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Book Review Courtroom 302 by Steve Bogira Essay Example

Book Review: Courtroom 302 by Steve Bogira Essay The book Courtroom 302 is a detailed analysis of the American Criminal Justice system. Written by author Steve Bogira, the book documents the insights and observations made by him during his tenure as a crime reporter for the Chicago Reader and later during his job as a police reporter. The book in question focusses on interesting and important criminal events in the year 1998 at a Cook County Felony courthouse and jail in Southern Chicago. One of the themes of the book is the systemic flaws in the nation’s criminal justice system, whereby, unjust and unfair sentences are dished out to people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Such an assessment might shake someone’s belief in the nations major institutions, but is nevertheless a sad truth. Bogira asserts that the justice system, along with the police department and the legislatures, combine to suppress dissenting voices and calls for positive change in the system. As it is, the criminal justice system is structured in suc h a way that the rich and the powerful have lesser chance of handed harsh punishments, whereas a larger proportion of minorities and the poor end up in jails. Since the author uses everyday events and examples, it makes his account more realistic and credible. For me personally, the book has been an illuminating experience, for without it, I would have remained ignorant about the way our criminal justice system operates. Reading the book has definitely saddened me about the state of vital instituutions in the country. But Bogira also includes in the book examples of honest and sincere jurors and police officers, who adhere to noble values despite the risks. Hence, rather then getting dejected by its sombre and gloomy thesis, one can take courage from exceptions to the rules of the system. I recommend this book for all those interested in criminology, sociology, law and politics. We will write a custom essay sample on Book Review: Courtroom 302 by Steve Bogira specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Book Review: Courtroom 302 by Steve Bogira specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Book Review: Courtroom 302 by Steve Bogira specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Work Cited: Bogira, Steve, Courtroom 302, Published by Alfred A. Knopf in 2005. The book Courtroom 302 is a detailed analysis of the American Criminal Justice system. Written by author Steve Bogira, the book documents the insights and observations made by him during his tenure as a crime reporter for the Chicago Reader and later during his job as a police reporter. The book in question focusses on interesting and important criminal events in the year 1998 at a Cook County Felony courthouse and jail in Southern Chicago. One of the themes of the book is the systemic flaws in the nation’s criminal justice system, whereby, unjust and unfair sentences are dished out to people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Such an assessment might shake someone’s belief in the nations major institutions, but is nevertheless a sad truth. Bogira asserts that the justice system, along with the police department and the legislatures, combine to suppress dissenting voices and calls for positive change in the system. As it is, the criminal justice system is structured in suc h .

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Present Simple Lesson Plan for Adult English Learners

