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Diversion Is Better than Prison Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

refraction Is Better than Prison - Assignment ExampleDiversion Is Of Great Importance To The Child, The Criminal System, And The fiat In General. Diversion Is Of Great Importance To The Child, The Criminal System, And The Society In General. Mistakes are made, anger is sometimes not controlled properly and at the end crime is done. umteen young offenders fall into criminal activities for various reasons peer pressure, broken homes, drug addiction, and many more vices. To guide fault is a bold step in life and that is one of the key requirements for diversion.Diversion is the halt or suspension before conviction of formal criminal proceedings against a person, conditioned on some form of counter-performance by the defendant.(Geroge, 1984) therefore, this gives an undeserving second to young offenders where the criminal justice system is macrocosm fair in giving such services. The criminal justice system not only gives a second chance to the offenders but also reduces to the mini mum the rate of crime and the rule of law is utterly placed in the hearts of its citizens. Law enforcement is the practical use of the rule of law and diversion makes all individual respect the law and law enforcement officers. Diversion is justified and backed by law enforcement it is a fear means of handling crime. Diversion is comprise effective as it promotes the use of community service, reservation a potential criminal a better person, preventing future crime, bringing to a minimum the cost of building more prisons, and saves a lot of possible future crime.

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Penetration Pricing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Penetration price - Essay ExampleThis price strategy makes the clients to come in large gets to buy the convergences overdue to its lower price in the mart reservation the secure to make high sales. Penetration price when applied properly can be of great help to the firm since it will increase in the market share and the sales volume. Experience curve price Experience curve pricing is a subject of merchandise strategy that is theatrical roled to estimate future average cost of products or values. This type of pricing is based on the experience of the firm on how it estimates its price of product and services in spite of appearance a given period of time (Tellis 146). When conducting this type of pricing strategy the firm moldiness use statistical techniques similar to those used in past pricing. Image pricing Image pricing is a marketing strategy that is used by firms when they cast two products in the market that are on the dot and have the same features but the prices a re different. A firm makes sure that it will supply the market with product and gives it a new shape, name and consequently the price differs only by changing the project of the product. The idea behind this marketing strategy is to target the potential buyers who go for high price products since the customer thinks that the higher the price the better the quality. Examples of brands that emulate penetration pricing are consumable products like sugar, maize floor, cooking oil among others. Examples of products that adopt experience curve pricing are valuable products made up of gold and silver among other minerals while image pricing is used in pricing automobile models, clothes and furniture. Analysis of pricing strategies Penetration pricing if conducted properly, will achieve market dominance and this must be conducted for a long time in order to secure a good number of customers. If a firm is able to lower the prices for long time, it will create a barrier in the market makin g hard for new entrants in the market and lastly it will reduce competitor since new entrants must wait until the firm increases the prices of products and services. Image pricing achieves dominance only to the upper divide customers since they have to look at the quality of the products. The lower class customers will be exploited when the product is only one in the market. Lastly experience curve pricing will have no impact to the customer since the product may have the same price if the firm trend continues. The firm will achieve market dominance if the product will non increase the price of products and service thus enjoying an increase in sales. Impact of pricing strategy to the customers The pricing strategies aims at reducing challenger in the market and this is achieved by lowering the prices of products and services which results to increase in the number of customers. The brand is not altered in any manner and the customer will benefit from the low prices thus making a firm to increase sales volume. For the image pricing, competition is reduced and new entrants will have to wait until the products are out of the market, but the customer will be exploited. Experience curve pricing aim at reducing high competition that will work the customers will enjoy the pricing strategy since the product will be charged at low price. The brand will be of high quality and thus the firm will achieve market dominance. Conclusions of pricing strategies Some marketing strategies will exploit the customers while others will

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BRAC Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

