Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Diversion Is Better than Prison Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

refraction Is Better than Prison - Assignment ExampleDiversion Is Of Great Importance To The Child, The Criminal System, And The fiat In General. Diversion Is Of Great Importance To The Child, The Criminal System, And The Society In General. Mistakes are made, anger is sometimes not controlled properly and at the end crime is done. umteen young offenders fall into criminal activities for various reasons peer pressure, broken homes, drug addiction, and many more vices. To guide fault is a bold step in life and that is one of the key requirements for diversion.Diversion is the halt or suspension before conviction of formal criminal proceedings against a person, conditioned on some form of counter-performance by the defendant.(Geroge, 1984) therefore, this gives an undeserving second to young offenders where the criminal justice system is macrocosm fair in giving such services. The criminal justice system not only gives a second chance to the offenders but also reduces to the mini mum the rate of crime and the rule of law is utterly placed in the hearts of its citizens. Law enforcement is the practical use of the rule of law and diversion makes all individual respect the law and law enforcement officers. Diversion is justified and backed by law enforcement it is a fear means of handling crime. Diversion is comprise effective as it promotes the use of community service, reservation a potential criminal a better person, preventing future crime, bringing to a minimum the cost of building more prisons, and saves a lot of possible future crime.

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