. He says colored folk gots to rise to tragedy like ol Job in the Bible, iffin they gonna get they p roundrs. So I figures that Smiley is one of them who rises to tragedy, get strong er when bad things come on him. But they more than one way to get the Blues on you. Aint just bad things happening, sometime it good things not happenin disappointment, iffin you know what I mean?So I hears that down Biloxi way, weighty bout one of them salt marshes on the Gulf, they is a mudcat big as a rowboat, but nobody can catch him. Even a white man down on that point will give quintuplet hundred dollars to the man bring that big ol catfish in. Now you know people be trying to catch him, but they dont have no luck. So I tells Smiley I got me a secret recipe, and we gonna go get that catfish, get that money, and go up to Chicago and make us a record.Now I knows they aint no catfish big as a rowboat, and iffin there was, hed be caught by now, but Smiley involve him a disappointment iffin the Blues gonna jump on him. So I spends the whole ride down there buildin up that boys hopes. Cadillacs and big ol houses ridin on the back of that catfish. We ridin in that ol dog-killin Model T Ford, two hundred feet a rope and some shark hooks in the back with my secret catfish recipe. I figure we get us some bait on the way, and sho nuff, I accidentally run me over two chickens got too close to the road.For fantasm we down on the bayou where that ol cat spose to live. Them days bout half the counties in Mississippi got signs say NIGGER, DONT LET THE SUN GO DOWN ON YOU IN THIS COUNTY, so we always plan to get where we goin for dark.My secret recipe a gallon jar of chicken guts I keep buried in the backyard for a year. I takes that jar and punches some holes in the lid and toss her out in the water. A catfish smell them rotten guts, they be there lickety-split, I tells Smiley. Then we hooks up one them chickens and throw it out there and we sits back and has us a drink or two, me all the time talkin meth bout that five hundred dollar and Smiley grinnin like he does.For long Smiley doze shoot on the buzzword. I lets him sleep, thinkin he be more disappointed if he wake up and we aint caught that catfish. Just to be sure, I starts to pull in the rope, and for I got it pulled in ten feet, somethin grab on. That ol rope start burning through my hand like theys a s addressd horse ontother end. I musta yelled, cause Smiley woke up and goes running off the other way. Watch you doin? I yells, and that old rope burnin through my hands like a snake on plunder.Well, that it, I think, and I lets go of the rope. (A Bluesman got to take c be of his hands.) But when the rope come to the end, it melt off up like an E string and make a twang throw moss and mud up into my face and I looks round and see Smiley crankin up that Model T Ford. He done tied the rope on the bumper and now he drivin it back out the bayou, pullin whatever out there in the water as he go. And it aint comin easy, that ol Ford screamin and slidin and sound like it like to blow up, but up on the bank come the biggest catfish I ever seen, and that fish aint happy. He floppin and th rashin and just bout buryin me in mud.Smiley set the brake and look back at what we catch, when that ol catfish make a reverberate I dont know can come out a fish. Sound like woman screaming. Which scares me, but not as much as the interference that come back out the bayou, which sound like the devil done come home.You done it now, Smiley, I says.Get in, he say.Dont take more than that for me, cause somethin risin up out the bayou look like a locomotive with teeth, and it comin fast. Im in that Model T Ford and we off, draggin that big catfish right with us and that junky thing coming behind.For long we got us some distance, and I tells Smiley to stop. We gets out and looks at our five-hundred-dollar catfish. He dead now, dragged to death, and not lookin too good at that, but in a full moon we can see this aint no ordinary catfish. Sho, he got his fins and tail and all, but down on his belly he growin things look like legs.Smiley say, What that?And I say, Dont know.What that back there? he say.That his momma, I say. She aint happy one bit with us.SevenIt has the soul-sick wail of the Blues, the cowboy tragedy of bucolic Western. It goes like thisYou pay your dues, do your time behind the wheel, put in long hours on boring roads, your vertebrae compress and your stomach goes sour from too much strong coffee, and finally, just when you get a good-paying job with benefits and youre seeing the light at the end of the retirement tunnel, just when you can hear the distant temptress song of a bass boat and a case of Miller calling to you like a willing truck stop waitress named Darlin, a addict comes along and fucks your truck and you are plum blowed up. Als story.Al was drowsing in the cab of his tank truck while unleaded liquid dinosaurs pulsed through the big black pipe into the underground tanks of the Pine Cove Texaco. The station was closed, there was no one at the counter to shoot the bull with, and this was the end of his run, but for a quick jog down t he coast to a motel in San Junipero. On the receiving set, glum low, Reba sang of hard times with the full authority of a cross-eyed redheaded million telephone linee.When the truck first moved, Al pattern he qualification have been rear-ended by some drunk tourist, indeed the shaking started and Al was sure he was in the middle of the bull moose earthquake of the century the big one the one that twisted cities and snapped overpasses like dry twigs. You thought about those things when you towed around ten thousand gallons of explosive liquid.Al could see the tall Texaco sign out of the windshield, and it occurred to him that it should be waving like a sapling in the wind, but it wasnt. Only the truck was moving. He had to get out and stop the pump.The truck thumped and rocked as if rammed by a rhino. He pulled the door handle and pushed. It didnt budge. Something plugged it, blocked the whole window. A tree? Had the roof over the pumps come down on him? He looked to the pass enger door, and something was blocking that one too. Not metal, not a tree. It had scales. Through the windshield he saw a dark, ridiculous stain spreading over the concrete and his bladder emptied.Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.He reached behind his place for the tire thumper to knock out the windshield and in the next instant Al was flaming bits and smoking pieces flying over the Pacific.A mushroom demoralize of greasy flame rose a thousand feet into the sky. The shock undulation leveled trees for a block and knocked out windows for three. Half a mile away, in downtown Pine Cove, motion detector alarms were triggered and added their klaxon calls to the roar of the flames. Pine Cove was awake and frightened.The Sea Beast was thrown two hundred feet into the air and landed on his back in the flaming ruins of Berts Burger Stand. Five thousand years on the planet and he had never experienced flight. He found he didnt care for it. Burning gasoline bulk largeed him from nose to tail. His gill trees were singed to stumps, jagged shards of metal protruded between the scales of his belly. Still flaming, he headed for the nearest water, the creek that ran behind the business district. As he lumbered down into the creek merchant ship, he looked back to the place where his lover had rejected him and move out a signal. She was gone now, but he sent the signal anyway. Roughly trans-lated, it said, A simple no would have sufficed. mollyThe poster covered half of the trailers living room wall a younger Molly Michon in a black leather bikini and spiked dog collar, brandishing a wicked-looking broad mickle name. In the background, red mushroom clouds rose over the desert. Warrior Babes of the Outland, in Italian, of course Mollys movies had only been released to overseas theaters direct to video in the United States. Molly stood on the wire-spool coffee table and struck the same pose she had 15 years before. The sword was tarnished, her tan was gone, the blon de pig had gone