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Cultural Event Paper Essay

This paper is to discuss my experience on a trip to Orlando, what I saw and what value those experience had for me as an expression of 21st century culture in this country. Some connections discovered between the event and different topics we have been reviewing on this course will also be discussed. Cultural Event As a great fan of visual arts of any kinds with special interest in sculpture and figurative art painting, I visited a place called â€Å"Holy Land Experience† in Orlando, Florida because of what I’ve heard about the place, how they showcase ancient Jewish architectural designs, ancient history of Jerusalem and key biblical histories. It was meant to be a vacation trip with the intention of giving the family a treat; however the visit to this Christian theme park ended up being educational for me more than it was a thrill for the family. Beautiful buildings bringing to life ancient Jewish architectural designs, what with all the workers dressed in traditional Jewish attire even men wearing gowns and covering their heads with scarves exactly as described in some of the books read in the past on Jewish cultures. With their long beards, those men made the place looks almost like a modern day bible story land and getting to the Jerusalem street market, we had an opportunity to travel back in time to an ancient land that is 2000 years old and thousands of miles away from United States. Passion dramas and live religious shows emphasizes the rich Jewish ancient culture of Passover, that is the eight-day festival celebrated in the early spring from the 15th to the 22nd day in the Hebrew month of Nissan. This festival is to celebrate the deliverance of Jewish people from Egypt after many years of slavery. Local foods from traditional Seder favorites like brisket and matzoh ball soup to kosher-for-Passover, yeast-less cookies and brownies were all displayed during the live shows, to again make visitors experience nearly as real as possible. They also have a scriptorium museum; center for Christian Antiquities where some defaced historical items are kept for display. Among these antiquities found in this scriptorium museum are parts of the remains of Noah’s ark. It is just an imitation of the real but constructed in such a way to make it look as real as it can be. Despite we are in the 21st century, most people in this country still connect or relate with one religious value or the other. So as a Christian, who has never been to Israel to see firsthand these historical sites, the art impressions at â€Å"Holy Land Experience† reenact biblical histories. Some of the histories like the birth, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ who is the founding figure of Christian faith and other histories that surround him as recounted in the bible and other literatures I’ve read in the past are more real after visiting this site. I discover that since I have visited the â€Å"Holy Land Experience† my connection with Christian faith has been stronger than ever and now the image of those historical sites visited lingers in my memory. We now also take communion at home on a regular basis in remembrance of how Jesus Christ broke the bread which symbolizes his body and share the wine which symbolizes his blood with his disciples before his crucifixion. Conclusion Relating this experience with ideas and themes we’ve been talking about on this course, I can conclude that though Christianity has evolved in many ways, there are still a lot of similarities in the Christian cultural patterns and traditions when compared with the early days.

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I. Problem Identification 1. Demand on Edmunds Corrugated Parts and Services products are diminishing. 2. Remote location of its business. 3. High price of ram material. 4. Difficulty of replacing hardworking and loyal existing employee. II. Objectives 1. To keep the company of its current standing in the market in the future. 2. To develop new parts and products that will compete on new trends of shipping products. 3. To find other target market that will increase its market share. 4. To train and develop highly skilled worker at an earlier time to replace the retiring workforce. III. Analysis and Methodology The case is being solved on the point of view of Mr. Larry Edmunds the Owner. Methodology use in analysis – SWOT Analysis Strength: 1. More than 2 decades in existence. 2. It has hardworking and loyal workforce. 3. Industry leader with exceptional reputation for reliability. 4. Market share is at 75 percent Weaknesses: 1. Location is rural. 2. Products are not up the current technology. 3. Revenues were beginning to show clear signs of stagnation. 4. Current workforces are nearing retirement. Opportunities: 1. Diversification of new and existing products. 2. Has 50,000 square foot factory. 3. Youthful workforce is available 4. Other alternative business venture is emerging. 5. Make use of the internet as a marketing tool. Threats: 1. Products are going to be obsolete. 2. Paper industry is being wipeout. 3. Clients are going overseas for a joint venture. 4. Surviving manufacturers are investing on high quality machines that broke down less frequently. IV. Alternative Courses of Actions 1. Develop new parts and product that will cater the new machines use in manufacturing new shipping products. 2. Make a careful study to branch out the business to other areas to increase its share in the market. 3. Find an alternatives source of materials like durable plastics for shipping products. 4. Hire younger workforce and develop their skills. V. Conclusion / Recommendation: The company should always look on the ever evolving market trend on manufacturing and distribution on its industry. The company should adapt quickly to keep its share in market or introduce machines that will keep industry grow and lower production cost through automation. All of the alternative courses of actions are recommended to keep the company move forward and achieve its goals.

Foundations of Behavior Essay

The field of psychology is expanding and credit is due to the numerous research studies being conducted. These research studies utilize different methods and each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this paper, five popular research methods will be compared based on their characteristics, objectives, strengths and weaknesses, research techniques, validity, and reliability. These research methods are case study, naturalistic observation, survey research, correlational research, and the experimental method. The case study is a focused study on a person or a specific group or a particular situation. Its research design involves five components, which are the study questions, the propositions, the units of analysis, the logic linking the data to the propositions, and the criteria for interpreting the findings (Tellis, 1997). Case studies have varying purposes. Some case studies are conducted to either confirm or challenge an existing theory, while others are carried out to describe either a special or an extreme case. A case study obtains information from documents (letters and newspapers), archival records (service records, survey data), interviews, direct observation (done when field visits are needed), participant-observation, and physical artifacts (instruments and tools). One of the most established techniques in case studies is called pattern-matching, in which the data is linked to propositions. The reliability of case studies is relatively high, especially when protocols are established. However, validity, especially construct validity, sometimes becomes questionable because the researcher might be subjective in his decisions and interpretations. This can be minimized by utilizing multiple sources, by setting up a chain of evidence, and by asking major informants to review a draft of the case study. The common criticism against case studies is that its results cannot be used to arrive at generalizations. But the greatest strength of case studies is that it can present an in-depth and holistic knowledge about a particular situation, group, or person. The naturalistic observation is unique from all other types of observation in that the researcher does not hinder, interrupt or influence the environment being studied. One of the vital things to consider in conducting naturalistic observation is to record as much detail as possible, which includes smell, sound, taste, time, place, number of participants, and feelings. This is why journals and a variety of writing materials are utilized. But the use of any recording device, such as video cameras, is not allowed because it violates the privacy of the observed individual. The reliability of this research method relies on the accuracy of observation. One technique of increasing reliability is to have several observers (Hesse, 2003). The greatest advantage of naturalistic observation is that it is considerably less expensive than other methods. But, the subjects being studied may act differently because of their awareness of the presence of the observer. This will significantly reduce the validity of the results (Piercy, 2007). The survey research is characterized by its major means of collecting information. The researcher usually goes out and asks questions. The questions can be oral or in written form. And the respondents can be chosen in many ways. Some respondents are chosen at random while others must possess certain characteristics. For example, if a survey research is about elementary teachers, then a high school teacher will not be asked to answer the questionnaire. The techniques involved in survey research lie in the analysis of the collected data. The reliability and validity of survey research are affected by several factors, such as the quality of the sets of questions or the questionnaire, the amount of data collected, and the accuracy in using measures of central tendencies and variability. Ideally, the questionnaire must be standardized. Greater reliability and validity is achieved if the sample represents a greater part of the total population. One advantage of the survey method is that it is relatively cheap and easy. Unfortunately, it is also subject to human error and biases (Government of Saskatchewan, 2002). The correlational research is essentially the discovery of a relationship between two variables. Unlike the previously described methods, correlational research is quantitative in nature. The different techniques used in a correlational research are regression and prediction, multiple regression, factor analysis, and systems analysis (Davis, 2004). The greatest advantage of using this method is that its results can be used to formulate predictions and generalizations. This is due to the nature of the research techniques. But the greatest danger of this method is to over-generalize. It must be remembered that an established relationship between two variables does not mean a cause-effect relationship between them. If a researcher wanted to establish a cause-effect relationship, then the research method to use is the experimental method. Similar to the correlational research, it is concerned with variables, which can be either independent or dependent variables. The independent variables are usually manipulated so that there will be two groups being studied, the experimental group and the control group. These two groups have the same characteristics except for that one variable which is being tested. The difference between these two groups can be found in the dependent variable. The reliability of this method is increased by conducting the same experiment for several times. Its validity lies in the accuracy of the procedures and the careful handling and analysis of results. The greatest advantage of the experimental method is that it can present an explanation to a certain phenomenon. But it takes great skill and experience on the part of the researcher in order to conduct a good research experiment. One problem of experimental method is the issue of ethics in conducting experiments using human subjects. Any of these research methods can be utilized to examine an issue or phenomenon in psychology. The basis of choice usually depends on the goal of the research. The task of the researcher is to maximize the advantages and minimize the disadvantages of the chosen method. Bibliography Davis, J. (2004). Correlational research methods. Retrieved October 12, 2007 at http://clem. mscd. edu/~davisj/prm2/correl1. html Government of Saskatchewan. (2002). Psychology 20: Social Psychology: A Curriculum Guide for the Secondary Level. Retrieved October 12, 2007 at http://www. sasked. gov. sk. ca/docs/social/psych20/support_materials/faqnaturalistic_observation. htm Hesse, B. E. (2003). Issues in naturalistic observation. Retrieved October 12, 2007 at http://psyc. csustan. edu/bhesse/psy2020/Lectures/Fall03/p2020U2L5. pdf Piercy, J. (2007). Research methods. Retrieved October 12, 2007 at http://courses. cvcc. vccs. edu/Psychology_Piercy/research_methods1. htm Tellis, W. (1997). Introduction to case study. The Qualitative Report. 3(2). Retrieved October 12, 2007 at http://www. nova. edu/ssss/QR/QR3-2/tellis1. html