Present Simple Lesson Plan for Adult English Learners Teaching the present simple tense is one of the first, and most important tasks when teaching beginners. Its a good idea to teach the present simple of the verb to be to begin with, and introduce simple adjectives to help students expand their understanding of the verb to be. After English learners are comfortable with the present and past forms of the verb to be, teaching the present simple and past simple will be much easier. 5 Steps for Introducing the Present Simple Start by Modeling the Present Simple Most English learners are false beginners. In other words, they have already studied English at some point. Begin teaching the present ​simply by stating some of your routines: I get up at six-thirty in the morning.I teach at the Portland English School.I have lunch at one oclock. Students will recognize most of these verbs. Model some questions for the students as well. At this point, its a good idea to ask yourself a question and provide the answer. When do you have dinner? - I have dinner at six oclock.When do you come to school? - I come to school at two oclock.Where do you live? - I live in Portland. Continue by asking students the same questions. Students will be able to follow your lead and answer appropriately. Introduce the Third Person Singular Once the students are comfortable speaking about their own basic daily activities, introduce the third person singular for he and she which will prove the most difficult for students. Again, model the present simple third person ending in s for the students. When does Mary have dinner? - She has dinner at six oclock.When does John come to school? - He comes to school at two oclock.Where does she live? - He lives in Portland. Ask each student a question and ask another for a reply, creating a chain of questions and answers changing from you to he and she. This will help students memorize this crucial difference. Where do you live? - (Student) I live in Portland.Where does he live? - (Student) He lives in Portland. Introduce the Negative Introduce the negative form of the present simple in the same manner as above. Remember to continually model the form to the students and immediately encourage a similar answer. Does Anne live in Seattle? - No, she doesnt live in Seattle. She lives in Portland.Do you study French? - No, you dont study French. You study English. Introduce Questions Up to this point, students have been answering questions so they should be familiar with the form. Make sure to point out the difference between yes/no questions and information questions. Start with yes/no questions encouraging students to answer in the short form. Do you work every day? - Yes, I do./No, I dont.Do they live in Portland? - Yes, they do./No, they dont.Does she study English? - Yes, she does/No, she doesnt. Once students are comfortable with short yes/no questions, move on to information questions. Make sure to vary the subjects up to help students become familiar with the tendency to drop the s.   Where do you live? - I live in Seattle.When do you get up in the morning? - I get up at seven oclock.Where does she go to school? - She goes to school at the University of Washington. Discuss Important Time Words Once students become comfortable with the present simple, introduce important time words such as everyday and adverbs of frequency (usually, sometimes, rarely, etc.). Contrast these with common time words used in the present continuous such as now, at the moment, etc.   She usually takes the bus to work. Today, she is driving.My friend sometimes goes out for dinner. At the moment, hes cooking dinner at home.Jennifer rarely talks to strangers. Right now, shes talking to a friend. 3 Strategies for Practicing the Present Simple Explaining the Present Simple on the Board Students will now recognize the present simple tense and be able to respond to simple questions. Its time to introduce the grammar. Use a present simple tense timeline on the board to stress the fact that this tense is used to express routines. I also like to use simple charts showing the underlying structure of this tense. Comprehension Activities Once you have introduced the tense and used the whiteboard to explain forms, continue teaching the present simple tense through activities which use the present simple in context.   Continued Activity Practice Students have learned to recognize the present simple, as well as understand the form in comprehension activities. Its time to continue by having students use the present simple to describe their own lives in both spoken and written form. This detailed lesson on daily routines will help you continue the practice. Expected Problems Here are the most common challenges for students when using the present simple: Confusing with the present continuous for actions occurring at the moment of speaking.Use of s in the third person.Auxiliary verb usage in the question and negative form, but NOT in the positive form.Placement of adverbs of frequency.

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Strategies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Strategies - Essay Example FDI is often defined as an accord through which an entity of one economy tends to invest capitals in another economy with the purpose of gaining and simultaneously providing long-term benefits to the parties involved, i.e. the direct investor, direct investment enterprise, and the economies on the whole (OECD, 2009). As is evident from the benchmark definition provided by OECD, FDI ordinarily means the liberty to foreign investor allowing them to set up a production unit through investment in the host country with the purpose to stimulate the means of production in the economy and thus enhance capital allocation (Neuhaus, 2006). It is in this context that the involvement of FDIs in the economic development of the host countries, especially in the case of developing countries has been in debate for decades. In this regard, the foremost concern was drawn on the sovereignty of the state governments and the effects that FDIs had due to growing influences. As stated by Schnitzer (2000), F DIs reward few significant rights to the direct investors in order to operate in the host country with minimal legislative barriers. This influences the monetary policies of the country which in turn affects the sovereignty of the state government as can be observed from the illustration of East European economies, e.g. Hungary, Poland, Czech and others (Schnitzer, 2000). In many instances, FDIs have been witnessed to affect the sustainable development of the host country as well. It is worth mentioning that from a general point of view FDIs are expected to provide the host country with enhanced employment opportunities; thereby reducing poverty and enhancing the overall economic growth. However, it is quite important that the resource allocation is equally distributed in the country to gain total development. But evidences have revealed that FDIs have failed in providing total benefit to the host developing economies (Velde, 2001). To be illustrated in the case of Africa, the FDIs had been recorded to increase significantly as was recorded in 2002. Despite the significant rise in inflows of FDIs in the economies, namely, Nigeria, Tunisia, Egypt, and Algeria, also recorded as the chief direct investment enterprises of the continent, the economic growth has been quite low in comparison to other economies facilitating FDIs, such as Poland, Hungary and other Western economies. The increase of corruptions, extortions and other social issues has also affected the economic growth in these countries. Weak sustainable development can also be witnessed in the case of Latin American as well as Caribbean economies (Gardiner, 2002). FDIs have also proved to be beneficial in many instances, e.g. in the case of China. The inclusion of FDIs in the economy have rewarded with better productivity in the technology sector as well as in the case of human resource development with almost equal distribution of resources. China, as a developing economy had also faced the risk of sov ereignty and other political, economical along with social risks which were dealt with