gray, and now a jagged five-inch scar ran preceding(prenominal) her right breast, but the bikini still fit and muscles still raked her arms, thighs, and abdomen.Molly worked out. In the wee hours of the morning, in the vacant space next to her trailer, she spun the broadsword like a deadly baton. She lunged, and thrust, and leapt into the improbable back undulate that had made her a star (in Thailand anyway). At two in the morning, while the village slept around her, Molly the crazy lady became, once again, Kendra, Warrior Babe of the Outland.She stepped off the coffee table and went to her tiny kitchen, where she opened the brown plastic pill bottle and ceremoniously dropped one tablet into the garbage disposal as she had both night for a month now. Then she went out the trailer door, careful not to let it slam and wake her neighbors, and began her routine.Stretches first the splits in the high wet grass, then a hurdlers hamstring stretch, touching her forehead to her knee. She could feel her vertebrae pop like a string of muted firecrackers as she did her back stretches. Now, with dew streaking her legs, her hair tied back with a leather boot lace, she began her sword work. A two-handed slash, a thrust, riposte, leap over the blade, spin and slash slowly at first, operative up momentum one handed spin, pass to the other hand, reverse, pass the sword behind her back, speeding up as she went until the sword cut the air with a whistling whirr as she worked up to a series of backflips executed while the sword stayed in motion one, two, three. She tossed the sword into the air, did a back flip, reached to catch it in midspin a light sweat sheeted her body now reached to catch it the sword silhouetted against a three-quarter moon reached to catch it and the sky went red. Molly looked up as the shock wave rocketed through the village. The blade slashed the back of her wrist to the bone and stuck in the ground, quivering. Molly swore and watched the orange tree mushroom cloud rise in the sky over Pine Cove.She held her wrist and stared at the fire in the sky for several minutes, wondering if what she was seeing was really there, or if mayhap shed been a little hasty about stopping her meds. A siren sounded in the distance, then she heard something moving down in the creek fuck as if huge rocks were being kicked aside. Mutants, she thought. Where there were mushroom clouds, there were mutants, the curse of Kendras nuked-out world.Molly snatched the sword and ran into her trailer to hide.TheoThe shock wave from the explosion had dissipated to the level of a sonic boom by the time it reached Theos little cabin two miles out of town. Still, he knew that something had happened. He sat up in bed to wait for the phone to ring. A minute and a half later, it did. The 911 dispatcher from San Junipero was on the line.Constable Crowe? Youve had some sort of explosion at the Texaco station on Cypress Street in Pine Cove.There are fires burning nearby. Ive dispatched fire and ambulance, but you should get over there.Theo struggled to sound alert. Anyone hurt?We dont know yet. The call just came in. It sounds like a fuel tank went up.Im on my way.Theo swung his long legs out of bed and pulled on his jeans. He snatched his shirt, cell phone, and beeper from the nightstand and headed out to the Volvo. He could see an orange corona from the flames in the sky toward town and billowing black smoke streaking the moonlit sky.As soon as he started the car, the radio crackled with the voices of volunteer firemen who were racing to the site of the explosion in Pine Coves two fire engines.Theo keyed the mike. Hey, guys, this is Theo Crowe. Anyone on scene yet?ETA one minute, Theo came back at him. Ambulance is on scene.An EMT from the ambulance came on the radio. The Texaco is gone. Sos the burger stand. Doesnt look like the fire is spreading. I dont see anyone around, but if there was anybody in those two buildings, theyre toast.Delicate, Vance. Very professional, Theo said into the mike. Ill be there in five.The Volvo bucked over the rough dirt road. Theos head banged on the roof and he slowed enough to buckle his seat belt.Berts Burger Stand was gone. Gone. And the minimarket at the Texaco, gone too. Theo mat an empty rumbling in his stomach as he pictured his beloved minimarket nachos going black in the flames.Five minutes later he pulled in behind the ambulance and jumped out of the Volvo. The firefighters seemed to have the fire contained to the as-phalt area of the Texaco and the burger stand. A little brush had burned on the hill behind the Texaco and had charred a few trees, but the firemen had drenched that area first to keep the fire from climbing into the residential area.Theo shielded his face with his hands. The heat coming off the burning Texaco was searing, even at a hundred yards. A figure in fire-fighting re-galia approached him out of the smoke. A few feet away he pulled up the shield on his helmet and Theo accept Robert Masterson, the volunteer fire chief. Robert and his wife Jenny owned Brines Bait, Tackle, and Fine Wines. He was smiling.Theo, youre gonna starve to death both your food sources are gone.Theo forced a smile. approximate Ill have to come to your place for brie and cabernet. Anyone hurt? Theo was shaking. He hoped Robert couldnt see it by the light of the fire and the rotating red lights of the emergency vehicles. Hed left his Sneaky Pete pipe on the nightstand.We cant locate the driver of the truck. If he was in it, we lost him. Still too hot to get close to it. The explosion threw the cab two hundred feet that way. Robert pointed to a burning lump of metal at the edge of the parking lot.What about the underground tanks? Should we evacuate or something?No, theyll be fine. Theyre designed with a vapor lock, no oxygen can get down there, so no fire. Were going to have to let whats left of the minimart just burn out. Some cases of Slim Jims caught fire and they burn like the sun, we cant get close.Theo squinted into the flames. I love Slim Jims, he said forlornly.Robert patted his shoulder. Itll be okay. Ill order some for you, but you cant tell anyone Im carrying them. And Theo, when this is all over, come see me at the shop. Well talk.About what?Robert pulled off his fire helmet and wiped back his receding brown hair. I was a drunk for ten years. I quit. I might be able to help you.Theo looked away. Im fine. Thanks. He pointed to a ten-foot-wide burned strip that started across the street and led away from the fire in a pathway to the creek. What do you make of that.Looks like someone drove a burning vehicle out of the fire. Ill check it out. Theo got a flashlight from the Volvo and crossed the street. The grass was singed and there were deep ruts cut into the dirt. They were lucky this had happened after the rainy season had started. Two months earlier and they would have lost the town.He followed the track to the creek bed, fully expecting to find a wrecked vehicle pitched over the bank, but there was nothing there. The track ended at the bank. The water wasnt deep enough to cover anything large enough to make a trail like that. He played the flashlight around the bank and stopped it on a atomic number 53 deep track in the mud. He blinked and shook his head to clear his vision, then looked again. It couldnt be.Anything over there? Robert was coming across the grass toward him.Theo jumped down onto the bank and kicked the mud until the print was obliterated.Nothing, Theo said. must(prenominal) have just been some burning fuel sprayed out this way.What are you doing?Stomping out the last of a burning squirrel. Must have gotten caught in the flames and ran over here. Poor guy.You really need to come see me, Theo.I will, Robert. For sure I will.EightThe Sea BeastHe knew he should return to the safety of the sea, but his gill trees were singed and he didnt relish the idea of treading water until they healed. If hed known the female was going to react so violently, he would have re-tracted his gills into the folds beneath his scales where they would have been safe. He made his way down the creek bed until he