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Adam Smith's (positive economic) view of slavery Essay

Adam Smith's (positive economic) view of slavery - Essay Example He supports this conclusion by observing that the "late resolution of the Quakers in Pennsylvania to set at liberty all their Negro slaves, may satisfy us that their number cannot be very great. Had they made any considerable part of their property, such a resolution could never have been agreeing to." This quotation reveals the weight which Adam Smith assigns to benevolence. Freeing the slaves was certainly a benevolent action but hardly one likely to be undertaken if the price was personal ruin.If the western European succession argued in support of the dominance of wage labor, the overturn seemed to have been the case transversely the ocean. In the plantations, slavery had outdated earlier forms of labor from Brazil to Carolina. Above a decade before writing Wealth of Nations, Smith had himself concluded that repression was the established form of labor in the world, and he estimated that slavery was improbable to disappear for ages to come. Smith did not recur this prophecy in th e end of eighteenth century. In its place he offered motives for the apparently general ubiquitous partiality for slaves, regardless of their relative inadequacy while compared with freemen. The first was a common psychological human trait, the contentment resultant from dictating another person. This steady, certainly, could not alone elucidate the changeable modes of labor in the Atlantic world. Even as a feature of Europeans in particular, it was not very practical in showing why the same western European employers of labor had gone in contradictory directions, choosing one form of labor in Europe and another in the lowlands of the Americas. Smith also integrated the dread of general insurrection and the trepidation of a great loss of property as motives for not freeing slaves. In political terms, manumissions might deprive a chieftain of some of his subjects and his substance (Soderlund, Jean R. 1985). Indeed, on neither side of the Atlantic did Smith assume that the contentment of power had taken priority over the avid impulse. He explicated the planters' preference of labor in the Caribbean in terms of profit, does not pride or prejudice. Sugar was so precious a product in Europe that the planter could pay for the service of slaves. Certainly, sugar's profitability, slavery integrated, was assumed to be better than that presented by any other agricultural business in the Atlantic world. In Wealth of Nations never directly recommended that West Indian planters would in fact raises their higher profit margins still more by liberating their labor force. Smith had a number of prospects to make this proclamation in discussing both profits and methods in the sugar colonies and took benefit of none of them (Wealth of Nations, 173, 389, 586). He simply noted that in all European colonies cane was refined by slaves. There were opportunities for technological and managerial development when slaves could "approach the condition of a free servant" within the condition of slavery (p. 587). Company's of bound labor did disburse a price for their preference. Smiths assert, proprietors who used servile labor were subject to considerable incompetence on the administrative side of their operations. With their standing encouraged habits of noticeable consumption and their fulsome

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Daniel Rutherford Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Daniel Rutherford - Essay Example Daniel Rutherford, from Holl, 1804 It was a natural academic progression to attend the University of Edinburgh where his father was a professor of medicine. Daniel would also graduate with a degree in medicine, but it was the experiments he conducted as a student that helped unlock the mysteries of combustion, life, and the composition of 'vital air' ("Daniel Rutherford"). At the time, it was known that a quantity of air that had been subjected to combustion would no longer support life. It was mistakenly believed that the only gas left was carbon dioxide (CO2), and it was considered noxious because of its in inability to support life. Rutherford, through a series of experiments, was able to extract the CO2 and found that it still would not combust or support life. Though he is credited for isolating nitrogen, a more accurate portrayal is that he discovered that air was a mixture of many gases and there was the existence of 'vital air', that would later be known as oxygen. In 1772, he published his thesis titled On A ir Said to be Fixed or Mephitic (Daintith 467). This enabled other scientists that were doing similar research to be moved down the path of discovery. Rutherford's thesis helped guide the current thinking and has been credited with spawning many of Joseph Priestley's later experiments.(Daintith 467).

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Leadership and Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Leadership and Management - Essay Example â€Å"The quality of leadership, more than any one single factor, determines the success or failure of an organization† (Arizona State University, 2009). It is important to analyze and understand the different traits of leadership and management for a firm to operate with success. The trait approach of leadership helps to analyze the qualities of the business personnel’s. It the recent era business affairs change often, so the managers must keep clear perceptions and visions for the future actions to be implemented in an organization. A good leader in a business firm must have five important traits in him; these are self confidence, intelligence, integrity, determination and sociability. The other theory for leadership is the style theory. The different leadership styles are ‘authority compliance style’, ‘country club management style’, ‘impoverished management style’, ‘team management style’ and middle-of -the-road-ma nagement’ (Bush, 2010). An organization can also be operated with variable types of management methods. These types are autocratic, democratic, participative and Laissez Fair in features. The management style of Malin Global is autocratic in nature. Hugo Freinnes the CEO of the company undertakes the primary decisions of the firm by himself. Hogo had set up the satellite operation in 2010, this operation helped to facilitate its tasks in New York. However in order to successfully run the business Hugo decided to move to New York for two years. Marina Guedeline was appointed by Hugo to head the operations in the London office. He did not take the opinion of the other employees for this task. Thus, Malin Global had an autocratic form of management style. However, Marina desired to run operations by both participative and democratic pattern. She appointed various workers in the company like Li Piung Ho, Agneta Solvig etc to accomplish the jobs in the London office of Malin Globa l. At the same time, in order to conclude on business decisions, Marina took the help of other employees. Both the leaders of Malin Global, Hugo and Marina pursued efficient leadership skills. They processed the correct intelligence to analyze the changing environmental factors that could affect the business of Malin Global. They had the self confidence and determination to make changes in the business operations of Malin Global. Both of them operated the company with integrity and had the ability to instil the same values to the others. However, the sociability trait was doubted in the organization because certain workers claimed that the company is a male dominated organization and some officials were not ready to work under female heads. The success of a business firm depends on its management skills. A business firm should follow democratic principles than autocracy in it. The employees should be allowed to innovate and participate in different projects in an organization but th e officials and seniors of the association must be respect and obey. Discrimination in terms of caste, creed, religion or sex must be strictly prohibited in an organization. Motivation in Business Motivation is a physiological characteristic feature that helps an entity to execute its tasks and achieve the desired goals. The primary driving force of an organization is motivation of the employees. If the employees of an organization are not well coordinated and motivated to work then it would be almost difficult to accomplish any

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Procedures in the Physical Sciences Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Procedures in the Physical Sciences - Essay Example Science can be defined to be a systematic knowledge of the physical material contained on earth and even beyond. This knowledge is gained through experiments and observations. Identify three (3) specific challenges to making direct measurements in the fields of astronomy, chemistry, physics, or earth science. Describe how scientists have utilized indirect forms of measure to overcome these challenges. Challenges’ arise in the quest to gain this knowledge, for example, ; it becomes difficult sometimes to measure some elements and phenomena directly. Astronomy as a science has been around for quite a while. Astronomy is defined as a natural science that studies objects in the universe such as planets, stars galaxies, moons and even nebulae. This study involves the physics chemistry mathematics and evolution associated with this objects not excluding the phenomena that originates outside the atmosphere of the earth (Neugebauer,50). Astronomy provides an opportunity for armatures to contribute. These contributions are responsible for major developments in this field. This does not imply that all or most discoveries have been carried out. Challenges have risen from different angles, for instance one of the major problems they have encountered is finding the accurate distance of planets and stars from planet earth. However, with the advancements made in the field discoveries such as the use of luminosity and brightness of the astronomical objects to figure out their distance from the earth. Luminosity is a way of measuring the amount of brightness or energy emitted by any form of matter in the universe (Salpeter,10-30). This implies that light that travels to reach the earth can be measured. A hypothesis is made that stars shift off the main sequence after they burn up to about 10% of the hydrogen they contain and that there is an uniform creation of stars in the universe. Using this hypothesis and the luminosity function that has been observed, the rate that stare created as a function of stellar mass is then calculated. These calculations are deemed to assist to indirectly give the distance of a body from the earth. Another possible indirect way of doing this is a method called parallax, which involves triangulation. The major process involved is looking at the records of a star and then looking at it six months later. Astronomers can measure the distance of the angle of viewing .the combination of this work with the orbital diameter of the earth to sun and some involved produces the distance of that body. Objects in space are not the only challenge that astronomers face. Another challenge that astronomers have faced is the determination of the age of the universe. There is no direct way of measuring how long the universe has been around. For a while in the 90s the estimated age of the universe was ten billion years, however, age estimates for the stars and the galaxy were about 13 and 18 billion years respectively. This implies that s ome bodies in the universe are older than the universe itself. Better estimates of distance to the stars used in measuring age have reduced the disparities down to only a few billion years. Giving a consideration at dark energy into the cosmological model pushed the age estimates of the universe to the current value of 13.80 billion years. Choose two (2) of the most historically influential tools or techniques in the physical sciences. Explain how these techniques or tools work, and how they helped to advance our