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Does the EU need politicization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Does the EU need politicization - Essay Example The fundamental question which must be addressed before embarking upon the launch of measures to politicize the EU is rather straightforward and is rooted in a legitimate concern of the stakeholders which are somehow affected by the functioning of the politico-economic union of several European nations. This question aims to explore whether the EU essentially needs and require politicization. For the purposes of comprehensively and critically examining this fundamental aspect, this paper integrates positions of renowned scholars on the topic so as to reach at objective and viable conclusions with regard to inquiry. According to De Wilde and Zurn (2012), the onset of politicization is a direct outcome of the rising power and authoritative position which is currently possessed by the EU. It should be noted with reference to this claim that the possible increase in this authoritative stature of the union has been prompted by two critical events – the failure of the Constitution Treaty and the inception of the financial crisis which hit the region. For scholars such as Statham and Trenz (2012), the agenda of politicization has reached a stage where its effects can be characterized as palpable and where its eventual progression appears to be foreseeable. Despite of these observations it is important to identify whether this particular measure appears to be the only viable and feasible answer for effectively resolving the problems of the European Union? In their comprehensive and insightful research on the issue of politicization surrounding the European Union (EU), Magnette and Papadopoulos (2008) adopt a neutral stance on the position of renowned scholars Hix and Bartolini and rightly classify the issue of EU’s politicization as a supposed solution for the imminent problems which are being faced by the union. This notion postulates that rather than blatantly disapproving or approving of this

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Heavens Beauty Spa Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Heavens Beauty Spa - Essay Example This project introduces the Heaven’s Beauty Spa, an establishment which will be providing lavish spa services at practical prices. The company will be located at Hackensack, New Jersey, which has a daily interchange of about 60,000 vehicles. (The Importance of Skin Care, 24 Oct. 2008), ‘While beauty may only be skin deep, people have placed an importance on looking young and healthy. Looking good seems to do wonders for confidence and self-esteem. But as the saying goes, beauty is more than skin deep. Skin is important for so many other reasons. It acts as a barrier between the organs and the outside world.’ Heaven’s Beauty Spa provides a cheaper opportunity for people to have their skins professionally treated. The company will be offering seven (7) types of massages, including the Heaven’s Beauty Spa signature massage, foot and hand paraffin, foot and hand spas, body scrubs, and facial services. The major goal of the establishment and its primary key to capturing the attention of its market-is its quality service at reasonable prices. There are incalculable numbers of spa services around New Jersey. Therefore, it is undeniable that Heaven’s Beauty Spa will be facing numerous competitors. The recognition and intensified examination of its competitors, as well as the needs of the market, however, can assist the Heaven’s Beauty Spa to formulate pricing policies and strategies to maximize its market share. This also tackles the promotional tools which will be utilized by Heaven’s Beauty Spa to communicate to its market. The dealings with fitness centers, sports clubs, and travel agencies are also part of the company plan to perk up the market allocation. The company’s major purpose is to be one of the top leisure establishments in New Jersey. It is set to be able to penetrate the middle class and class A markets. The establishment also aims to focus on providing first-rate services at inexpensive rates.  

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Conflict In Cairngorms National Park Environmental Sciences Essay