spotted a herd of animals sleeping above the bank. They were ugly things, pale and graceless, and he could sense parasites living in every one of them, but this was no time to be judgmental. After all, some insolent beast had to be the first to eat a mastodon, and who would have thought that those furballs would turn out to be the tasty treats that they were.He could hide among this wormy herd until his gills healed, then perhaps hed take one of the females on a grateful hump. But not now, his heart still ached for the purring female with the silvery flanks. He compulsory time to heal.The Sea Beast slithered up the bank into an open space among the herd, then curled his legs and tail under his body and assumed their shape. The change was dire and took more eff ort than he was used to, but after a few minutes he was finished and he quietly fell asleep.MollyNo, this wasnt what she had planned at all. She had stopped taking her meds because they had been giving her the shakes, and shed been willing to deal with the voices if they came back, but not this. She hadnt counted on this. She was tempted to run to her kitchen area and gulp down one of her blue pills (Stelazine the Smurfs of Sanity, she called them) to see if it could chase the hallucination, but she couldnt tear herself from the trailer window. It was too real and too weird. Could there be a big, burnt beast large(p) out of the creek? And if so, had she just watched it turn into a double-wide trailer?Hallucinations, that was one of the five symptoms of schizophrenia. Molly kept a list of all the symptoms. In fact, shed stolen a desk drawer version of the DSM-IV The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the book psychiatrists use to diagnose mental illness from Valerie Riordan. According to the DSM-IV, you had to have two of the five symptoms. Hallucinations were one okay, that was a possibility. But delu-sions, no way she wasnt the least bit deluded, she knew she was having hallucinations. Number three was disorganised speech or incoherence. Shed give it a try.Hi, Molly, how the heck are you? she asked.Not well, thank you. Im worried that my speech may be disorganized, she answered.Well, you sound fine to me, she said, by way of being polite.Thanks for saying so, she replied with genuine gratitude. I guess Im okay.Youre fine. Nice ass, by the way.Thanks, youre not too bad yourself.See, not disorganized at all, she said, not realizing that the conversation was over.Symptom four was grossly disorganized or catatonic behavior. She looked around her trailer. Most of the dishes were done, the videotapes of her movies were arranged chronologically, and the goldfish were still dead in the aquarium. Nope, nothing disorganized in this place. Schi zo 1, Sanity 3.Number five, negative symptoms, such as affective flattening, alogia, or avolition. Well, a woman hits her forties, of course theres a little affect-ive flattening, but she was sure enough that she didnt have the other two symptoms to not even look them up.But then there was the footnote Only one criterion required if delusions are bizarre or hallucinations lie down of a voice keeping up a running commentary on the persons behavior or thoughts.So, she thought, if I have a cashier, Im batshit. In intimately of the Kendra movies, there had been a narrator. It helped tie a story together that was supposed to take place in the nuked-out future when, in fact, it was being filmed in an abandoned strip mine near Barstow. And narration was easy to dub into foreign languages because you didnt have to match the lips. So the question she had to ask herself, was Do I have a narrator?No way, said the narrator.Fuck, said Molly. Just when shed settled into having a simple person ality disorder, she had to learn to be psychotic all over again. Being schizo wasnt all bad. Being diagnosed schizo ten years ago had gotten her the monthly disability check from the state, but Val Riordan had assured her that since then her status had changed from schizoid paranoid type, case-by-case episode, in partial remission, with prominent negative symptoms, persecutory-type delusions, and negative stressors (Molly liked to think of the negative stressors as special sauce) to a much more healthy, post-morbid shizotypal personality disorder, bipolar type (no special sauce). To make the latter you had to fulfill the prerequisite of at least one psychotic event, then hit five out of nine symptoms. It was a much tougher and more subtle form of batshit. Mollys favorite symptom was Odd be-liefs or magical mentation that influences behavior and is inconsistent with subcultural norms.The narrator said, So the magical thinking that would be that you believe that in another dimensio n, you actually are Kendra, Warrior Babe of the Outland?Fucking narrator again, Molly said. Youre not going away, are you? I dont need this symptom.You cant really say that your magical thinking affects your behavior, can you? the narrator asked. I dont think you can song that symptom.Oh hell no, Molly said. Im just out practicing with a broadsword at two in the morning, waiting for the end of civilization so I can call my rightful identity.Simple physical fitness regimen. Everyones trying to get into shape these days.So they can hack apart evil mutants?Sure, Nautilus makes a weapon for that. Mutant Master 5000.Thats a crock.Sorry, Ill debar up now.Id appreciate that. I really dont need the voices symptom, thanks.Youve still got the monster-trailer hallucination outside.I thought you were going to shut up.Sorry, thats the last youll hear from me. Really.Jerk.Bitch.You saidSorry.So without voices all she had to deal with was the hallucination. The trailer was still sitting there, but admittedly, it just looked like a trailer. Molly could forecast trying to tell the shrink at county about it when they admitted her.So you saw a trailer?Thats right.And you live in a trailer park?Yep.I see, the shrink would say. And somewhere between those two little words the judgment would be pronounced crazy.No, she wasnt going to go that route. She would confront her fears and go forward, just as Kendra had in The Mutant Slayer Warrior Babes II. She grabbed her sword and left her trailer.The sirens had subsided now, but she could still see an orange glow from the explosion. Not a nuclear blast, she thought, just some sort of accident. She strode across the lot and stopped about ten feet away from the trailer.Up close, it looked well, it looked like a damn trailer. The door was in the wrong place, on the end instead of the side, and the windows were frosty, as if theyd iced over. There was a thin patina of soot over its entire length, but it was a trailer. It didnt look li ke a monster at all.She stepped forward and ventured a poke with her sword. The aluminum skin of the trailer seemed to shy away from the sword point. Molly jumped back.A warm wave of delectation swept through her body. For a second she forgot why she had come out here and let the wave take her. She poked the trailer again, and again the pleasure wave washed over her, this time even more intense. There was no fear, no tension, just the feeling that this was exactly where she should be where she should always have been. She dropped her sword and let the feeling take her.The frosty layer on the trailers two end windows seemed to lift, revealing the slitlike pupils of two great golden eyes. Then the door began to open, not from side to side, but splitting itself in the middle and opening like a mouth. Molly turned on her heel and ran, wondering even as she went why she hadnt just stayed there by the trailer where everything matte so good.EstelleEstelle was wearing a leather fedora, a pair of dark sunglasses, a single lavender sock, and a subtle and satisfied smile. Sometime after her husband had died after shed moved to Pine Cove and started taking the antide-pressants, after shed stopped coloring her hair or giving a damn about her wardrobe Estelle had vowed that no man would ever see her naked again. At the time, she considered it a fair trade carnal pleasures, of which there were few, for guilt-free