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Phychotic Disorders in the Beautiful Mind Movie Essay

Phychotic Disorders in the Beautiful Mind Movie - Essay Example When John starts working and is called to the Pentagon to exercise his beautiful mind with a code breaking assignment, we are introduced to the next hallucination, in the shape of William Parcher, who is just out of the line of sight of all of the other workers in the Pentagon. With this hallucination come some of John’s biggest delusions as well. Parcher is insistent on the micro chipping of John for special, confidential work, shows him secret nerve centers set up in seemingly deserted buildings, and is the one who starts John into his obsessive need to search magazines and newspapers for secret codes (Scene 8). John repeatedly goes to (as we find out later) an abandoned house to gain access to the drop zone, and uses his micro chip, with it’s ever changing codes to get into the super secret location. One of the biggest delusions John has is at this time when he ‘sees’ Parcher speed up to the house, he’s been watching him, John gets into his car an d the chase ensues, complete with shots fired (Scene 12). They must be real, they’re shooting at him and they want his information. He has it so firmly in his mind that Parcher is real and his work was being used for the good of his country that he was the one hallucination that was the hardest to shake. Marcee is Charles’ niece and she is yet another hallucination that John has throughout his life. She is a sweet little girl who loves her ‘Uncle’ John and would look despairingly at him when he later tried to ignore her presence. I believe she is the comfort that John is seeking in his life; she always appears whenever he is in need of a hug or a kind word. She is the hallucination that makes John realize that perhaps it is all in his mind after all, as she never seems... This essay describes a brilliant mathematician, a gifted economist, a Carnegie Scholarship recipient, a Nobel Prize winner, a husband, father, professor, and a man struggling with paranoid schizophrenia: this is John Forbes Nash, Jr. It is stated that when we first meet John Nash in the movie "A Beautiful Mind", that was discussed and analyzed in the essay, we see that he is socially awkward, doesn’t have many friends and is obsessed with finding his ‘original idea’. As with a lot of schizophrenics, the researcher states that John Nash’s symptoms seem to peak when he is under a lot of stress. It’s not shocking, then, that in the quest for his ‘original idea’ his delusions and hallucinations start at full force. The other side of schizophrenia deals with the emotional and interpersonal deficits that the sufferer must endure. John is repeatedly shown to be socially awkward. At the mixer in the second scene, he bumbles around and comes up w ith a negative approach like â€Å"there could be a mathematical explanation for how bad your tie is† This movie is a Hollywood retelling of a real man’s life, so the researcher compares the life a schizophrenic that was shown in a movie with a reality. The researcher states that the movie differs from the real life of John Nash, Jr in some aspects, but the researcher believes that they are implying that a person can fully recover from schizophrenia. It is also concluded by the researcher that the main statement that was shown through the movie is that 'Love can conquer all'.

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Racial profiling Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Racial profiling - Essay Example pend on philosophical and religious determinations of whether ends justify means in situations such as aviation terrorism, and whether certain means, such as racial profiling, can never be justified by ends† (Bloom 1). If racial profiling will continue giving accurate predictions about developing aviation terrorism, then the issue of stereotyping, by definition, does not occur. In other countries like Canada, racial profiling is not explicitly endorsed in the anti-terrorism legislation. However, this does not indicate that racial profiling does not happen in Canada. The Canadian law does not target individuals openly based on their race but it tends to keep out groups seeking equality through its application. There are a few indicators suggesting that Canadian Muslims and Arabs are subjected to racial profiling. For instance, several high profile cases indicate that racial profiling takes place in Canada in its fight against terrorism (Bahdi 297). In Canada, racial profiling is not giving any comfort or solutions to problems of security. It is only heightening the sense of vulnerability and disempowerment of racialized groups in Canada (Bahdi

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News Conference Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

News Conference - Assignment Example This venture represents another initiative from a tobacco giant in a trend that seems to be catching on in the industry as a result of the reduced demand for traditional tobacco cigarettes. The move was declared on Monday by the returning CEO, Susan Cameron, who had previously served in the same position between 2004 and 2011. Questioned about the plans to set the initiative into action, Cameron said that her key objective was to guarantee that the impetus of the initiative was not only advanced, but accelerated to certify that the corporation would establish themselves in the line before their main competitors could. Just months after the company had relinquished the top-selling blu, which was seen by many as the tobacco industry’s future, to the Imperial Tobacco group, the company head reaffirmed her belief that e-cigarettes could transform the industry. Despite the World Health Organization’s resolve against the use of e-cigarettes, Reynolds is committed towards working and liaising with other players in the tobacco industry to ensure its preeminence within the industry. Currently, the company has ensured that all it products are in line with regulations set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, National as well as international policies . Athavaley, A. & Cavale, S. (2014, Jul 15) Reynolds gains in menthol, gives up e-cigarette brand. Reuters. Retrieved from

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Write a letter of Introduction to Medgar Evers Essay

Write a letter of Introduction to Medgar Evers - Essay Example But there are still problems among us that you would feel it was necessary to confront, and I believe you could give us some guidance on what we should be doing to remain true to your legacy. Without money, the hard-won right to education remains elusive. So many young Americans today are prevented from achieving their full potential educationally as their families do not have the financial resources to ensure their tertiary – and sometimes even their secondary – education. The pressure to enter employment for the children of families who live in poverty is huge. Children need to be earning dollars to contribute to the survival of the family. And in a kind of vicious circle, the only jobs available to baseline educated people are low-earning, and low-status, without many prospects for advancement and future success. So, many of our children are drawn into, for example, the drug industry and organized crime syndicates take full advantage of the desperation of our children and families. It seems that the great contribution you made to human rights for all of us is being undercut by a kind of economic segregation, which continues to exist for certain communities. As people live in disadvantaged communities, they are forced into situations where the stereotypical perceptions of those communities are able to continue. I believe that you would feel great disappointment and sadness if you were to see this unfair and seemingly unstoppable situation in the country you loved so, and fought for in foreign countries. Politically, we have benefited; socially and economically we have a long way to go. We have to, like you did, recognize and identify the reality of our situation, and begin to act as you did to change it. With community efforts, supported by Federal Government, we can make it possible for parents to get out of the cycle of poverty, and be assisted in providing their children with

Illegal Immigration Speech Essay Example for Free

Illegal Immigration Speech Essay Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. These words are engraved on the Statue of Liberty that was assembled in 1886. The statue was meant to be a beacon of hope for all immigrants that enter the U.S. Do we still agree with what those words say? I’m not against all of the immigrants who want to start a better life here by becoming legal citizens. I’m against the millions of illegal immigrants that come to the U. S. and cause trouble and make things harder for the legal immigrants that are already here. Illegal immigrants have long been a problem in the United States, and there have always been so many controversies about illegal immigration Today, I would like to inform you about the serious problems illegal immigration could cause. First, by giving you all the facts, and by explaining how illegal immigration, if continued, will affect our lives. Transition: I’ll start by telling you about some illegal immigration facts and its history. Body 1 Americans have always been realistic about illegal immigration, but if it continues at the rate it is, we will be in trouble. a The biggest issue is the fact that the U.S. is in the middle of another great wave of illegal immigration. b In 2000, the US Census Bureau puts the estimate of illegal immigrants at 8.7million. Since then, United States immigration officials have said the number has grown by as much as 500,000 a year. c If immigration continues at current levels, the nations population will increase from 301 million today to 468 million in 2060 a 167 million, or 56% increase. 2 Did you know that the country is spending massive amount of money on illegal immigrants each year? a According to Illegal immigrants costs the U.S. $130 billion each year b And each year we’re paying $1117 each year to support the illegal immigrants. 3 Illegal immigrants are a great danger to America. According to the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, more than 50% of illegal immigrants that come to America break laws, steal, rape, murder, form and join gangs, sell drugs and engage in the trade of illegal weapons. a Statistics show that illegal immigrants cost the federal prison and court system over 1 billion dollars each year. b 95% of outstanding warrants for homicide in Los Angeles are for illegal immigrants Transition : Transition: If proper steps are taken to reduce illegal immigration, we will see a great  improvement in our society. 4 Most Americans know our basic laws regarding illegal immigration. It is illegal to enter the United States without permission. The first time an illegal immigrant is caught in the US it is a misdemeanor civil offense. This is because we want to be able to quickly return illegal aliens back to where they come from, when they are caught at the border without the rigors of a jury trial. a After the first offense, being caught a second time is a felony! b It is also against the law to overstay a visa issued by the US Government and illegal for an employer to knowingly hire illegal immigrants. Transition. With the government working together to reduce illegal immigration, we are bound to see improvement in our county. Conclusion If illegal immigration can be stopped, many people all over the country will receive benefits. a The U.S. will save money if we don’t have to spend it on care for illegal immigrants, and then the U.S can use that money for better causes, like more money for education. b The U.S. will become a safer place for us to live in, without the increased crime rates illegal immigrants caused. Transition: Now that you have a better understanding of the harms that illegal immigration causes, here are a few things you can do. 1. Read the paper and watch the news. New developments are occurring everyday in our society; know what is going on in the world around you. 2. Spread it out, talk to people about this, have discussions with them. 3. Register to vote. What’s the first thing you do when you turn 16? You go out and get your driver’s license. When you turn 18, make registering to vote your first priority. 4. I’ve explained to you the facts of immigration and how, if continued, will affect your life as an individual. So now that you are informed. Have a say in your future and stand up for what you believe in. It all has to do with how you want to live your life.