Conflict In Cairngorms National Park Environmental Sciences Essay The Cairngorms National Park is the largest in the UK which covers 3800 sq. m. area. It has typical natural environment, cultural heritage and local communities and also included eight different natural reserves. It has wild lands, moorlands, forests, rivers, lochs and glens. The national park has Scotlands five highest mountains. The majority area of the forest in the park is covered by pine. Spey, Dee and Don Valleys are found in lowland areas from where rivers, lochs and marshes are originated. This park has provided home for 16000 people and 25% of the UKs threatened wildlife species. Aviemore, Ballater, Braemar, Grantowin, Kingussie, Newtonmore and Tomintoul are populated areas in the park. The park is one of the renowned outdoor recreational sites in the world. Visitors are allowed to visit the park by walking, wheelchair, horse, bicycle and boating. They can enjoy in golfing, fishing, cycling, hill walking, skiing and deer hunting. The Cairngorms mountain area was listed as national park in 2003.It provides conservation site for pine, recreational purposes such as tourism development and deer hunting sites. The land area in the national park is occupied by certain land owner and the area is call as states. Due to the difference interest of the land owner there are conflicts in the land management. The Forestry Commission has major role and also responsibility to conserve the forest of the national park. The Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) has major role in management of Cairngorms which supports fund for overall management and conservation of the national park. Due to gradual change in land used pattern natural ecosystem has changed into cropland, pasture land, tree plantation, timber harvesting and urbanisation. The river Dee is major source of drinking water supply in Aberdeen which is originated from Cairngorm Mountain. The land management system of Deeside is divided into woodland, agriculture land, heather and forest. The woodland of the Deeside has owned by landlords or estate. Most of the forest in Cairngorms have owned privately, which are Balmoral estate and Glen Tanar. The Balmoral estate is owned and funded by the British Royal Family. The aim of the Balmoral estate is for conservation of natural environment, deer hunting and farming. The Royal Family and their guests visit the Balmoral estate for recreation. During the time they enjoy with deer shooting. Similarly, Glen Tanar was the property of a single person from Manchester in parts but now the ownership has shared with other people. The main focus of the Glen Tanar is to conserve the natural Scot pines for timber production and salmon fishing in river Dee. Several conflicts due to human activities regarding land use pattern, biodiversity conservation, aquatic habitat, landscape in Cairngorms have been found. Major conflicts are given below Conflict between Pine Forest and Deer Management Balmoral estate and Glen Tanar have the same boarder. Each of the area has its own objective. Conservation of dear for hunting is the main objective of Balmoral estate and the conservation of Scot pine is the objective of Glen Tanar. The deer graze the young shoots of the pine which is nutritious for the deer. The grazing of the pine shoot by the dear is major conflict in Glen Tanar. This is the main problem for pine regeneration and deer management in the Cairngorms area. Similarly, pine forest is natural habitat of a bird called capercaillie. The bird has poor sight and low flying. The birds select the habitat of pine trees for feed, nesting and check rearing. The estate has constructed the fence to protect the pine from the grazing of the deer block the movement of the bird and decree the population of birds. Forestry Ownership There is conflict between forest ownership and forest management sectors. Scottish Natural Heritage supports partial fund for conservation of cultural heritages of the estates. The woodland are managed by traditional estates .The private forest owners are not giving proper attention to manage wildlife and natural environment. Forestry Commission has taken the responsibility for conservation and regeneration of the forest. Overgrazing of deer and sheep in upland area of the mountain also related with the conflict to wildlife and forest conservation. Impact on Biodiversity The land owners who managed the private forest sell their woods which cause loss of biodiversity. Agriculture The owners have planted trees and they used agrochemicals which caused pollution in the River Dee .The pollution affects the salmon population in the river. Recreation Some parts of the Deeside are selected to manage salmon fishing and hunting of grouse and deer. Heather and birches, fishing, skiing are beneficial for tourism. But the skiing caused change in land use and also affects the hill birds and ecology. Similarly, cycling, dog walking, hill walking, climbing are also responsible for conflict in local area. Conclusion The Cairngorms National Park has high value for natural and environmental concerns. Different issues related to conflict are still found in the national park areas. There is conflict between deer grazing and forest ownership, utilization of forest resources and land ownership land management. There is necessary to find the root causes of the conflict among the stakeholders to improve the environmental quality of the park.

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Assignment on the Contribution of Charles Babbage, Adam Smith and Robert Owen in the Field of Management Essay