cookies, of which there were many. Now, having broken that vow and lying in her feather bed next to this sweaty, stringy old man, who was teasing her left teat with his tongue (and who didnt seem to mind that said nipple was leading her breast over her arm rather than jutting skyward like the cupola on the Taj Mahal), Estelle felt like she understood, at last, the Mona Lisas smile. Mona had been getting some, and she had her cookies too.You are some storyteller, Estelle said.A spidery black hand crawled up her thigh and parked an index finger moistly on her p leasure button just settled there and she shuddered. I didnt finish, Catfish said.You didnt? Then what was all that Hallelujah, Lord, Im comin home followed by the barking?I didnt finish the story, Catfish said, his enunciation remarkably clear, considering he didnt miss a lick.Harmonica player, Estelle thought. She said, Im sorry, I dont know what came over me.And she didnt. One minute they were sipping spiked tea and the next there was an explosion and she had her mouth locked over his, moaning into him like a saxophonist playing passion.You didnt see me fightin you, Catfish said. We got time.We do?Sho, but you gonna have to pay my way now. You done chased the Blues off me and I feels like they aint never comin back. Im out a job.Estelle looked down to see Catfish grinning in the soft orange light and grinned herself. Then she realized that they hadnt lit any candles, and she didnt have any orange lights. Somewhere in the tussle between the kitchen and the bedroom, amid the toss ing of clothes and groping of flesh, they had turned the lights out. The orange glow was coming through the window at the foot of the bed.Estelle sat up. The town is on fire.It is in here, Catfish said.She pulled the sheets up to cover herself. We need to do something.I got an idea a somethin we can do. He moved his spidery fingers and her attention was taken away from the window.Already?Seem soon to me too, girl, but Im old and this could be my last one.Thats a cheery thought.Im a Bluesman.Yes, you are, she said. Then she rolled over on him and stayed there, off and on, until dawn.

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Montessori Education

maria Montessori mystifyed her approach based on important principles that make a Montessori school. The principles that impart be discussed throughout this paper will sponsor you to recognize the principles that atomic number 18 practiced and developed for each classroom. Model earliest childhood program is an exemplary approach to early childhood education that serves as a guide, (Morrison S. G. P 142). Montessori Program would outgo service the interest of children and their families. This program has basic principles that are design to bring the naturalisation of child discipline, and to help the child better through out his/her life.Because of her success with these children, she was asked to start a school for children in a housing project in Rome, which opened on January 6, 1907, and which she called Casa dei Bambini or Childrens House. Childrens House was a child care center in an apartment building in the poor neighborhood of Rome. She was center on teaching the st udents ways to develop their own skills at a pace they set, which was a principle Montessori called spontaneous selfdevelopment. A wide variety of additional equipment of increasing complexity is used to help direct the interests of the child and hasten development.When a child is allegey to analyze new and more difficult tasks, the teacher guides the childs first endeavors in order to avoid wasted effort and the learning of wrong habits otherwise the child learns alone. It has been reported that the Montessori method of teaching has enabled children to learn to read and write much more quickly and with greater facility than has otherwise been possible. The Montessori Method of teaching concentrates on quality rather than quantity. The success of this school sparked the enterprisingness of many more, and a worldwide interest in Montessoris methods of education.The principle I would give care to start the paper out would be the prepared environment. By having a prepared environm ent this allow the child to learn and develop self-discipline as well as repelting in a routine that is best for the child to get used to for their life and how to be dependent. The teacher is supposed to guide the student in the direction but this method allows the children to learn the grandness of structure and to a degree dependant. There are all different ages that are in these groups and by doing it this way the children will gain knowledgeable learning from older children.It seems that younger children learn easier and faster off of older peers, so that is why it was so special doing it this way, this also prepares the children for future challenges and schooling as they get older. The Approaches to Early childhood Education by Roopnarine and Johnson (2005) explains childrens responsibility by stating, There is a strong emphasis on the development of individual responsibility. For example, children dispel real(a)s to their place after use, the classroom is cleaned and mai ntainedand they participate in the development of classroom rules (p 366).This teaches the children selfsufficient which will be a big part of their life. The absorbent of the judicial decision was the next idea about how the children should be educated. This principle showed the spontaneous and the drive of the inner child. At the occurring of this work out the Montessori began to divide the children into two, the unconscious stage and the conscious stage. At birth to three categorys of age, Montessori said the children were in an unconscious stage (Roopnarine and Johnson, 2005, p. 369).Here the children are absorbing from the environment that surrounds them. An infant hears a multitude of environmental sounds but is naturally and unconsciously cued in to sound of the human voice. Gradually, without conscious effort by the child, the child absorbs the sounds and round of drinkss of his or her native language, as well as its vocabulary, semantics and syntax. The conscious stage happens right after the unconscious stage and goes to six years of age. The child now has a growing ability to stand up and classify information, experiences and concepts.By separating them from these ages it was able to make sure that we wasnt trying to teach a six month old something that a ten year old was doing. To start with, Montessori stated, the childis a constant inquirer who absorbs his environment, takes everything from it, and incorporates it in himself. Montessori viewed different part of the environment as contributing to the everyplaceall development of the child. The parts of the environment include freedom, structure and order, reality and nature, beauty and zephyr.Freedom was seen as the natural thrust of the child that develops independence (p. 371). In addition, children book free option to pick their activity, pick their materials and pick if they want to work as an individual or with a group, when a child is able to pick it makes them feel like they thou ght of that and that they are in some what control it is everlastingly better for a child to have an option instead of someone telling them that this is what they have to do. Structure and order unfold as the children develop their ideal environment.Reality and nature focused on the materials that were used in a Montessori classroom the material placed in a childs hands should be of authentic quality and should tangibly represent the real world. Beauty and atmosphere created a sense of harmony where the environment needs to be clean, attractive, and well cared for. Learning materials were mentioned before, within reality and nature, in addition the materials were seen as, preparing the child both straight off and indirectly for subsequent learning.In the last part of the environment, development of the community life, Maria Montessori saw socialization as a key element. Maria method for the children learning through play is able to help the child bring together