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About early marriage

About early marriage Introduction: In many different countries and parts of the world, young womens marriage before the age of 18 is a reality to be lived. Some studies were made using 40 Demographic and Health Surveys show that a considerable percentage of women in civilized and developed countries continue to marry at an early age. The statistics showed 20-25% of women get married at the age of 18, and 40-70% of women marry at the age of twenty. Early marriage is widely spread in Africa and South Asia, and is least common in North Africa, Middle East, and Southeast Asia (International Family Planning Perspectives, 22:148-157 175, 1996). Overview about early marriage: Some previous presentations showed that the phenomenon of early marriage was related to the high poverty and social constraints due to conflicts, political and economical obstacles, instability, and shortage of services in education, housing, and professional development. Consequently, it was common that parents would encourage their daughters to get married at an early age in hopes that this marriage will enhance both their financial and social status. However, early marriage for young girls is considered as a form of violation of human rights, since it compromises the physical, mental, psychological, educational and emotional development of girls. This tradition could be a harmful practice; and consequently, its harmful effects are many. For instance, girls will be denied the right to freely express their views, the right to be defended against detrimental and devastating traditional practices. Moreover, early marriage requires the performance of heavy household and marital respons ibilities including the raising of children. The question here raises itself, how will child mothers raise their children while they are still children themselves. For this reason, the following research studies the awareness students have about the causes and effects of early marriage, and questions their opinion on whether they support or not early marriage. Gathering Data: In order to determine the way of gathering and receiving the information, we have first structured and designed a questionnaire, and then asked 70 randomly selected female students to fill in the questionnaire form. Questionnaire Design: The questionnaire included 8 questions that started with general questions about the age and the marital status of the respondents; then we have tackled more topic- related questions regarding the suitable age for marriage and why in the respondents opinion it is regarded as a suitable age for marriage, the causes and effects of early marriage, whether divorce is considered as the most common effect of early marriage, and finally whether the respondents agree or disagree on early marriage. Questionnaire Results: Over a period of 2 days, we have distributed 100 questionnaires among the students and the returned response rate was 70 %. Given that this questionnaire was conducted in a very short period of time; however, we have received a considerable and impressive response rate from the students, this reflects that the questionnaire has stimulated an extraordinary interest in the topic. Location Questionnaires Distributed Questionnaires Returned Percentage of Return Rate Abu Dhabi University 100 70 70 % We have composed our database on the basis of tallying the numbered questions, where the questions that offered a multiple choice of responses were allocated with different alphabetical letters. Statistical Data and Graph Analysis: Age of the Respondents: As shown in the pie graph below, and based on the results we have gathered from our questionnaire, the highest proportion which is 65 % of the respondents ages ranged between 20 and 25 years old; where 22.8% of the respondents were below 20 years old. On the other hand, a very small percentage of 8.57 of the participants age ranged between 26 and 30 years old, where as the lowest rate of 2.86 % were for the respondents whose age is above 30 years old. Marital Status: The following diagram shows the marital status of the students who participated in the survey. Statistics showed that the majority or 80 % of the respondents are single; whereas only 20 % are married. Among the 20 % of the married respondents, 28.5% were married below the age of 18, 7.2 % were married at the age of 20, 28.5% were in union above the age of 22; yet, at the descriptive point, 35.7 % was the proportion of women who didnt mention at what age they got married. What is the suitable age for marriage? Marriageable age (or marriage age) as defined by Wikipedia is, â€Å"the age at which a person is allowed to marry, either as of right or subject to parental or other forms of consent†. However, in our questionnaire, we have asked the students their opinion about the suitable age for marriage. The statistics that we have gathered on this query was bounded to two choices out of four. Though, both choices form a percentage that might be considered to be significant; however, there are differences. The percentage claiming that the suitable age for marriage ranges between 20 and 25 years old was noticeably high, as it reached 74.29 %. On the other hand, 25.71 % of the respondents consider that the age ranging between 26 and 30 is the ideal age for marriage. As we have previously mentioned that the aim and objective of our research is to study the level of awareness women have about the impact early marriage has on women and how it can affect or threat the fulfillment of young womens rights. Therefore, through our questionnaire, we developed further questions that would allow us to tackle more deep issues about the subject and that would enable us to highlight the respondents opinion regarding specific details. For instance, as a continuation for the previous question, we asked the students why they think that the age they have selected to be a suitable age for marriage is in their opinion suitable. Likewise, we have listed a list of possible reasons for them to choose. The 74.29 % who supports marriage between 20 and 25 years old justified their choice as follows: The reading can be presented in the following percentages: 33.64 % responded: Able and ready for household responsibilities 32.71% responded: Will have mental maturity 25.35 % responded: Able and physically ready to have children 9.86 % responded: Will provide her an economic and financial stability 0 % Dont Know 0 % Other Analysis: We can tell that there is a strong proximity between the first two choices; where the majority believes that girls between 20 and 25 years old will be able and ready to bear the domestic responsibilities and will have the maturity level that would enable her to face constrained decisions in life. A close percentage of responses supported the fact that at this same age, girls would reach a physical maturity that would enable her to have children. Conversely, figures supporting the choice that marriage can provide the girl a stable financial status were minor in comparison to the other choices. As for the 25.7 % of those who support marriage between 26 and 230 years, had different justification which are read as follows: 34.29% responded: Able and ready for household responsibilities 22.86% responded: Will have mental maturity 28.57 % responded: Able and physically ready to have children 11.43 % responded: Will provide her an economic and financial stability 0 % Dont Know 2.86 % Other 34.29% responded: Able and ready for household responsibilities 22.86% responded: Will have mental maturity 28.57 % responded: Able and physically ready to have children 11.43 % responded: Will provide her an economic and financial stability 0 % Dont Know 2.86 % Other The responses for this group of respondents were not so far from that of the first group. We can spot out from the closeness in percentage rates that there is a somehow similarity and consistency in responses. The above readings would indicate that approximately there are three factors that mostly contribute in determining the suitable age for marriage. These factors are: The ability and readiness to hold domestic duties, mental maturity, and finally the physical readiness to have children.

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The Womens Ordination Movement Theology Religion Essay