Contribution of Charles Babbage in the field of Management Charles Babbage (1792–1871) is known as the patron saint of operations research and management science. Babbage’s scientific inventions included a mechanical calculator (his â€Å"difference engine†), a versatile computer (his â€Å"analytical engine†), and a punch-card machine. Babbage’s most successful book, On the Economy of Machinery and Manufacturers, published in 1832, described the tools and machinery used in English factories. It discussed the economic principles of manufacturing, and analyzed the operations; the skills used and suggested improved practices. He showed that reducing the tasks of manufacturing to their simplest activities increases the numbers of people who can do them and, thus, reduces the average wage which needs to be paid. According to him, a work should be divided into mental and physical efforts and a worker should be paid a bonus in proportion to his own efficiency and success of the business. Babbage emphasized the importance of division of labor, indicating that greater profit could be made by specializing. Babbage also emphasized the importance of balance in processes and the principle of optimum size of the manufacturing unit for each class of product. Contribution of Robert  Owen  in the field of Management Robert Owen (1771–1858) was a successful Scottish entrepreneur and a utopian socialist who sowed the first seeds of concern for the workers. He was repulsed by the working conditions and poor treatment of the workers in the factories across Scotland. Owen became a reformer. At New Larnark, in his factory he was trying to make different approaches to the workers. He reduced the use of child labor and used moral persuasion rather than corporal punishment in his factories. He chided his fellow factory owners for treating their equipment better than they treated their workers. In 1813 he proposed a factory bill to prohibit employment of children under the age of ten and to limit hours for all children to 103/4 hours per day with no night work. The bill became law six years later, but was limited to cotton mills, reduced the age limit to nine, and included no provision for inspections; therefore, the law had little impact. Owen was totally devoted to management as a profession. Under his direction, houses and streets were built, the minimum working age for children was raised, working hours were decreased, meal facilities were provided, schooling were introduced, and evening recreation centers were opened to meet the problem of leisure. He is the father of modern Personnel Management. Contribution of Adam  Smith  in the field of Management Adam Smith (1723–1790) was a Scottish political economist. His Wealth of Nations, published in 1776, established the â€Å"classical school† and with its publication, he became the father of â€Å"liberal economics. † Smith argued that market and competition should be the regulators of economic activity and that tariff policies were destructive. The specialization of labor was the mainstay of Smith’s market system. According to Smith, division of labor provided managers with the greatest opportunity for increased productivity. He gives three reasons for the increased output due to the division of labor: a) to the increased dexterity in every particular workman b) to the saving of time which is commonly lost in passing from one species of work to another c) to the invention of a great number of machines which facilitate and abridge labor, and enable one man to do the work of many. His idea about the division of labor is fundamental to modern work simplification and time study, and extends also into such areas as production simplification.

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Data communications and neetworks Essay