all the elements o f life as they experience it. The secret to fortune young children thrive is to keep the spirit of creativity and playful learning alive and active, the children does non want to do the same thing over and over they want something fun, something that they can laugh and play with.It a person always makes it so hard and no fun then the child will be more resistant to learning it. We as adults, children natural imitate us, for some that is good but for other that is not. For example my 2 year old young woman Anyssa, she imitate me when I am sitting out side skunk a cigarette, or when I am talking on the phone she will do and say as I do. So what I have to do is watch after her and try to hide when I am smoking I do not want my child growing up smoking. So at every stage in a childs life we are teaching them something weather we think we are or not.Another principle would be human development. Human development is often not slow and steady acquisitions seem to arrive suddenly, almost overnight, and with explosive impact. Such learning explosions are the sudden outward manifestation of a long process of internal growth. For example, the explosion of spoken language around two years of age is the result of many months of inner preparation and mental development. Human development was viewed as a process form birth to maturity. Babies are born to learn, they are remarkable learning instruments.These stages represent six years of life as well it introduces the views of the Montessori way. The first period of life is very importance. From birth to age six the child is seen as constructing him/herself. Childrens brain development and their ability to learn throughout life rely on the interplay between natures and nurture. What happen to children early in life have a long-lasting influence on how they develop and learn? The human brain is quite plastic it has the ability to change in response to different kinds of experiences and environments.An enriched environment i nfluences brain development. This process is called the constructive rhythm of life. Maria Montessori developed her approach based on important principles that make a Montessori school. The principles that will be discussed throughout this paper will help you to understand the principles that are practiced and developed for each classroom. Model early childhood program is an exemplary approach to early childhood education that serves as a guide. I believe the Montessori Program would best service the interest of children and their families.This program has basic principles that are design to bring the naturalization of child development. To understand Montessori Education, one must first acknowledge and under Marias philosophy about children and education. By incorporating this as a learning tool in the early years, I believe this would further advance them with reading and writing and learning new things while children there age or older are not quite that advance as the child that was taught this method of learning. Since her death an interest in Dr. Montessoris methods have continued to spread throughout the world.Her message to those who emulated her was always to turn ones attention to the child, to follow the child. It is because of this basic tenet, and the observation guidelines left by her, that Dr. Montessoris ideas will never become obsolete. Many people, hearing of the high donnish level reached by students in this system of education, miss the point and think that Montessori math manipulative (as an example) is all there is to the Montessori method. It is easy to acquire materials and to take minuscule courses to learn to use them, but the real value of Montessori takes long and thorough training for the adult.The potential of the child is not just mental, but is revealed only when the breeze through Montessori method is understood and followed. The childs choice, practical work, care of others and the environment, and above all the high level s of concentration reached when work is respected and not interrupted, reveal a human organism that is superior not only academically, but emotionally and spiritually, a child who cares deeply about other people and the world, and who works to discover a strange and individual way to contribute.This is the essence of real Montessori work today. Reference Morrison. G. S Early childhood Education Today. Pearson Education Inc. 2009 Roopnarine . J and Johnson . J (Eds). Approaches to Early childhood Education New Jersey Pearson Education Inc. 2005 Seldin. T and Epstein. P The Montessori Way, The Montessori Foundation 2003

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Protestant Reformation: Review Activity

Objective You are to pattern creating essay outlines, the content of which will also assist you in reviewing for the quiz that will take go into tomorrow.What you have to doA. Review the lawsuit of a proper essay outline below and the example on the back. B. On separate sheets of paper create your own detailed outline in retort to the essay question that follows (use your notes to assist you)1. Compare and contrast the motives, goals, and results of Martin Luther and Henry VIII in the movements that they led against the romish Catholic Church. *Your outline should be at least two notebook pages in length.Essay Outline FormatI. intro A. Introductory fate B. Thesis statement (can be 1 or more sentences)II. Body split 1 A. division sentence (an overarching introduction to the main point of this paragraph of evidence it must continue or connect to the thesis) B. Identification of significant details/evidenceIII. Body Paragraph 2 A. Topic sentence B. Identification of important details/evidenceIV. Body Paragraph 3 A. Topic sentence B. Identification of important details/evidenceV. Conclusion A. 1 or more sentences that summarize the main points of the essay. (It should not be a direct restatement of the thesis.)Essay Outline Example Middle Ages v. reincarnationEssay Question Contrast the political, social, and apparitional structure of Medieval europium and Renaissance atomic number 63.I. IntroductionThesis Medieval Europe differed greatly from Renaissance Europe in the landing fields of political structure, social norms, and religious influence.II. Political StructureA. Political Differences *Topic Sentence The Medieval European style of feudalisticism contrasted greatly with the dishonour from the same feudalistic system by the governing bodies of Renaissance Europe. 1. Medieval Europe was a feudal system.a.Kings. b. Nobles, c. Knights, d. Peasants (serfs) *Each group was dependent on the rest for survival. 2. Renaissance Europe broke away from the feudal system. a. Kings, b.Nobles, c.Merchants/Middle Class, d. Peasaants *The bottom three groups had more opportunities for advancement.III. Social NormsA. Societal Differences *Topic Sentence Another area in which Renaissance Europeans parted ways with Medieval Europeans was in social norms. 1.Medieval European life center around the land and religion. a. Manorialismb. Little trade led to reduction in movement 2. Renaissance European life focused more on the worth and abilities of the individual to seek his or her own destiny. a. increase trade created a middle class b. Reduced dependency on the landIV. Religious InfluenceA. Differing Roles of Religion *Topic sentence In addition to political and societal differences, Medieval and Renaissance Europe also disordered in their respective focus on religion. 1.Catholic life dominated Medieval Europe.a. Popes were often more stringy than secular rulers. b. Peasants could only find promise of a good life after death (heaven) 2.Renai ssance Europe broke away from this focus on Catholicism to begin the inclusion of secular ideas. a. Growth of secular humanism b. Corruption of Church led to dislike of Church leadership. c. Attaining secular virtue through living a good life, rather than desiring to live a good life to attain spiritual virtue.V. Conclusion Renaissance Europe marked a departure from the norms of rigid political, social, and religious structures evident in Medieval Europe.