The Womens Ordination Movement Theology Religion Essay The question of whether or not women should be ordained set apart for religious leadership and/or to administrate certain religious rites has been present within Christian and Jewish groups since early in U.S. history. Women are regularly ordained within some religious groups. Others restrict ordination to men. Others continue to debate the question. Though U.S. Protestants did not first ordain women until the 1800s, women had for a long time prior to that been religious leaders both in their churches and in the public square. Perhaps one of the most famous examples of this is found in the story of Anne Hutchinson, who in the 1630s in Massachusetts challenged male authorities by holding meetings with women to discuss her pastors sermons. Her actions led to a trial, a conviction, and banishment to Rhode Island. While many women during this era exercised religious leadership, it was not until the mid-1800s that a woman was formally ordained to Christian leadership. Congregationalist Antoinette Brown was ordained in 1853 when she was called to become pastor of a church in New York. Unitarian Universalist leader, Olympia Brown, was ordained about a decade later, in 1863, and AME Zion minister, Mary Jane Small, was ordained in 1898. These ordinations of women and others that followed are indicative of significant changes that occurred in the mid-1800s and early 1900s in the roles of women in religious and public life. These changes were not without controversy as exemplified by the contentious debates that emerged as some groups supported and others vehemently opposed the ordination of women. The theologies and/or polities of some Christian groups and denominations afforded women early access to ordination. For example, the Quakers insistence that all people are equal before God provided support for those who sought gender equity in churches and society; as a result, though Quakers did not formally ordain anyone to ministry in favor of recording ministers, they did acknowledge women as authoritative preachers. The group known as the Shakers that emerged in the 18th century not only sprung up under leadership of a woman, Ann Lee, but also believed that Jesus would return to earth as a woman. Northern Baptists (later known as American Baptists) likewise demonstrated early support of women as preachers by supporting the ordination of Edith Hill in 1897, setting the stage for a continuation of the practice within that Baptist group. Also, during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, many Holiness and Pentecostal groups regularly ordained women. In addition to these pioneers in the movement are other traditions, including Presbyterians, Episcopalians, and the United Church of Christ, who in the twentieth century engendered and then formalized support for the ordination women. These traditions often faced inner conflicts over the question of ordaining women. In the late 1960s, for example, three Lutheran bodies (the Lutheran Church in America, the American Lutheran Church, and the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod), held a consultation on the ordination of women but were unable to reach a consensus. Both the Lutheran Church in America and the American Lutheran Church eventually approved the ordination of women. The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod experienced significant upheaval over the issue and over other issues having to do with scriptural authority and interpretation. The conflict resulted in the formation of a new denomination, the Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, for med in 1987 by a merger of the Lutheran Church in America, the American Lutheran Church, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church, from its inception ordained both women and men. The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod continues to limit ordination to men. Other Christian groups, for example, many Baptists and the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches, have consistently opposed the ordination of women. Many Baptist groups and congregations also deny women ordination, though Baptist polity allows for each local church to determine its own belief and practice. In 1964, Addie Davis became the first Southern Baptist woman to be ordained. In the early 1980s, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) passed a resolution stating that offices requiring ordination are restricted to men. Supporters of this resolution point to sections of a denominational statement of beliefs, The Baptist Faith and Message, that states the following: [The churchs] scriptural officers are pastors and deacons. While both men and women are gifted for service in the church, the office of pastor is limited to men as qualified by Scripture (The Baptist Faith and Message, 2000). While this is an official SBC stance, neither denominational resolutions nor Baptist Fait h and Message statements are binding upon local congregations. Thus, decisions about ordaining women finally reside with each SBC church. Groups who oppose womens ordination do so primarily on the basis of their interpretations of biblical texts. Arguments include, generally, the perspectives that the New Testament does not report the existence of any women pastors, that pastors who represent the people before God should, like Christ, be male, that New Testament guidelines for church order do not include instructions that specify women, and that some New Testament texts forbid women to be pastors or have roles of authority over men (i.e. I Timothy 2:11-12). Those who support womens ordination also voice arguments based on biblical interpretation. For example, evidence exist in Old and New Testament texts of times when women exercised leadership over both males and females; and Paul stated clearly in Galatians 3:27-28 a theology of gender equity (à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus). A number of biblical scholars and theologians, including feminist scholars, have emphasized biblical examples of womens leadership and gender equity. Some Hebrew Bible scholars argue on the basis of their reading of Genesis 1 and 2 that both genders are created equally in Gods image. Protestant supporters include in their arguments the traditional Protestant emphasis on the priesthood of all believers. The late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries have witnessed a resurgence of the debate over womens ordination. By the end of the twentieth century, many Protestant and Jewish groups accepted women in the role of pastoral leader or rabbi. Some groups, however, continued to oppose womens ordination and for some of those groups the debate has intensified. The 2000 revision of the Baptist Faith and Message, cited above, has reignited and intensified the debate amongst Baptists as proponents of ordination argue that the 2000 language about women leaders is anti-woman and opponents insist that the revision only underscores a biblical mandate that while women and men are of equal value, the role of pastor is restricted to men. The 1963 Baptist Faith and Message, which the 2000 version revises, does not include a statement limiting the pastoral office to men. Moderate Baptist groups such as the Alliance of Baptists, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, and the American Baptist Churches , U.S.A. take a more proactive and supportive stance toward ordaining women. In recent decades, the debate has also intensified within the Roman Catholic tradition. Throughout the 1970s, Roman Catholics debated whether or not the priesthood should be open to women. A final ruling on this question was published in the Vaticans 1976 Declaration on the Question of the Admission Women to the Ministerial Priesthood; the Declaration stated that the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith judges it necessary to recall that the Church, in fidelity to the example of the Lord, does not consider herself authorized to admit women to priestly ordination. Throughout the 1980s and into the 1990s, support nevertheless grew for the ordination of women to the Roman Catholic priesthood. Early in the 1990s, Vatican leaders began to take actions they hoped would quiet public support for womens ordination. These actions included pronouncements against ordaining women as well as disciplinary actions against individuals who advocated openly for womens ordination. Pope John Paul II issued a statement in 1994 underscoring the teaching of the 1976 Declaration and further stating that the teaching was not open to debate. The 1990s also saw debate sparked within the ranks of those Roman Catholics who supported womens ordination. Notably, feminist biblical scholar Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza argued at a 1995 Womens Ordination Conference that women should aim not for ordination but rather for a discipleship of equals that resisted the overwhelming patriarchy of the Roman Catholic Church (Schussler Fiorenza, 1983). Others at the conference maintained a stance in favor of womens ordination. In the initial decades of the twenty-first century, the debate over womens ordination continues within the Roman Catholic Church. The issue of womens ordination has also stirred controversy within Jewish communities. The question was first posed in 1889 by Mary M. Cohen in Jewish Exponent: Could not our women be ministers? (Nadell, 1988, 1). In 1972, many years after the publication of this question, the Sally Jane Priesand became the first female rabbi within Reform Judaism in the U.S. Amy Eilberg in 1985 became the first woman received into the rabbinate within Conservative Judaism. To date, no women have become rabbis within Orthodox Judaism, though debate over the question continues within that Jewish sector. Other religious groups in the U.S. also debate what roles women can hold. For example, a controversy currently exists among Muslims over to what extent women can act as imams; most agree that while women can lead a gathering of women in prayer, women cannot lead a mixed gender group in prayer. Jehovahs Witnesses consider all persons ordained upon public baptism. Women are commonly appointed as full time ministers in order to evangelize or to serve as missionaries. However, the roles of deacon and elder as well as the authority to perform baptisms, funerals or weddings are restricted to male Witnesses. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints does not ordain women but the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints adopted the practice in 1984. Several organizations have emerged over time to support women clergy. One of the earliest was the Womans Ministerial Conference, founded in 1893 in Boston, Massachusetts. The International Association of Women Preachers was founded in 1919 by M. Madeline Southard, a Methodist minister from Kansas. Both of these groups supported women who believed they had a call to preach and advocated publicly for women in religious leadership. The Women Church movement, which began in the U.S. in the 1970s primarily to support Roman Catholic women who sought ordination, has kept alive ecumenical dialogue about the ordination of women as well as about other ecclesial and societal issues that impact the lives of women. Jill Crainshaw See also Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Feminism, Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, Rosemary Radford Ruether, Southern Baptist Convention, Women-Church Movement. Sources Keller, Rosemary Skinner, and Rosemary Radford Ruether, eds. Encyclopedia of Women and Religion in North America. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2006. Keller, Rosemary Skinner, and Rosemary Radford Ruether, eds. In Our Own Voices: Four Centuries of Womens Religious Writing. San Francisco: Harper San Francisco, 1995. Nadall, Pamela. Women Who Would Be Rabbis: A History of Womens Ordination, 1889-1995. Boston: Beacon Press, 1988. Reid, Daniel G., ed. Dictionary of Christianity in America. Downers Grove: InterVarsity, 1990. Schussler Fiorenza, Elisabeth. Discipleship of Equals: A Critical Feminist Ekklesialogy of Liberation. New York: Crossroad Publishing Co., 1983.

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Women in Ywain by Chrétien de Troyes Essay -- Papers Essays

Women in Ywain by Chrà ©tien de Troyes In Chrà ©tien de Troyes' Ywain, women represent the moral virtue and arch of all mid-evil civilization. Women of this time had to be an object of love, which meant they had to have beauty, goodness, and be truthful. They had to be a representative of all chivalrous ideals. They also act as civilizing influences throughout the story. Women are put in the story to give men a reason for acting brave and noble. Men become knights in order to demonstrate to women that they are strong and capable of defending themselves against danger. This, they hope, will win the women's heart. In medieval times, the first-born son of a landowner is entitled to his father's estate, while other sons and daughters are not given anything. Knights are usually not the first-born son, and thusly do not receive any grants of land from their father. If a landowner only has a daughter, she becomes an heiress, and inherits her fathers land but has to find a husband to take over this land. A knight's dream is to marry a wealthy heiress, and become a landown...

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Escaping the Fog of Pride and Prejudice :: Pride Prejudice Essays

Escaping the Fog of Pride and Prejudice The words of the title of Jane Austen's novel, Pride and Prejudice, shroud the main characters, Elizabeth and Darcy in a fog. The plot of the novel focuses on how Elizabeth and Darcy escape the fog and find each other. Both characters must individually recognize their faults and purge them. At the beginning of the novel, it seems as if the two will never be able to escape the thick fog. The scene at the Netherfield ball makes the marriage of Elizabeth and Darcy much more climactic because the pride and prejudice of both increases greatly during the night. The Netherfield ball is the first time Darcy and Elizabeth dance. When Darcy asks Elizabeth she is so surprised and confused that she says yes to a man who she is determined to hate. At the Meryton ball she had quickly made a sketch of Darcy's character. Compared to Jane who "never [sees] a fault in any body" (11), she doesn't believe only the best in everyone. She is usually right about people. From simply hearing Mr. Collins' letter, she asks if he is a sensible man, which he proves not to be. She is precisely perceptive of everyone except Wikham and Darcy. At the Meryton ball, Darcy is very reserved. He refuses to dance with Elizabeth when Bingley asks him to, saying that Elizabeth is not handsome enough to tempt him. Elizabeth's pride is hurt and she characterizes Darcy as disagreeable and proud. When Elizabeth first meets Wikham, she is blinded by her prejudice of Darcy as she accepts everything harmful Wikham has to say of Darcy. The plot of the rest of the book revolves around Elizabeth discovering the true nature of both Darcy and Wikham. At the Netherfield ball, it seems this will never happen. From the beginning of the night, when Elizabeth discovers Wikham didn't attend the ball in order to avoid Darcy she "was resolved against any sort of conversation with him" (60). Her hate of Darcy is sharpened, yet when he asks her to dance, she accepts in her confusement. There is an awkwardness between the two as they start to dance.