What is signalling? Signalling is a term used for the use of data being transmitted or carried across a medium for example in a network this could be a cat 5 cable. There has to be a way also for the receiver to interpret the data being sent and this is controlled by what’s called â€Å"encoding† however the word â€Å"modulation† also means the same thing. The signal that is sent it modified in a way for it to signify data. There are different types of transmission methods which differ from what type of medium you are using for example cables or wireless – there are four which are listed below: 1. Electrical – uses your cables to transport data between nodes 2. Radio Waves – this would be your wireless networks and could also include Bluetooth devices. 3. Light – this would use fibre optic cabling to send high speeds of data 4. Microwave Analogue & Digital Signalling There are two different types of signalling and these can be done in Analogue which means it changes all time in both amplitude and frequency. For example an analogue clock which has its hands moving all the time is changing the time all the time. Whereas with digital signalling which are representations of discrete time signals. For example a digital clock shows the minutes and not the seconds. When the information is being sent over a network when communicating, the information can travel in two forms, these are analogue and digital. The difference between the two is simple that analogue signalling never stops, and the information is being sent continuously, a good example of this signalling is clocks. An analogue clock will never stop, as the second hand is always ticking, therefore one can record an accurate reading of the time to the second, or even millisecond. For example, 1 hour 15 minutes and 24 seconds. Appose this to digital signalling where one can not get an accurate reading of a clock as it will only show the minutes. And therefore is not continuous. This is because the data is consisting of separate states, which are on or off. Sine Wave This type of wave has two properties a Amplitude & Frequency, the amplitude represents the strength of the signal which would be the volume of a sound for example somebody talking. If the amplitude is stronger than it will travel further. The frequency of a Sine Wave is the rise and fall of the wave from the zero to the top and then back to the zero – this is known as a cycle and is measured in Hz. The higher frequency the more cycles and therefore the lower the frequency the lower the cycles. Analogue The image below shows the analogue type of signalling it’s constantly changing and represents all the values in the wave range, there is always a value in between a value and another. http://moodle. derby-college. ac. uk/mod/resource/view. php? id=2346 Digital With digital signalling there are no in betweens like there in analogue its simply either 1 or 0, digital represents separate states and the change between these are practically unnoticeable. http://moodle. derby-college. ac. uk/mod/resource/view. php? id=2346 Asynchronous Transmission Asynchronous transmission is when signals are not sent at regular intervals. A good example of this would be a user using a keyboard attached to a computer. The characters are sent irregularly however the bits must be sent at known intervals. This is done by having accurate clocks at both ends of the link. The receiving clock starts when it receives the first bit from the transmitter, this is also known as the start bit. The receiver then expects to receive a known number of bits every tick of the clock. When it has received these bits the clock may stop; the last bit is known as the stop bit. Synchronous Transmission However when large volumes of data are to be transferred, the waste of the stop and stop bits with every character means that asynchronous transmission is not an efficient method. With high-speed devices, and buffered low-speed devices, data can be transmitted in large, timed, synchronous blocks. The clocks, in the receiver and transmitter, are kept synchronised by sending regular groups of special characters called SYN characters. Each time one of these groups is detected the receiver re-sets its clock, the data apart from this, it’s transmitted in exactly the same way as for asynchronous transmission. We can visualise the data as follows: Bit Synchronisation In a digital signal, as well as on occasion, an analogue one, all the different devices must know how often the signal varies along the transmission medium. For example, if the speed of the changes goes faster then the rate at which the device checks for changes, there will be a few of the bits missed between samples. If then sampling rate goes faster then the rate at which the transmission goes, the same bit will be used for a different sample a second time. To combat this fact, the devices are made to a universal standard so that they can work together in harmony, and there are set systems in place to allow the data to be transferred correctly. A lot of the current technologies use asynchronous serial transmission. This transmission method is used when data is not sent at regular intervals, but the bits themselves have to be sent with regularity, some examples of these are keyboard, mice or even modems. During the spans of time that no signal is sent, the line or other medium is in what is called an idle state. This is defined by the constant 1 signal being sent. One there is a packet of data that needs to be sent, for example, a key on the keyboard is pressed, the receiver first gets a start bit, a 0 state instead of a 1 to define the beginning of a piece of data now being sent to the receiver, it is then sampled and at the end of the data transmission, the signal returns to the original constant 1 state. Encoding Methods Encoding simply means that the information is converted from one format to another format. This is a process that the data needs to have done to it before the computer can understand it and process it. There are different types of encoding which are   Manchester Encoding is a data communications line code which provides a way of encoding binary data sequences. Each bit is related to by at least one voltage level transition. Manchester encoding is said to be self clocking this means that synchronisation of a data stream is possible. Huffman Encoding is another algorithm used for data compression; the coding uses a specific method for choosing the representation for each symbol. Unipolar Encoding This type of encoding has 2 voltage states, one of these states is zero and because of this its also know as Return to Zero (RTZ) Unipolar encoding is used in computers & logic and an example of where its used in computers is the TTL logic. Polar Encoding Polar encoding is when the digital encoding is on a level with zero volts for example the RS232 standard interface uses Polar encoding and unlike Unipolar the value doesn’t return to zero, its either a positive or negative voltage. With polar encoding it reduces most of the residual DC problem.

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Feminist Consciousness in Cat in the Rain Research Paper Example