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Analysis of Arthur Miller’s Presentation of Abigail Essay

Arthur moth miller wrote the play The Crucible in 1953 which was in the middle of the McCarthy political witch-hunt in America. However the story had appealed to the playwright for many years, therefore The Crucible can be described as a political parable as it was inspired by the decade of McCarthyism. Miller wrote the play set in an atomic number 18a of momma called Salem in 1692 where some adolescent girls were dabbling with supernatural powers and witchcraft.They were eventually jailed and the jails were filled with men and women criminate of witchcraft. Ultimately twenty people ended up hung. The inhabitants of Salem were rigid in their interpretation of the Bible, accept in witches and the Devil. They believed also that the Bible instructed them that witches must be hanged. This relates to the McCarthy trails that were happening in the USA during the 1950s as the trails were about the admission of adherence to communism, consequently witnesses were brought before the com mittee to name names.This label approach was actually similar to the process of witch trials Miller then began to relate this to the public confessions as parallel with the naming of names at Salem in 1692. Subsequently Arthur Miller wrote a play in likeness to this and uses Abigail to convey similar ideas to the McCarthy Trials in the 1950s. In the McCarthy trails the only way to clear your name was to name members of the extremist party, but even still a persons reputation would be extremely tarnished. indeed I pull up stakes be looking at the presentation of Abigail and how it conveys this idea, in relation to the McCarthy Trials. During the beginning of form One we discover Abigail is a girl who cant be trusted and people foundert believe her. Paris refers to her as a child so she is assumed as macrocosm young and questioned over how she can make up so many lies. From universe referred to as a child the audience makes an assumption that Abigail acts younger than her ag e and there is immense significance of this quote as she is referred to as a child more than once and by variant characters.Abigail has endless capacity for pretension so she is a brilliant liar and doesnt know when to stop. Her lies in this particular motion picture fall out non to be very convincing as she is worried and anxious hence she is lying for a way out. From this Abigail could be presented to be small and weak as she is forced to sit in a chair while Parris towers over her and doesnt take any action of rejection. Parris is operose Abigail to tell the truth as she is a compulsive liar consequently it is extremely hard to get her to tell the truth.Our depiction of Abigail develops later on in Act One as she loses her innocence since she becomes no longer likely to the audience, her lies are over looked by them as they realise she is withholding the truth. When Proctor enters Abigail starts to become nervous which is highlighted from her response whilst she is alon e with him and he introduces Ah, your knockout yet, arent y Abigail reacts with a nervous laughter and becomes frightened of Proctor.therefore Proctor acts powerful and continues to act powerful and dominant towards Abigail by forcefully saying child to Abigail to shew recognition of her still being a child, this is the second time that Abigail has been called a child by different characters highlighting the importance. While Abigail does react angrily and infuriately to appear powerful and gain take over Proctor, her reactions are childish, she moans when she doesnt get her own way, so she acts like a little child which is why she is being called a child.This part of the play is foreshadowing events to come, we know that she is red to eventually turn patronising and evil so her innocence is lost as we realise that she will later turn wicked as the wickedness can be used as a way out. When Abigail is alone with the girls she takes control of them and becomes the claimer of t he group and the girls begin to look to her for an answer so they look up to her. They follow her lead so she has the power of the group.She gains this power of the girls by saying I will come to you in the total darkness of some terrible night and I will bring a pointy reckoning that will shake you. Abigail threatens the other girls so they are so frightened of her that they follow her lead, this becomes clear nearing the end of Act Three. The joint shudder is onomatopoeia and this adds dramatic affect and gives you a real sense of the word and makes it come to life and earphone real. It is this word order which Miller uses that makes you really think that this is going to happen if the other girls do not obey her.The adjectives used during this statement from Abigail are black then terrible and pointy these are all threatening adjectives and are the type of words that you would visualize when a murder was taking place so this intensifies their anxiety. During this scene the a udience discover just how devious and manipulative she can be, in this instance she shows this by being threatening and dicey to the other girls. Danger changes sides towards the end of Act One during Abigails questioning as she starts to become frantic.She begins rushing out excuses as quickly as possible to conceal her lies, as she comes dangerous close to being exposed. Abigail is scared of the fact that if people dont believe her, then she will be caught in the act of lying, she is anxious about this. Furthermore Hale says perhaps some poultry invisible to others comes to you thus implying an insight to the deviousness of Abigail. This provides inspiration later for Act Four therefore implying Abigail is not innocent and is an untrustworthy character with a deeper meaning, perhaps Abigail is lying.Abigail proceeds out of this situation by hereditary on to the circumstances there are in hand and uses them as weapons to propose the excuse of do herself look like the victim in this entirety. Consequently people cant accuse her, which because of her self-serving behaviour leads her on to accusing Tituba by saying She makes me drink blood This describes Abigails destructive genius and the deviousness of Abigails thinking put into practice. From this I can call Abigail opportunistic as she has seen a way out she has explored it and taken it.While this is selfish behaviour, it is certainly a very clever transmit by Abigail to relieve some of the pressure from her and give her a chance to think about what she is going to say next. The audiences response from this action taken by Abigail is that it is ludicrous that she can accuse somebody and say a few words and make the judicatory believe her. This links in with the McCarthy trials because all the court was interested in was names and they were so desperate for a name that once one was named with a motive they seized it.

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Slavery And Plantation In Trinidad And Tobago History Essay

Bondage and Plantations have ever been linked, driven by economic aims ( Williams 1994 ) , from the earliest period of sugar jaw cultivation in the Caribbean. Despite the complexness of the ra aims and fortunes that created this relationship, sugar exploitation and slavery both were dining during the comparatively peaceable early old ages of the eighteenth century. The European posit for sugar had been increasing, and Eng cut s sugar subscribe tos led the battalion. The British islands like T & A T were a mono-crop society, with a couple of(prenominal) colonists morseling anything but sugar caneThe Business of SlaveryThe Triangular Trade is a term unremarkably utilize in treatments of the slave trade. Slaves would be brought from Africa to the orchards, which would direct sugar and other local goods to Europe, who would in turn send goods to Africa. The goods normally sent to Africa were guns and other manufactured points because there was no industry in Africa. In the West Indian islands like T & A T, nevertheless, the merchandising of slaves was an of import portion of the economic placement. The demand for more slaves was ever greater than the market could supply, and the West Indian companies were opened up in the 1700s to fall start of doors trade to assist supply extra slaves to settlements that produced sugar. The Gallic encouraged this trade on their islands by relieving slaves from to the highest degree import and export revenue enhancements.Life on PlantationsWorking Conditionss Slave Labour in Plantationsathe toughest indurate, a season of labor from dawn to twilight, bare mortise joints and calves stung by cowitch, knotted musculuss slashed by cane foliages that cut like consecutive razors, dorsums split unfastened by the whipa The plantation land consisted of cane-fields, provision evidences, woods and grazing land. Each plantation owner preferred to hold more than 200 estates of cane land. purvey evidences were used by the slav es to cultivate root harvests, plantains