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What Is Extended Family

1. A family group that consists of parents, children, and other close relatives, generally, it’s A group of relatives, such as those of three generations often living in close geographic proximity rather than under the same roof. People living together as an extended family occasionally feel a greater security and belonging. This is an advantage of extended type of family because this family contains more people to serve as resources during crisis and provides more role models for behavior of values. The disadvantage of living in an extended type of family is shouldering more expenses for their basic needs. In many cultures, such as in those of many of the Southern Europeans, Asians, Middle Easterners, Africans, Latin Americans, and Pacific Islanders, extended families are the basic family unit. Cultures in which the extended family is common are generally collectivistic cultures. Complex Family is a generic term for any family structure involving more than two adults. The term can refer to any extended family or to a polygamy of any type. It is often used to refer to the group marriage form of polygamy. A joint family is also known as a complex family, parents and their children's families often live under a single roof. This type of family often includes multiple generations in the family. In India, the family is a patriarchal society, with the sons' families often staying in the same house. In the joint family setup the workload is equally shared among the members. The women folk are often housewives and cook for the entire family. The patriarch of the family (often the oldest male member) lays down the rules and arbitrates disputes. Other senior members of the household baby sit infants in case their mother is working. They are also responsible in teaching the younger children their mother tongue, manners and etiquette. This kind of setup is fast eroding in many parts of the world especially in India. Most of the urban families are switching over to the nuclear family society these days. A nuclear family is a household consisting of two married, heterosexual parents and their legal children (siblings), as distinct from the extended family. Nuclear families are typical in societies where people must be relatively mobile — such as hunter-gatherers and industrial societies. Pros And Cons Of Being The Only Child Being an only child can be either good or bad, depending on how you perceive it and how you are brought up by your parents. The advantages could be that you get the undivided love and attention of your parents. They would dote on you more and provide for you more – in terms of getting you stuff, toys, etc. Obviously, being an only child means that your parents have only you to spend the money on and not have to share it among other siblings. So, you'd get more toys than normal, more money to spend than normal, more inheritance than normal, and of course more love from your parents than normal. So, in that sense, being the only child can be termed as a good thing. As far as disadvantages go, the â€Å"Little Emperor Syndrome† sums it up perfectly. For those unfamiliar with the term, â€Å"Little Emperor Syndrome† refers to the Chinese situation involving parents and their single child. Of course, all of you would be aware of China's one-child policy. Little Emperor Syndrome is an unintended consequence of that policy. This is a situation in which the parents lavish their love, attention, resources on this one child of theirs, and as a result, the child becomes spoilt and, well, behaves like a â€Å"Little Emperor. This sort of excessive attention and care can prove detrimental in the long term for the child. The child gets used to having everything done, managed, taken care of – by their parents. When they have to live in the real world and face real problems, they might not be able to cope with it. They may lack self-confidence to go out in the world and get things done for themselves. They might feel lost outside of the cocoon that their parents created for them. Being an only child can also be very lonely. They would miss the fun of growing up with a brother or sister. An only child can also grow up to be a selfish adult, i. e. one who thinks primarily of his/her needs over the needs of others. They may also lack in the ability to empathize with others as much as children with siblings. Another potential disadvantage of being an only child could be the excess burden on your shoulders as regards taking care of your parents, for example. It can take an emotional toll on you, being the only child with all the responsibilities.

Is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde a typical gothic novel? Essay

â€Å"Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde† is described by many as a Gothic novel. The height of popularity for Gothic novels was the late Victorian period; however they are still being published today, showing an undying thirst for them. The recognised criteria for a gothic novel include: the story of an outsider, one who does not fit in to society, a misfit. They can explore the boundaries of evil and good and even try to break them. In gothic novels the weather tends to be of a cold, dark nature to signify the personality of the character plus the often, dark nature of the story. Animals associated with fear are often included and generally there is a form of civil unrest due to the actions of the title character. The story is more often than not characterised by mystery and supernatural horror. A reason why I think that â€Å"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde† is a typical gothic novel is because of the description of scenery. The street upon which Jekyll/Hyde resides is â€Å"on the left hand†; immediately this tells me that the house has an air of evil about it. In religious culture the left hand is often associated with being led astray, as it says in the Bible in the book of Ecclesiastes â€Å"A wise man’s heart is at his right hand; but a fool’s heart at his left.† This signifies that those who choose the right hand choose the path of good; those who choose the left are easily corrupted. Also it is associated with evil because of the etymology of the word â€Å"sinister† which in Anglo French reads as â€Å"senestre† meaning on the left and from the Latin â€Å"sinistr-† meaning on the left side. The house is â€Å"sinister† and â€Å"thrust forward†, which tells me that it is a dark, menacing place, it being thrust forward tells me that it does not fit in nor conform to anyone or anything else. The house also has no windows; windows are often referred to as â€Å"eyes to the soul†; I think that this is a reference to Hyde himself. The fact that there are no windows symbolises that Hyde has no soul. At this point I would like to make clear that the aforementioned street is in fact Hyde’s dwelling. In contrast Jekyll’s dwelling which coincidentally is the same house that leads onto a different street. Jekyll’s â€Å"street shone out in contrast to its dingy neighborhood† (Hyde’s dwelling) and exudes an â€Å"air of invitation†. This is completely the opposite of Hyde’s street and is used to symbolise Jekyll’s character. The two streets are symbolic of the dual nature of man- a very common element of a gothic novel. However, there seems to be a lack of a common, if not vital, element of a Gothic novel- Architecture. In a Gothic novel the architecture is of a sharp, curved, spooky nature. There are often haunted castles, graveyards, crypts. For example in the 1839 short story by Edgar Allan Poe- â€Å"The Fall of the House of Usher†, there are â€Å"many dark and intricate passages†. This is just one of the many example of gothic architecture in the story. However, in â€Å"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde† the architecture seems to be typically Victorian, with little or no Gothic features. Another reason is the story revolves around the constant struggle that â€Å"man is not truly one, but truly two†, this details that all men have a good side but we are constantly at war with our impulses to do evil. In this story Dr. Jekyll breaks the bounds between the two and becomes utterly consumed by evil. This is similar to another gothic novel- Mary Shelley’s â€Å"Frankenstein†. In this story the bounds are between life and death- â€Å"Life and death appeared to me ideal bounds†. This struggle presents the weakness of man in regards to resisting temptation, and is a very common feature of a gothic novel. A different reason is because of Mr. Hyde himself. He is described as â€Å"a little man who was stumping†. This allows me to imagine that because of his size and stature he is not a whole person; something is missing; a vital piece of the puzzle that forms a human. Hyde is also described as a â€Å"damned Juggernaut†. In my opinion this word was used as it can have many meanings- it could mean a â€Å"large, overpowering, destructive force†. This could signify the evil that is devouring Jekyll. Or it could mean- â€Å"anything requiring a cruel sacrifice†. I believe that Jekyll is cruelly sacrificing his goodness for the darkness which lies within not only him but every other human being. There is a significant event that occurs within the story which gives us a sample of his true nature- â€Å"the man trampled calmly over the child’s body†. The very thought of this incident sends a shiver down my spine and evokes anger within me, the fact that he did it in a calm manner tells me that he has not one ounce of remorse, not for the girl nor her family and would not think twice about repeating his actions. Also, the fact that the incident occurred on â€Å"a black winter morning† tells me that Hyde has a black heart and is a cold, slippery character. I think because it is morning, which is when the sun rises, it signifies the rise of the hold that evil has over Jekyll. The next reason why â€Å"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde† is typically Gothic is the weather†Ã¢â‚¬ ¦and the first fog of the season. A great chocolate-coloured pall lowered over heaven†. The fact that it was the first fog of the season signifies Hyde’s fist evil deed in his season of corruption. Fog adds a definite eeriness to the scene, it corrupts our eyes, shrouds us in an unknown abyss. This is basically what is happening to Jekyll; he has been blanketed in a thick fog which has stolen his ability to differentiate between good and evil. However, weather in â€Å"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde† is on the sparse side. However, the 1869 novel by Richard Dodderidge Blackmore- Lorna Doone includes a lot of Gothic weather:†violent rain† and â€Å"bitter frost†an example of a Gothic novel that uses a wide range of symbolic weather. Stevenson incorporates Social criticisms into his novel. These are his own personal views in which he subtly criticises society. One of the issues that Stevenson makes an example of is that of child prostitution. Previously, I mentioned Hyde trampling over a young girls body, this event took place at â€Å"about three o’clock of a black winter morning†. This raises the question- what on earth would a young child be doing on the streets at that hour of the night? Mary Shelley also incorporates social criticisms into her novel- â€Å"Frankenstein†. Everyone in the story judges the creation on his appearance, Shelley’s criticism is that we should judge people on their character, personality and values; not by any means their appearance. Romance is also a common feature of a Gothic novel. For example in â€Å"The Modern Prometheus†, Frankenstein himself is in love- â€Å"I thought I saw Elizabeth, in the bloom of health, walking in the streets of Ingolstadt. Delighted and surprised, I embraced her†. In â€Å"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde† there is not a single wisp of romance, the novel is completely and utterly void of it. Yet another Gothic feature that â€Å"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde† lacks. In conclusion â€Å"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde† has some aspects of a Gothic novel, yet it lacks some small and yet some vital elements of one.