Feminist Consciousness in Cat in the Rain Research Paper Example Feminist Consciousness in Cat in the Rain Paper Feminist Consciousness in Cat in the Rain Paper Essay Topic: Literature Cat in the Rain is one of Hemingway’s most famous short stories, depicting an American couple spends their holiday in an Italian hotel. The American wife in the story sees a cat crouched under a table in the rain and wants to bring it to her room. When she goes to search for the cat, however, it is gone. So she returns to the hotel room and has a conversation with her husband about finding out the cat and then about changing her whole life. Her husband, however, seems to be terribly annoyed by her and not interested at all. Eventually, the cat is delivered to her room by a maid at the request of the hotelkeeper. These images altogether make it easy to consider the story as an episode of marriage crisis. However, I want to argue that Hemingway conveyed in the story has much to do with the feminist consciousness. We can feel depression and isolation of the American wife from the very beginning of the story. She is in a hotel of a foreign country where they are the only Americans, having to speak an unfamiliar language, with nobody else known but her husband who turns out to be indifferent to her. Her depression mainly comes from him who neglects her needs and feelings. Thus, she is eager to be rescued and to get rid of this depressing situation. At that time, she finds a cat in the rain and wants to help the cat out of the severe environment. The cat is a significant clue that runs through this story. According to Wikipedia, â€Å"‘Though Hemingway learned as a professional reporter how to report facts as they were, he felt that there was a limit to representing reality’ (Kikuchi, 149). This is what he conveys through Cat in the Rain. The idea that there is‘something below the surface’ to this story is particularly evident in relation to the cat. † In western culture, cat has close relationship of metaphor with women. â€Å"Cat† in English is refers to â€Å"evil-minded women,† so the cat in this novel can be seen as the American wife. Their similarity is being lonely, adrift, insecurity and they also can’t control their own destiny. The cat in the rain is just like the women live in the shadow of male-dominated society. The American wife in this novel is very gentle, but her husband’s cold attitude makes her need something to accompany her, at that time, the cat in the rain attracts her attention, she considers the single, helpless cat as herself. : The cat’s bitter experience and unfortunate date certainly resonated with the American wife’s destiny, so she wants to protect the cat, which indicates that the woman herself want to be protected. And the cat lies under the chair to shelter from the rain means the American wife has the consciousness to escape the bondage from traditional social position of women. Besides, the mirror plays an important role in the American wife’s self-realization, because it reflects her exactly, bringing an inner self to her observation and consideration. After she studies over herself in the mirror, she learns what she craves for. â€Å"And I want to eat at a table with my own silver and I want candles. And I want it to be spring and I want to brush my hair out in front of a mirror and I want a kitty and I want some new clothes†¦. Anyway, I want a cat†¦ I want a cat. I want a cat now. If I can’t have long hair or any fun, I can have a cat† (Hemingway, 175). However, her indifferent husband just replies â€Å"Oh, shut up and get something to read† (Hemingway, 175). The American wife wants to change her situation, appearance, hair-style, and the relationship with her husband. This also shows her feminist consciousness appeared. Hemingway is famous for his â€Å"Hemingway code hero† (Jiang, 132). It is also widely known that there is totally no female figure in The Old Man and the Sea. In this short story, where does Hemingway’s feminist consciousness come from? On the one hand, the main cause is the impact of his family. When Hemingway was a child, his mother dressed him up as his older sisters, this made him feel very depressed to the gender nonconforming, but this experience also made him can understand the lack of the right among the women. After his 4th marriage, he still hoped to have a daughter, but in the end this wish was not achieved. This shows he is not a misogynist; on the other hand, Hemingway lives in the age that the females’ arousals of feminism consciousness. The feminist movement occurred at the end of 19th century, especially after the World War One, the females debated with the patriarchal society turns on the issues of social position, economic independence, and political rights. And after their great attempt in a long term, they had got the right to vote in political, and they also had the chance to have their own job, they had short hair, wore short skirt, attend the sport competition. From his personal experience and contemporary tendency, Hemingway is an author who cares about the feminist consciousness as well. In Cat in the Rain, Hemingway uses the image â€Å"cat† and the relationship between the â€Å"cat† and the American wife to show us the feminist consciousness.

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10 things you get from our custom term paper writing service Essay Example