BRAC - Essay ExampleThe enunciate examines the diverse innovative strategies employed by BRAC to reach out at the very poor in segregated regions of the country. The various diverse methods include TUP, STUP, and IGVGD all aimed at ensuring the ultra poor people hit from its programs. The report explores the various diverse programmes from Asia to Africa including education, health services, agricultural and other commercial enterprises.The report also traces the returning(prenominal) and forward linkages employed by BRAC to enhance the potency of its programs. The issue of gender targeting is also scrutinised and outlined in the report why BRAC and other MFIs deliberately target women. The report extensively evaluates the impact of gender targeting, its persuasiveness and negative attributes. Lastly, the report outlines the wider impacts of BRAC and other MFIs particularly on pauperism alleviation, women rights awareness, and public health alleviation employ empirical data gat hered by the MFIs in the field.Microfinance is the concept of providing financial services to the poor and micro creed through and through small loans to these people who normally lack additions used as collateral. Microfinance is however not confined to credit services alone but also support services including technical assistance, training and other facilities. Microfinance programs return been identified as one of the key approaches that can be used to assist in p everywherety eradication mostly in developing countries targeting those deemed un-bankable by the mainstream commercial banks. These marginalised groups are usually found in the desperately poor rural households or city slums, many lacking even the basic asset of own land or other viable assets (Arun et al, 2009). One country that has perfected this concept is Bangladesh where over 1,000 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) provide this valuable service to the rural poor. Among them, the most

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The Progressive View and the Challenges of a Flawed Democracy Research Paper

The Progressive View and the Challenges of a blemished Democracy - Research Paper ExampleDemocracy as an American idealism for better function and transparency has been wanting in other sectors. The semipolitical party competition championed the spirit of democracy and the independence of the people in the early 20th century. In 1912, the presidential contenders campaigned on a platform of admiration for peoples right and democracy. They urged voters to consider electing people who agitated for the democratic right. Winston won the presidency because he had a progressive agenda. He won the election fighting for a progressive democracy give the country was undergoing difficulties brought by the Industrial Revolution (Milkis, 2012). The political party during the early 20th century were hand-to-hand struggle with the threat of democracy. According to Tocqueville, the local government was the groundwork for democracy (Milkis, 2012). However, the federal government was flawed by th e influence of large corporations. The corporations influence the day to day running of government because their candidates run over the government. It is these flaws that political parties viewed as a threat to democracy. They rallied their supporter on the promise of introducing trust laws that checked on their activities. The industrial revolution came with the emergence of prominent businessmen who were opulence and connected to political leaders. This period referred to as the epicurean Age left the industrial workers and subsistence farmers vulnerable to exploitation. The businessmen corrupted the methods of government and neglected the plight of workers. This was a threat to democracy and Democrats leaders as well as Republicans were viewed to be irresponsible and pursuing their profess interest (Milkis, 2012). Democracy has been practiced since the ancient Greeks.

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Speech recognition Software Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Speech cite Software - Research Proposal ExampleFacilities such as financial institutions in particular r end uper strict rules on violence clearance. The vaults and financial files and data are but rileible by certain people. They have, therefore, set up measures to ensure that this shelter protocol is observed which include the use of security keys and victuals in passwords before accessing certain areas.The problem above is not a new finding, but an return key that is in every financial institution. This has seen innovators and designers come up with solutions that have not solved the problem substantially. in that location have been inventions such as the use of security cards that are assigned to the various personnel (Clark, 2002, p. 26). These cards are as special keys, where each has a feature that is intended to enable access to certain places to the personnel concerned. They only need someone to swipe the card in a barcode lector at the door and input a password before a door opens. However, the problem with security cards is that they send word be stolen or get lost. Criminal or personnel gets his/ her hands on the card and has the knowledge of the password a security breach can occur, and it may lead to have of crucial data or even money.Therefore to reduce the risk of lapses in cases where these security cards end up in the wrong hands, putting that power in somebodys voice is the only sure way. The voice of a person activating the opening and closing of a door can go a long way in preventing such breaches. This is because voice mention does not contain any password to be fed to the system and it a persons voice is unique to themselves. spokesperson recognition is a engine room that involves the translation of spoken words into texts. It is an invention that has transformed the way people interacts with technology from simple gadgets like the smart phone to complicated sets as voice controlled military missiles and fighter planes (C lark, 2002, p.59). Voice recognition has offered solutions to many real life issues

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Justification Report for Barnes & Noble Research Paper

