Thursday, April 25, 2019

Justification Report for Barnes & Noble Research Paper

Justification Report for Barnes & terrible - Research newspaper ExampleThis report provides an evaluation of the milieual impact of paper bags and pliant bags. Through this evaluation I allow for come to a conclusion on the kind of actions, the company Barnes & Noble must seduce to ensure favourable publicity from environmentally conscious actions. The main points expressed in the report atomic number 18 pliable Bags argon harmful to the environment because they argon non biodegradable and generate huge amounts of litter.Plastic Bags argon toxic to animals and marine life.Paper Bags, though biodegradable and recyclable need a lot more than resources than formative bags to be produced. The impact of both charge plate bags and paper bags is thus, negative.The declaration is to use reusable bags.Barnes & Noble must charge a nominal amount for bendable bags, and then donate the proceeds to charity.By publicising this, Barnes & Noble will get favourable publicity and consumer behaviour will be affected because they will use more reusable bags.Barnes & Noble can also sell branded reusable bags on that pointby ensuring more publicity with minimal investement. Introduction This report seeks to examine whether paper bags should used over plastic bags at Barnes & Noble, the largest bookseller in the United States.1 The question is whether the environmental concerns that exist for plastic bags are absent in paper bags and what position should Barnes & Noble choose to improve public relations through environmental activism. Plastic bags and paper bags both leave an environmental footprint but the key question is which one affects the environment more. Problem Statement Paper bags are widely seen as better than plastic bags since they are hypothetic to be biodegradable. However, for a company like Barnes & Noble to switch to paper bags and totally eliminate plastic bags requires significant investment and thus such an investment should be backed by verifiable f act. Thus, there is a need to study whether the costs of switching from paper bags to plastic bags are justified by the benefit to the environment which in turn will give favourable publicity to Barnes & Noble. I name to evaluate the benefits that plastic and paper bags fuddle over each other and pro mannerism a solution that will benefit the environment and Barnes & Noble. Method Used I did an examination of the various primary and unessential sources available to understand the environmental issues concerned with both plastic and paper bags. Based on those findings I proposed a plan of action that will give favourable publicity to Barnes & Noble along with cosmos cost effective. Findings Plastic bags are ubiquitous in America today because they are cheap to produce, deep and easy to carry. They have also captured 80 percent of the grocery store market. 2The biggest threat that plastic bags pose environmentally is litter. The Environmental Protection Agency of the United State s points out that 31 million tons of plastic expend was generated in 2010 and made up 12.4% of Municipal Solid Waste. Only 12% of this plastic waste was recycled.3 Plastic bag nuisance has become a big problem in places like Ireland, Bangladesh, Australia where they are either banned or heavily taxed. However plastic bags have huge economic advantages because they are far cheaper than paper bags. In fact, consumers and producers who earlier used to oscillate between paper and plastic bags have switched to plastic bags because of the economic advantages. 4 However, one city in the United States, that is San Francisco decided to ban plastic bags in favour of

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