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Ethics Essay Essay

The theories of virtue, utilitarianism, and deontology are similar in some aspects but for the most part are very different. Each of the theories will be explained to show their differences and the type of person that would gravitate towards that theory. Through the explanations one would also be able to consider where there morals or ethics may lie but can also see themselves in each theory. The Virtue Theory, also know as Virtue Ethics, refers to the character of each person. This theory states that every person should try for excellence. The characteristics of each individual are made up from their environment that they are a part of. The theory would further suggest that it is not defined as a single moment in each individual’s life but their entire life as a whole. In thinking about the Virtue Theory, it can be explained by stating that each person needs to be the best they can and avoid the need or ability to hurt others. In Basic ethics: Basic ethics in action it talks about Aristotle and his view on virtue ethics to include characteristics or virtues of an individual. There are some that Aristotle would suggest to be the median or virtues such as courage, self-control, proper emotion, and friendliness to name a few. Reviewing these ideals of what characteristics a person should posses would or could be considered common traits of most individuals in the world today. In the simplistic form the virtue theory is about better one self and the other individuals that are around them. Deontology Theory states that there is a moral duty for one to act no matter the circumstances. This theory is furthered by the thought process of not thinking through any actions or the consequences but because it is action that is taken is right. â€Å"The word â€Å"deontology† comes from two Greek words, deion+ logos. Deion comes from the particle dei which means â€Å"must. † Logos (in this context) means â€Å"the account of† (Boylan, 2009). In breaking this down, it shows that is the account of the musts. In meaning one must act on the account of others or for themselves. Deontology theory can be seen within those persons that provide protection for another without question no matter the inherent danger. The will to act is shown through this theory such as that would be considered of the Spartan Army. The Spartan Army would not ask how many strong are the enemy but where the enemy is. Utilitarianism Theory is one that embodies the thought of taking care of the whole group and not the individual. This theory is a moral theory as we see wanting to make the group better. It can only be our morals to drive us to want what is best for a group. If one person is stronger in writing than another during the course of the project, then the weaker writer may ask the stronger one to take over. It is knowing your personal weakness and asking or foregoing your own glory to better the group that you are part of. One that can set aside their pride is a far better person and shows their true sense of morals. In thinking about a personal experience to be discussed in combination with one of these theories, I keep coming back to the theory of utilitarianism. The reason being that I know I have an alpha personality, meaning that I like to be in control and have the control. I tend to leave this part of me outside the classroom to have a clear head and to allow the learning teams to work more cohesive with the other members. It has been my experience that issues have arisen in each of the groups that I have been a part of. This is either due to lack of participation, inability to communicate or the plain fact of laziness. I have stopped from confronting the team member numerous times in order to keep the team moving in the right direction. Later in the class the issues continue to build and that is when I will confront the person and attempt to deal with the issue. I feel that in setting aside my alpha mentality and waiting to confront the individual is a way for the betterment of the learning team as whole.

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Demographic Change And Influence In Peoples Development

Throughout universe history, have ever presented different demographic tendencies and assorted population-related events and motions of this, which does non be given to be stable but on the contrary, both interregional moves inA out of these states as elsewhere, about ever in hunt of better chances in life.A The influence of these motions is big and tends to turn around the universe, bring forthing alterations non merely in host states but besides in the place, so doing necessary alterations in the policies of these states to turn to the assorted effects of the motion migration Were submitted times in the universe where population alterations have non been so great, but alternatively there have been others where migration has increased significantly.A The 20th century was one of the latter because many experts was a century where migratory motions set the tone, seeing that if the chief characteristic of these is that they were from south to north, east and west, looking as countriesA less developed south many people migrated north and most developed industrialised states, and besides the Asiatic continent was a great migration to Europe, the United States and Canada.A This has impacted to a great extent on the host towns, as these now hold a big figure of people of other nationalities with the usual influences both culturally, and economically and politically of class. But these motions have non completed and the hereafter has to be really influential in footings of the guidelines which states are to put off the migration.A You can speak so, that was given a new order in the universe because of demographic alterations, seeing that there are countries like the United States and Canada that have a big figure of migrators from other countries, for illustration in the U.S. is a really big populationA who have arrived in the state of the South American continent, even to talk of a Hispanization of this state, while in Canada the bulk of migrators come from eastern states like China.A Meanwhile on the European continent there are two phenomena worthy of analysis foremost of all the aging European population because most of all to the low rate of births that occur in this continent due to factors such as households with one kid, marriagesA more delayed when there is no opportunity of gestating, usage of all methods of contraceptive method, which has resul ted in jobs in the economic system of these states as easy running out of labour, there is a good venture that lead to the creationA new concerns and besides has increased the load on the provinces due to pensions to be paid to a population that is non productive.A Even states that the European population is â€Å" hedonic † and is excessively lazy to work out what is damaging to its economic system[ 1 ]along with this phenomenon is one that is migration in big Numberss of people from Eastern states, most of all withA Muslim faith have come to the old continent and multiplied in great Numberss, bring forthing as a population job that is non good prepared, no one truly skilled labour to help the production and besides that they have been turning muchA , to the extent that some are stating that in 2050 Europe will be Muslim.A CEPAL has cleared these alterations in the European population by stating in his study of the Symposium on International Migration: â€Å" In the early 20th century population of Europe had, about ternary the size of the African, while today the populations of Africa and Europe are about the same size, but by 2050 it is expected that the population of Africa has threeA times the size of Europe †[ 2 ] As you can see this influence occurs non merely in bring forthing societal alteration in society which highlights the socialization of the states of the mixture of civilizations and traditions that can agitate the national individuality loss values of eachA part, but besides affects the economic and of class political. All this has had little by small in having states arise jobs such as neo-Nazi groups which are against the â€Å" invasion † of their districts pro from people from other states, taking to societal struggles and even in metropoliss like disordersA seen in some European states, most of all by immature people who feel that their occupation chances are being taken by migrators, harmonizing to CEPAL â€Å" turning xenophobia in some states, caused by recession and unemployment has exacerbatedA ill will towards migratory workers †[ 3 ].A But look at the political degree because host states seeking to halt a sea of people, so to talk, that comes to your floors begin to place and develop criterions that can be considered anti-immigrant, seeking to forestall the population becomingA largely migrators, as was the instance of the U.S. in recent times has even constructing a wall merely seeking to forestall more Mexicans from come ining their district illicitly. All this has deductions in both, in the receiving state and the beginning one, seeing such an of import facet with respect to economic sciences, since migrators normally work to acquire money sent back to their households, which is called remittals andA that have become a really of import point in the economic system of less developed states, to the extent that the crisis of recent old ages affect this facet of the economic system by diminishing the sum of remittals due to the loss of occupations on allA United States.A These remittals are invested in betterments in the quality of household life that migrators have left buttocks and there are besides nest eggs in investing, which can take to greater advancement and development of these regions.A But neither can deny that â€Å" south-north migration has contributed to the sustained development of states of the North †[ 4 ] But this implies some jobs for having states like the U.S. and Canada, although the major impact has been the first to hold the largest figure of migrators, since many of them are illegal or undocumented immigrants are engaged in work, which form portion orA the informal or belowground economy.A And this must go on so as the tendency given that there ‘s more to migrate despite all limitations that might be, it is besides clear that the population will be from now on uninterrupted diminution, even the least developed countriesA But despite all this in 2050 there will be more or less 9.6 billion people[ 5 ].A But sing that in Europe by and large, that population diminution, rise in the U.S. and Canada, trebling in Africa. While Latin America, will hold a medium growth.A In general we can state that the rate of kids per adult female in hapless states will be reduced to 2.5 whereas in industrialised states will be even lower, but these will hold a rate higher than for older individ uals, to the extent thatA is said to be two aged for every child.A In general, surveies on universe population and its tendency until 2050 says that in industrialised states like Japan, China and Europe every bit good as the North American birth rate will be merely the lower limit to guarantee the endurance of the population.A But in most states of the universe much of the population will be over 40 years.A Can so be summarized by stating that in the poorest states will hold an mean population growing while developed births this growing will be lower but the population may stay more or less stable growing by migration. But another job that must be considered is that slow population growing that is every twenty-four hours more and more resources consumed many of which are slow to be replaced and others can non be replaced because in many instances have lost the ability regenerative capacity of the land so that resource will be a large job in 2050 doing it the poorest states that normally consume more resources are going poorer, which of class may increase the migration of these intoA more developed states.A A A A AFor all the above is clear that all states, both having and beginning states of migrators to take every one by his side steps to cut down this migration worldwide. Recipient states should endeavor to cut down this moving ridge with new legislative acts for the migrators but thereby bring forth xenophobic hatred and strife that finally merely convey societal and security jobs, should besides give more support without excessively many conditions on developing countriesA that they can in bend offer policies that encourage their citizens to stay in its district. The truth is that a true population policy has non been anyplace in the universe, there have been some stray steps but small has been achieved together.A By states seeking development should hold authoritiess who believe authorities policies that either direct or indirect impact on demographic procedures such as in-migration and airing of prophylactic methods, and stronger controls on immigration.A It should be clear that for states like Canada or the United States, long-run chances depend greatly on economic affairs of planetary demographic alterations that determine the mobility of labour in the international, so that by 2050 the successA of states and its prosperity depends on holding a good work force, trained and ever ready for invention and version of the alterations that are traveling being made As shown in the figures for the universe state of affairs in 2050 will non be good in footings of population, but authoritiess to take steps non merely have to see the figures, but must find themselves personally acceptable rates population growing, migration, and territorial distribution.A And when we determine that is what is right for them in this affair should explicate appropriate schemes that lead to improved quality of life of people. Those schemes have to be done by the host developed states like Canada and united provinces, because there are the most affected 1s with the illegal in-migrations, if they do n't take actions in this topic, the economic system of these two states is traveling to be affected, and non merely the issue of the economic system, but besides the political relations and civilization, both states must make or implement a large strategic to keep the security of the boundary lines to forestall more people to travel illegal to their lands, but at the same clip give chances to those that already are inside those states this would assist many households and subsequently will be the following coevals that will work and contend for their host state. Mostly Canada that has a really low life speciation ‘s, because its population is acquiring older faster and by 2050 will be a really old population, that ‘s why they should maintain those immigrants and had a good political relations of in-m igrations to give helped to those who truly needed in the hapless states, but is this the solution? Or what about if those states restricted all sort of in-migrations, and set up a new civilization with the people that are already populating at that place, doing a mix civilization like one clasp piece and get down a new life, these are inquiries and avowals that are discuses every twenty-four hours by every one, those who approve migrations, and those who does non O.K. it[ 6 ] But the treatment will stay for long clip, because is natural for he authoritiess to discourse this forever without taking belongingss determinations, but when the clip acquire shorter is when migration wo n't hold control and those states will be really affected either if they have many illegal people traversing boundary lines or no one traveling at that place, the thru is that Canada and united provinces need the immigrants to take their economic systems to the top but with high control to forestall to neglect in security spreads where united provinces is really concern and where Canada helped a batch to its neighbour, besides the growth of unemployment degree in united provinces caused by the crisis, China and besides by the illegal in-migration, that ‘s manner they have to play together for this of import issue.