10 things you get from our custom term paper writing service Essay Example 10 things you get from our custom term paper writing service Essay 10 things you get from our custom term paper writing service Essay With every new academic year lessons are getting harder, amount of assignments is increasing and free time is getting more limited. Sleepless nights of study, missed classes and many other reasons are necessitating students to turn themselves to the custom writing services to get qualified writing help with their assignments. Once you choose to use our writing service, you will be entitled to a long list of advantages you get with us. In this short article, 10 things you get from our custom term paper writing service will be touched on briefly. First of all, with us you will get excellently written custom term papers which match all your needs and requirements. 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Reading and Writing Skill Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Reading and Writing Skill - Essay Example The author Jiayan NI wrote all the articles. Analysis of "sense and sensibility" Jane Austin-Question 1 We see two fundamental aims of moral psychology or moral philosophy. Many hold values that they often claim to be sacred. Life in most religions and in many ethical systems hold that "life" is held scared. Tetlocks in 1986 said that concept of value pluralism that "life", can hold a value of pluralism. The world in general, does not allow human beings to hold a single principle as sacred. Instead, "life" is full of difficult choices that demand that we balance one value against another. In the case of" sense and sensibility," Jane Austin shows the value of money over love and love over money (Tetlock, 1986). This considered as a cause and effect analysis. The movie keeps the attention of the audience through the representation of the heroin. Jiayan NI does not explore the moral psychology or moral philosophy of the argument. Analysis of glamour plot "pride and prejudice"-Question 2 This is another classic love story in American Literature by Jane Austin. Psychologists have found that implicit attitudes are a predictor for certain human behaviour. Implicitly there are stereotypes predicted through discrimination against female's job applicants as shown in the Rudman and Boride study done in 1995 (Rudman, 1995). Another study done by Rudman and Glick in 2001 found that study participants who help strongly imply that attitudes connecting women with communal traits are common for the example women being more helpful while men are more agnostic (Rudman, 2001). Researchers have noted a societal shift over the last few decades from old-fashion racism to modern racism. Old fashion racism is explicit and often accompanied by hostility. Implicit attitudes are more likely to occur when decision makers are using implicit attitudes instead of thinking. This also indicates that themes are most often the most explored ideas in literary work. There seems to continue a theme of love, reputation, and class. Motifs in a novel are a literary structure that continues to show up in the writings. Jane Austin shows this in the writing of the courtship between Darcy and Elizabeth and Bingley and Jane. Nearly every scene in the novel takes place indoors. This is significant, the reason that changes the scenes. Austin uses argument and persuasion through-out the read. NI states in the blog that in18th century histories that it was traditional to focus on marrying their children to the rich. We may know this tactic as traditional rhetoric to refer to this piece as means to persuade the reading audience (Sharkey, 2004). Social Journal in-The Sydney Morning Herald-Question 3 Related to society and culture in an Australian newspaper, this article appears in the paper to uncover different viewpoints and issues that appear in our society and the culture. This Analysis's is the presentation of facts as the author Jiayan NI sees them. NI uses a combination of deductive a nd inductive or formal and informal reasoning in the articles that he writes for the paper. Inductive and deductive reasoning gives the reason why he holds a particular view. Ni uses examples to his pieces that logically serve to lead to his paragraphs that contain explanations, comparisons, definitions and descriptions of the subject he is writing about (Sharkey, 2004). Carbon Tax in the Sydney newspaper-Question 4 Reported in the Sydney paper on May 16, 2011, the issue of Carbon Tax seems to be a hot topic. This case of carbon tax as written by NI contains logical fallacies. Fallacy in his case is often a minor one. However, NI assumes this tax will lead to the loss of jobs. Through this assumption, he believes that it will lend

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Final exam study sheet Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Final exam study sheet - Research Paper Example Explanation- This is an ironical statement and also the mostly used in the entire story since it is the only answer that Bartle by provides for every question asked regardless whether he is to anything or not. Using the word ‘prefer’ does not necessarily mean that Bartleby would do as expected despite what he claimed to prefer. Quote two (unreliable narrator)-Dead letters! Does it not sound like dead men? Conceive a man by nature and misfortune prone to a pallid hopelessness; can any business seem more fitting to heighten it than that of continually handling these dead letters, and assorting them for the flames? Explanation- In this quote, it is evident that the narrator has ways of involving his audience through asking of questions hence providing a chance for them to flow with him. He uses this technique in explaining the reasons behind the character traits of Bartleby and the reason that led to his job dismissal. Quote one (feminism)-â€Å"But now there was a dull stare in her eyes, whose gaze was fixed away off yonder on one of those patches of blue sky. It was not a glance of reflection, but rather indicated a suspension of intelligent thought.† Explanation- The above quotes explains facts on feminism whereby the author shows the different reactions among women on receiving sad news. The reaction of Louise shows how deeply the news reached to her and the mannerisms in which her reaction was different from that of other people. In her gaze, there is a difference that can be considered shrewder and even incredibly active. Explanation-this quote is ironical in that the previous day before the news were brought Louise prayed that life would be long yet it is during this time that her loved ones die. Also, in the prior days she had always prayed that her days would be shorter. Explanation- This quote is ironical in