and veggies for nutrient. The forest provided timber and firewood and the grazing land was used for croping cowss ( manager 1965 ) . The cane Fieldss had either freshly planted canes or ratoons. The ratoons were new shoots turning from old cane root which were left in the land after a old harvest of cane was harvested. Normally a ratoon field was less productive. A typical sugar estate had factory edifices such as the factory, boiling house and hardening house. Around these mill edifices there were other small edifices and sheds in which, sombersmiths, wheelers, carpenters, Masons, Coopers and other craftsman slaves worked. There would as well be a little infirmary for ill slaves, and a little toss out which kept slaves who were being punished. There were storage suites for tools and supplies and sheds which sheltered farm animal or stored cane assail or bagasse which was used as fuel. Not far from the mill edifices were little ho uses in which the European directors and supervisors lived. They were by and large superintendents, book-keepers, experienced craftsmen and office staff. In the biggest house lived the estate proprietor. The slave quarters were whatever exceed off from the places of the directors.A work cardinal hours consisted of 15-16 hours a twenty-four hours, during harvest cartridge holder and, could travel on during crop and milling for 16-18 per hebdomad 7 yearss a hebdomad and harmonizing to Stampp ( 1956 ) the slaves were wedded(p) the undertaking to fix the land for seting. Their normal on the job twenty-four hours began before dawn and ended after sunset. They cleared the cop and shrubs by weeding and combustion ( kids amongst the ages of 6 and ten might be active as water bearers while kids between the ages of 10 and 12 were organized into packs and set to weeding ) . Cane holes were dug and into these cane overstep were planted. As the cane grew, packs of slaves manured the field and weeded shrubs that sprang up around the cane workss. Female slaves did much of the weeding and the manuring. After 12 to 15 months the cane was now raise. The field was set afire to fire off the foliages from the cane chaffs and at the same(p) clip to acquire rid of serpents which lived at that place. The field slaves, utilizing cutlasses, so cut the cane chaffs, jammed them in packages and loaded them on to ox-drawn carts which transported them to the factory. At the factory, the cane was crushed and the juice flowed through troughs to big metallic element containers. The cane rubbish was removed and stored for usage as fuel for the boilers. The juice in the big containers was tenuous by heating and the add-on of a little measure of calcium hydroxide. This clarified juice was so ladled into a Cu boiler in which it was boiled. After a piece, the juice from this Cu boiler was ladled into a smaller boiler and was boiled once more and so still further in a yet smaller boil er. By so, it had changed into gluey sirup which was allowed to chill, and so poured into wooden hogsheads standing on beams in the hardening house. Through little holes at the underside of the hogsheads, molasses seeped out and was collected in containers set to a lower place the beams. After about three hebdomads, the staying sirup in the hogsheads crystallised to organize sugar. The sugar remained in the hogsheads which were afterward packed into ships for export to Europe. Some estates besides manufactured rum by fermenting juice from the inaugural boiling and about the same measure of molasses. Almost all of this specialized work carried out in the industry of sugar and rum was done by skilled artisan slaves who were extremely valued by their proprietors. During the milling season, slaves worked in displacements throughout the twenty-four hours and dark.Even after the harvest season was over, the estate proprietor did non permit his slaves to be idle. The Fieldss had to be prepared for the new harvest, weeding and manuring of the ratoons had to be done, and fixs to drainage and irrigation canals, fencings and edifices had to transport out. Work was even assemble for kids from the age of six old ages old. They collected firewood, cut grass to feed farm beatify beings and fetched imbibing H2O to slaves working in the Fieldss. The plantation proprietors did non desire their slaves to affect themselves in idle converse since they felt that the discontented slaves may utilize the juncture to plot rebellion.PunishmentsWhile each plantation had its ain set of societal, spiritual, and labour codifications, all had the basic format for an instilled hierarchy in which the slave skipper reigned as generalised anxiety disorder. He maintained the component of slave wretchedness, by commanding the grade of hurting ( Starobin 1974 ) . Treatments were given such as mutilation, stigmatization, chaining, and slaying which were purportedly regulated or prohi splinte ringed by jurisprudence. Whippings, whippings, drownings, and hangings were every bit unpredictable as they were gruesome.It was clear to plantation proprietors that bondage could non last without the whip ( even though proprietors were out to intentionally kill or maliciously mangle a slave ) . Males and females were whipped randomly. The badness of floging depended on the determine of shots to the type of whip. Fifteen to twenty ciliums were by and large sufficient, but they could run much higher. Other points used for penalties included stocks, ironss, neckbands, and chainss. It was besides platitude that large females could be raped by the proprietor of the plantation, his boies or, any albumen male.Methods of ControlThe White plantation proprietors in T & A T used assorted methods to keep do control over their slaves. Their chief method was that of divide and regulation . Members of the same folk were separated on different plantations to forestall communicating between them. The purpose behind this was to forestall any programs to arise if they were together. This separation, nevertheless, created a job of communicating, since the plantation would hold different groups of slaves talking different linguistic confabulations. Therefore, the plantation owners had to happen a manner to pass on with their slaves. Soon a new linguistic communication, known as Creole, essential and this became a common lingua among the slaves. When the British took control of the twin islands in the 19th century, English speech were injected into the linguistic communication and it became the footing of the Creolised linguistic communication.Slaves were besides prevented from rehearsing their faiths. Quite a few slaves were Muslims while many another(prenominal) others had their ain tribal beliefs. But since the Christian plantation owners saw non-Christians as heathens, they make sure that the slaves could non realise to idolize in the manner they were accustomed wh en they lived in Africa.Subsequently Christian missionaries were permitted on the plantations and they were allowed to prophesy to the slaves on sunlights. In clip, many of them were converted to Christianity it was the general feeling that the born-again slaves became docile and was non willing to confirm up rebellion on the plantations.Another means of control was the creative activity of a category system among the slaves. Field slaves formed the lowest group, even though some of them had particular accomplishments.The lowest ranking slaves, the cast anchor of the plantation economic system, were the field slaves. The field slaves were divided into gangs harmonizing to their physical strength and ability, with the strongest and fittest males and females in the first pack. The inducing used to promote difficult work, was ciliums of the cart whip, which were freely administered by the drivers, who were privileged slaves under the superintendent s supervising. Higher up the s lave hierarchy were the artisan slaves such as blacksmiths, carpenters and Masons, who were frequently hired out by the plantation owners. These slaves besides had chances to gain money for themselves on assorted occasions. Still higher up in this category system were the drivers who were specially selected by the White plantation owners to command the other slaves. The national or house slave had a particular topographical point in this agreement, and because they worked in the maestro s house and some clock having particular favors from the maestro, they held other slaves in disdain. Normally, the slaves in the lowest round of this societal ladder were the 1s who rebelled and frequently domestic slaves were the 1s who betrayed them by describing the mystery plans to their maestro.Then there were divisions based on colourise material. In the early yearss, it was comparatively easy for a pure African to lift to the degree of a driver. But mixtures occurred through the birth of k ids as a consequence of brotherhoods between White work forces and black magnanimous females ( mulatto ) , White work forces and mulatto adult females ( mestee ) and mulatto work forces and black adult