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Houstons Land Use Policy Essay

Houston is a large city with very unique qualities that most cities cannot even begin to understand, but is this just Houstonian pride talking? No, actually one of the unique qualities that Houston has is how we handle our land use planning. Houston is well known for not having any zoning ordinances, which has become a well-known topic for a while now. People argue weather our lack of zoning is chaotic, unorthodox, or independent and distinct. Another unique quality that we have is where our political culture stands. Dr. Elazar’s â€Å"Individualistic – Traditionalistic† study of political culture talks about three categories moralistic, individualistic, and traditionalistic, which entails what category Texas falls in and why. This study of Political culture can help relate to reasons why Houston lacks at land use planning and whether it is for the best or worse. The land use planning in Houston is different from other cities because we don’t have zoning o rdinance, meaning that we can have for example â€Å"the fanciest restaurant in town right next to a tattoo parlor†¦Ã¢â‚¬  ,UH of Architecture Dean Patricia Oliver. Other cities have a different system that involves color-coded maps that let people know where and what they can and can’t have in those properties. Cities that have regulations do it because they believe that if the government doesn’t tell them what to do with the land it would be chaotic. Houston, on the other hand thinks that property owners decide what works best for their property not the government. Even though everything seems unrestricted in Houston we do have a form of organizing certain areas like neighborhoods with â€Å"deed restrictions† where owners voluntarily agree to certain restrictions when they buy property. We also have â€Å"property rights† which means that one the government cannot tell you what to do with your land. Due to the system that Houston uses to administer the land use, most housing becomes affordable an example is also the way Houston evaded the real estate bubble. The broader picture to Houston is that it comes from the biggest state in the U.S, Texas. Texas has a vast amount of people and within these people there  are different types of mindsets but there are also similar ones things like this are what describe are Political culture which the book, Texas Politics 12th edition, defines it as a shared system of values, beliefs and habits of behavior with regard about politics. Dr. Elazar describes political culture as everyone being impacted by the beliefs and values of the dominant groups in society; these groups can range in between three categories of political culture moralistic, Individualistic, and traditionalistic. According to the book, moralistic political culture is when citizens understand the state and the nation as commonwealths designed to further the shared interest of everyone. In Individualistic political culture, citizens understand the state and the nation as marketplaces in which people strive to better their personal welfare, citizen participation is encouraged. In Traditionalistic political culture, citizens technically believe in democracy, but emphasize respect to elite rule within a hierarchal society and citizen participation is not encouraged. Texas stands right in between Individualistic and Traditionalistic in the scale of political culture. Texas is a midpoint between individualistic and traditionalistic; some people think that there is a correlation between the zoning and the political culture in Houston, Texas. Research has shown that the state has a very strong business oriented perspective which means they’re more open to the ideas of the public, Individualistic. This explains how in Houston we don’t have the government tell us where we can do with our property we can put any business where we please. The traditionalistic culture in Texas comes from the way the elite groups are the ones that rule, this idea is active through the projection of restriction with â€Å"deed restrictions† and â€Å"Property rights† where the majority choose what they want or only approve of government activity if they favor to their likings. The land use planning in Houston is unique compared to other cities in the U.S. We have no zoning restrictions meaning we chose where we want are properties and what we do with them. The only exception is when the majority of people make a decision on what can happen on a certain area like a neighborhood. The political culture of Texas, which is in between individualistic and traditionalistic and it is portrayed in the land use planning in Houston. Citations Newell, Charldean, David F. Prindle, and James W. Riddlesperger. â€Å"Texas Political Culture.†Texas Politics. N.p.: n.p., n.d. N. pag. Print. Teas, Anderew. â€Å"HCC Eagle Online: Login to the Site.† HCC Eagle Online: Login to the Site. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Jan. 2014.

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Crminology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Crminology - Essay Example Generally, Murray (1990) believes that the underclass has a negative impact on the moral fabric of the society and that they are responsible for the occurrences of anti-social behavior in the society. He actually believes in left realism: he ignores the possibilities that crime could also come as a result of political and ideological factors. Therefore, he considers the underclass individuals as criminal minds and as people defined by their deplorable behavior in reaction to their situation but not their situation. Murray (1990) primarily insists that illegitimacy is to be blamed for the deplorable behaviors. For instance, he comments that women under the low class have a higher probability of giving birth to illegitimate children. He asserts that these illegitimate children easily "run wild" since they do not have father role-models. Further, Murray (2001) affirms the responsibility of the underclass unwillingness to work to the rising crime and the break-down of the community life. Again, Murray emphasizes so much on left realism such that he overlooks the possibilities of crimes being caused by the powerful in the society: he believes only the poor are to be blamed. Critics however claim that Murray’s conclusions have no evidence and are baseless. For instance, Alan Walker asserts that Murrays concepts are founded on innuendos, anecdotes, and assertions. Additionally, a research done by John Ermish about single mothers, in the 1980s, established that most women never stay put as single parents. Walker further comments that individuals in the underclass apparently desire stable relationships and jobs (Biressi & Nunn, 2013). Additionally, Anita and Heather (2013) comment that single mothers who divorced in reality take averagely longer time to claim on benefits than single mothers who have never been married. Certainly, Murray’s critics are right realist thinkers; they believe that crime does not only result from the poor but from

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Critical Literature Review for Organizing for Success

Critical for Organizing for Success - Literature review Example Diversity therefore means any significant difference that distinguishes an individual from another (Yang & Konrad, 2011). This diversity affects motivation, success, performance and interactions with others within the organizations. In order for an organization to manage diversity to enable its success, the managers and other leaders must have a broader perspective on diversity which will enable them to include a variety of other dimensions (Choi & Rainey, 2010). Diversity in the workplace has been managed by many organizations enabling them to succeed (Cook & Glass, 2009). Workplace diversity management is the process of managerial for developing an environment that is suitable for all the employees. This will enable all staff to feel that they are included and not excluded in the management process (Herring, 2009). The staff will have a good relationship that enables employees to deal with the important issues that may arise later as explained by Yang and Konrad (2011). Implementat ion of diversity in the workplace involves creation of an inclusive environment that values and welcomes the contributions and talents of other people with different experiences, backgrounds and perspectives (Wood, 2012). Therefore, the paper reviews various literature works on the management diversity in organizations focusing on the following research questions: 1. How has diversity management enabled business organizations to prosper? 2. How managers and human resource directors ensures diversity implementation. The objectives of the study include the following; 1. To enable an individual to understand himself or herself in relationship to the people around them. This involves one’s own place within cultures, demographic subgroups and cultures and how these characteristics affect how they think and act (Hughes, 2012). 2. To understand the people around us including the peers, subordinates, our bosses, customers and other competitors. 3. To understand the process leading to usual reactions to anger, difference, hatred and fear and learn the positive way of responding to them. 4. To understand how management of diversity is related to strategic changes in organizations. 5. To equip one with management skills that improves outcome due to the fact that business environment, organizations and workforce are becoming more diverse. Organizational Frames Hughes (2012) explains that inclusiveness is useful in diversity management. In order to realize its usefulness, managers and human resource directors must identify the motives they have behind their interest in diversity (Visagie et al, 2011). The managers and directors should also identify the specific ways the organizations will benefit from diversity (Choi & Rainey, 2010). The success of diversity will depend whether the organization wants to tolerate, manage, harness, leverage, value or celebrate diversity (Wood, 2012). The outcomes organizations achieve are affected by the initiatives of framing workpla ce diversity (Visagie et al, 2011). Depending on how an organization defines diversity, the outcomes will be affected greatly (Hughes, 2012). An organization may define diversity as responsibility of only part of the organization, as a focused activity of a community, as a strategic planning outcome, or as a social justice (Hughes, 2012). Klarsfeld (2010) asserts that business organizations are different in both the degree to which they define diversity