Justification Report for Barnes & terrible - Research newspaper ExampleThis report provides an evaluation of the milieual impact of paper bags and pliant bags. Through this evaluation I allow for come to a conclusion on the kind of actions, the company Barnes & Noble must seduce to ensure favourable publicity from environmentally conscious actions. The main points expressed in the report atomic number 18 pliable Bags argon harmful to the environment because they argon non biodegradable and generate huge amounts of litter.Plastic Bags argon toxic to animals and marine life.Paper Bags, though biodegradable and recyclable need a lot more than resources than formative bags to be produced. The impact of both charge plate bags and paper bags is thus, negative.The declaration is to use reusable bags.Barnes & Noble must charge a nominal amount for bendable bags, and then donate the proceeds to charity.By publicising this, Barnes & Noble will get favourable publicity and consumer behaviour will be affected because they will use more reusable bags.Barnes & Noble can also sell branded reusable bags on that pointby ensuring more publicity with minimal investement. Introduction This report seeks to examine whether paper bags should used over plastic bags at Barnes & Noble, the largest bookseller in the United States.1 The question is whether the environmental concerns that exist for plastic bags are absent in paper bags and what position should Barnes & Noble choose to improve public relations through environmental activism. Plastic bags and paper bags both leave an environmental footprint but the key question is which one affects the environment more. Problem Statement Paper bags are widely seen as better than plastic bags since they are hypothetic to be biodegradable. However, for a company like Barnes & Noble to switch to paper bags and totally eliminate plastic bags requires significant investment and thus such an investment should be backed by verifiable f act. Thus, there is a need to study whether the costs of switching from paper bags to plastic bags are justified by the benefit to the environment which in turn will give favourable publicity to Barnes & Noble. I name to evaluate the benefits that plastic and paper bags fuddle over each other and pro mannerism a solution that will benefit the environment and Barnes & Noble. Method Used I did an examination of the various primary and unessential sources available to understand the environmental issues concerned with both plastic and paper bags. Based on those findings I proposed a plan of action that will give favourable publicity to Barnes & Noble along with cosmos cost effective. Findings Plastic bags are ubiquitous in America today because they are cheap to produce, deep and easy to carry. They have also captured 80 percent of the grocery store market. 2The biggest threat that plastic bags pose environmentally is litter. The Environmental Protection Agency of the United State s points out that 31 million tons of plastic expend was generated in 2010 and made up 12.4% of Municipal Solid Waste. Only 12% of this plastic waste was recycled.3 Plastic bag nuisance has become a big problem in places like Ireland, Bangladesh, Australia where they are either banned or heavily taxed. However plastic bags have huge economic advantages because they are far cheaper than paper bags. In fact, consumers and producers who earlier used to oscillate between paper and plastic bags have switched to plastic bags because of the economic advantages. 4 However, one city in the United States, that is San Francisco decided to ban plastic bags in favour of

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Spanish American War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Spanish the Statesn War - Essay ExampleThe two interpretations made severally side disapprove the rulings that failed to favor their argument (Brinkley 56). This is despite the ruling bodies intention which is to correct history and tick off that there will be no similar instances in future or hidden spite among the states mired. Court and revisionist interpretations have yielded to diverse and conflicting arguments regarding the Spanish the Statesn War, where America resulted in justifying its involvement (Nunez 50). The panorama of Cuban humiliation while under Spanish rule prompted unwilling America to be involved in the war. America argued that they were keenly watching the atrocities Spanish rulers were executing in Cuba devoid of considering the welfare of the citizens. Initially, America was unwilling to intervene, but due to constant pleading by its neighbours (Cuba), it had no alternative. According to America, it did not narrow to indulge in the war, but their involve ment emanated from the sinking of Maine battleship. This did infuriate the Americans who, due to political influences, forced William McKinley to a revolt. The chance came at an opportune time when they were wishing Cuban freedom from the Spanish dominion, which resulted in the burping of a severe war. America claimed that its intentions were sincere and meant best for the Cuban citizens (Hernandez 7). Additionally, court interpretation argued that besides Americas humanitarian involvement in the war, it also wanted to support Cuba in attaining independence. This was from the citizens primordial constant plea prior to engaging the Spanish resistance to avenge for the sinking of their battleship. America think Cuba to cease from being a Spanish colony where, via its naval engagement, managed easily to defeat their opponents, thus reservation Cubans starting their journey to independence (Hernandez 11).