females ( sambo ) . Some slaves of wining coevalss therefore had visible radiation skin colors, and the White plantation owners discriminated in favor of them. These slaves with White male parents or White relations were placed in places above those of the field slaves. This was the beginning of color favoritism in the Guyanese society. Of class, in all of this, the Europeans the Whites occupied the highest round of the societal ladder and they found willing Alliess among the assorted or slanting population who occupied the intermediate degrees. The pure Africans remained at the lowest degreeWomans and Slavery in the PlantationsHarmonizing to chaparral ( 1990 33 ) the primary ground for the presence of adult females in T & A T during the clip of bondage was due to their labour value. In the early yearss of bondage, plantation proprietors attempted to bring forth whole forms of reproduction and encourage matrimony, but found it was economically unlogical to make so. Alternatively, it was more profitable to taint new slaves from Africa ( until the continued supply of female slaves being delivered from across the Atlantic was threatened by emancipationist force per unit area in the 18th century ) . Girls worked on estates from the early age of four. Occupations for misss between the ages of 12-19 varied from field work, to stock work, to domestic work, to rinsing e.g. dress, dishes, etc. ( Reddock 1985 pg. 64 ) , . Other signifiers of work for mature adult females included accoucheuse, doctoress, and housekeeper. European plantation proprietors by and large regarded most slave adult females as suited for field work, which consisted of occupations such as delving holes for canes, weeding, and hoeing. In Jamaica, the bulk of adult females between the ages of 19 and 54 were working in the Fieldss.By the late eighteenth and early 19th century, there were more adult females working in the field than work forces due to their lower mortality rates. Despite the common boss whereby work forces are stronger and more physically capable than adult females, it can be argued that adult females were as of import, if non more of import, to field work during the period of bondage in T & A T. The importance of adult females in the plantation economic system is reflected in the mo net incomeary value of female slaves between 1790 and the destination of the slave trade. The monetary value for a new male slave was about ?50-?70, while the monetary value for a new female slave was about ?50-?60. ( Bush, 199633 )Apart from businesss such as doctoress, accoucheuse, and housekeeper, which were considered to be higher employment places for slave adult females during the clip, the slave elite was about wholly make up of work forces. Womans were confin ed to contending for lower places in the socio-economic hierarchy and were ever excluded from the more esteemed and skilled occupations ( i.e. woodworking ) . Among the limited sum of businesss available to Trinbagonian slave adult females, the most esteemed occupation was found to be nursing.One manner in which adult females slaves would on occasion accumulate income and resources for themselves was through conjure trade ( Morrissey 1989 pg. 69 ) . This was a common manner for adult females slaves to salvage money for freedom, peculiarly in the eighteenth and 19th centuries in T & A T. The bulk of enslaved domestic workers in towns were expected to back up themselves through harlotry.Culture of Slavery and Plantation lifeHomePlantation slaves were housed in slave s cabins. Small, impolitely built of logs with windward side turnouts, with clay tinkling. Floors were packed soil. They were leaky and draughty and the combination of moisture, soil, and cold made them diseased environ ments. On the plantation, the slaves were housed in edifices which were some distance off from the maestro s house. Most of these slave houses had thatched roofs and walls of old boards or of lappet and clay. The floor was the Earth itself and there were no furniture except some fundamental pieces that the slaves managed to do.ClothingSlaves were non well-clothed they had un allude vesture for people engaged in heavy labor all twelvemonth. Children would dress in long shirts. manpower possessed small besides with two shirts and two cotton bloomerss. Womans were provided with an deficient sum of fabric and made their ain apparels. The fabric was inexpensive stuff, produced in England that was dubbed Negro fabric . The slaves besides obtained a vesture requital approximately every twelvemonth. The work forces received a harsh woolen jacket, a chapeau, about six paces of cotton, and a piece of canvas to do a brace or two of pants. Womans received the same allowance as the work fo rces, but kids received none. The kids remained bare until they were approximately nine old ages old, or were given cast-off vesture that their parents managed to happen or were able to buy.FoodThe nutrient was by and large equal in majority, but imbalanced and humdrum. Typical nutrient allowance was a batch of maize repast and three to four lbs of salt porc or bacon per hebdomad per individual. This diet could be supplemented by veggies from their gardens, by fish or wild game, and molasses ( non normally ) . The slaves prepared their ain nutrient and carried it out to the field in pails. While the slaves were provided with certain groceries by the maestro, they raised their ain subsistence harvests of veggies, plantains and root harvests on little garden hidden plans that the maestro allowed them to utilize. However, they could merely make their personal agriculture on Lords daies when they had no work on the plantation. They besides took the chance to angle on Lords daies in the nearby canals, the rivers or the ocean. Each grownup slave was given one lb of salt-cured pod fish every Sunday by the plantation proprietor. The salt-cured pod fish was imported from North America. A kid slave was given a smaller allotment. On particular Christian vacation, there was an extra allowance of about a lb of complain or porc, some sugar and a measure of rum.ReligionThe general position held by the plantation proprietors was that the African slaves did non keep to a system of beliefs that could be described as a faith ( Mbiti 1969 ) . At outgo so the members of the plantocracy and the church that served them felt their beliefs amounted to nil more than pagan superstitious notion. Not a few of them, possibly, felt that the Africans were incapable of spiritual sentiment. But the Africans held spiritual beliefs derived from their fatherland. It may be utile to observe that some of the slaves, peculiarly these who came from the Fula-speaking country of Senegambia, were M uslims. The standard of the plantation owners of dividing tribesmen from one another, and of detering the collection of slaves for any purpose whatsoever, was non calculated to let Islam to last. Again, the little figure of African Muslims that came to plantations in T & A T lacked the leading of Imams and the ownership of the Quran. Then, excessively, the plantation life did non impart itself for long supplications at fixed times, worship on a set twenty-four hours, fasting at prescribed periods, or banqueting on vacations which did non co-occur with those observed by the plantocracy.On the other manus, autochthonal African spiritual beliefs, which became labelled as obi , survived the troubles of estate life. But these beliefs underwent authoritative alterations although they remained clearly African in construction ( Saraceni 1996 ) . Three factors were chiefly responsible for these alterations. In the first topographic point, African spiritual thoughts were capable of alte ration in response to the new circumstance of estate life. Second, the pattern of African faith was frowned upon by estate governments. This meant that the faith could merely be practised in secret and irregularly. The consequence has been that some facets of African spiritual patterns withered off while others lost their nationality and linguistic communication and became garbled. Third, the exposure to Christianity led non merely to the transition of Blacks to that faith, but besides to the imbrication of African and Christian beliefs.Free TimeExcept for net incomes enjoyed by the artisan slaves, most of the slaves depended on obtaining money by selling excess green goodss from their proviso evidences and besides the sale of farm animal that they reared. On Sundays, small town markets were held and the slaves seized the chance to barter or sell their green goods. On these occasions the slaves made purchases of a few pieces of vesture and other points for their places.The Sunday ma rkets were besides occasions when slaves from different plantations were able to socialize and to interchange intelligence and pieces of chitchat.There were besides times of diversion. These were normally at the terminal of the harvest and at Christmas and on public vacations when the slaves were allowed to keep dances which had to stop by midnight.